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Pique - Needle not showing maximum amount, despite what's said

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Pique - Excite, as interest Pique - Put out Pique - Provoke Pique - Huff Pique - Wound the pride of Pique - Tightly woven fabric Pique - Peeve Pique - Stimulate, as curiosity Pique - Irritation Pique - Provoke interest Pique - Nettle Pique - Excite, as curiosity Pique - It comes in fits Pique - Resentment Pique - Stir, as interest Pique - Snit Pique - Sharp irritation Pique - Ruffled pride Pique - Fit condition Pique - Provoke, as interest Pique - Vex Pique - Tickle, as one's interest Pique - Provoke to action Pique - Arouse, as interest Pique - Stimulate, as interest Pique - Provoke, as curiosity Pique - Arouse Pique - Sudden outburst of anger Pique - Arouse, as curiosity Pique - Excite Pique - Piss off Pique - Petulant mood Pique - Incite, as curiosity Pique - Umbrage Pique - Arouse, as ire Pique - Raise, as one's interest Pique - Annoyed state Pique - Irritate Pique - Vexed state Pique - Annoy Pique - Durable ribbed fabric Pique - Stimulate Pique - Feeling of resentment or indignation Pique - A feeling of hurt pride Pique - Sounds like the summit of fence may be taken Pique - Tick off Pique - Edible item without question causes irritation Pique - Needle in stiff fabric Pique - Feeling of resentment Pique - Hurt pride Pique - Animosity Pique - Vexation Pique - Feeling felt in fits Pique - Fit of resentment Pique - Resentful feeling Pique - A feeling of resentment we hear? top that! Pique - Irritate [solve the celeb puzzle series at] Pique - Offend Pique - Excite, as interest or curiosity Pique - It sounds like the height of irritation Pique - Irritated state Pique - Wound (pride); resentment Pique - Needle caused game to finish early Pique - Noise from dog causes resentment Pique - Ill feeling produced by curtailment of game Pique - Irritation, resentment Pique - Card game unfinished? show of annoyance Pique - Highest level reported in animosity Pique - Offence given, by the look of reporter Pique - Resentment as game finishes early Pique - Resentment at a slight Pique - Feeling of wounded pride Pique - Resentment of mrs ellis Pique - Hurt feelings Pique - Butcher's speaking, giving offence Pique - Ill-feeling created by score at cards Pique - Question in music's more prone ultimately to provoke Pique - Stimulate (someone's interest) Pique - Slight reaction as card game is incomplete Pique - Needle not showing maximum amount, despite what's said Pique - Look by the ear for wound Pique - Pronouncement of top nark Pique - Sounds like what's on top of carrauntoohil leads to irritation Pique - Arouse, as one's interest Pique - Feeling of resentment or animosity Pique - Nettle fabric Pique - Ill-feeling Pique - Equip (anag.) Pique - Indignation Pique - Dudgeon Pique - Petulant anger Pique - Ill-feeling; fabric Pique - Annoyance Pique - It sounds like the height of resentment Pique - Bad temper Pique - Offence taken Pique - Feeling of vexation or animosity Pique - Feeling of anger or vexation caused by wounded pride Pique - Annoyed reaction heard in summit, or just a short-term view? Pique - Point offered out loud brings ill feeling Pique - Irritation shown by queen when food is brought round Pique - Feeling of slight resentment, seeing this 30-0 scoreline Pique - Angry resentment Pique - Sudden irritation Pique - Offence taken when bird nips queen Pique - Fabric giving irritation Pique - Resentment in summit discussed Pique - Raise, as curiosity Pique - Set up chat with agent from press agency carrying the messages Pique - Resentment's highest point, reportedly Pique - Spark Pique - Resentment at card game not finishing