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Formal - Young arab finds room inside stuffy

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Formal - Dance Formal - Kind of gown Formal - Like a prom Formal - Starchy Formal - Dressy dance Formal - In writing, say Formal - Dressy ball Formal - Requiring a tux Formal - Not casual Formal - Not a casual pound for 20 down Formal - Not a casual quid for mother Formal - It's not so casual for mother to get to the half-century Formal - No casual pound for a parent Formal - Perhaps make a half-century in no casual way Formal - Conforming to accepted customs Formal - Ceremonious or official Formal - Stately or official Formal - Ceremonial, solemn Formal - Conforming to accepted customs, say dress Formal - Conforming to accepted rules, as of dress Formal - Cermonial, solemn Formal - Conforming to standards of correctness Formal - Ceremonious or prescribed Formal - Conforming to accepted rules or customs Formal - Sounds a little hoarse about mister up there, but not casually so Formal - To benefit mother, there's nothing casual to a half-century Formal - Nothing casual for her before fifty Formal - Kind of dance Formal - Perhaps like dance in support of mall early closing Formal - Academic event: time for the glad rags Formal - A learner joins class that's strict Formal - Conventional - ceremonious Formal - Precise - ceremonial Formal - Conventional Formal - Stiff Formal - Official - conventional Formal - Stately Formal - Ceremonial or official Formal - Class a pill at last is reserved Formal - Stiff examination involving mark set by female Formal - Bench taking a line that's rather stiff Formal - Official; stiff Formal - Ceremonial Formal - Precise class a student attends Formal - Get into a queue? it's required by rule Formal - In class, a learner is conventionally correct Formal - Supporter of mr muggeridge was officially recognised Formal - Regular class by a loch Formal - Ceremonious Formal - Done in accordance with etiquette Formal - Young arab finds room inside stuffy Formal - Suitable for a ceremon­ial occasion Formal - White-tie event Formal - Stiff class attended by a learner Formal - Aloof or malcontent, keeping aloof Formal - Established in magaluf or malaga Formal - Evening dress beneficial to little malcolm Formal - Stiff group of students supported by a lecturer Formal - Ceremonial; ordered Formal - Either gender joining a line, according to protocol Formal - A learner joins class that's methodical Formal - Ceremonial or stiffly polite Formal - Like state dinners Formal - A learner comes after class, according to convention Formal - Officially recognised Formal - Stiff - proper Formal - Proper stuff or malware component? Formal - Reserved 24 across for a leading lady Formal - Official Formal - Shape a student in accordance with convention