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Assist - One not very clever at first aid

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Assist - Court stat Assist - Back up Assist - Outfielder's throw, maybe Assist - Alley-oop toss, e.g Assist - Court statistic Assist - Soccer stat Assist - Pass leading to a score Assist - Help, as in an operation Assist - Give a hand Assist - Pass before a basket, e.g Assist - Hockey stat Assist - Basketball datum Assist - Lend a hand Assist - Basketball stat Assist - Toss from the center, perhaps Assist - Come to the rescue Assist - Sports stat Assist - Pitch in Assist - Stockton statistic Assist - Preceder of many a goal Assist - Baseball stat Assist - Help out Assist - Basket-making help Assist - Support Assist - Basketball statistic Assist - Aid Assist - Fielder's stat Assist - Join a surgical team Assist - Pass under the basket, maybe Assist - Pass before a goal Assist - Have a finger in the pie Assist - Baseball, basketball and hockey term Assist - Help Assist - Boost, perhaps Assist - Be a big brother to Assist - Set on the court Assist - Be of service to Assist - Rink statistic Assist - Helpful act Assist - Run interference for, e.g Assist - Join the surgical team Assist - Basketball pass, often Assist - The silly one's able to help one to a little tea Assist - Can the silly one help its being confused? Assist - It's silly, it's a muddle, but can one help that? Assist - Give a hand to get the sack, by the sound of it Assist - How silly to give a hand to sit in a mess! Assist - Can one help being so silly as to sit all crooked? Assist - 'tis the way to help anyone so silly? Assist - Could one help having sat around the little sister? Assist - How silly one is to give a helping of so little tea Assist - Could one help having sat around a little relative? Assist - Will that help the silly one to sit? Assist - Can one help being so silly before it's crooked? Assist - Give help Assist - Being so silly it's confused for help Assist - If it sounds like a sac, one may give it a hand Assist - Can one help sounding such a swell? Assist - Sounds as if a sac is what will give a hand here Assist - It might be helpful so to have sat around a little sister Assist - What 15 across wants one to do - start to be silly Assist - Can one help getting to stasis from this? Assist - This will do for 13 across Assist - Can one help being so silly as to sit like that? Assist - Sat around one's little sister - could one help it? Assist - Can a fool help but sit in a mess? Assist - Silly to sit like this if you can help it Assist - A hand is what one might so give to the fool at first Assist - What sos wants one to do Assist - Can the fool help getting to sit wrong? Assist - This will give a hand to the silly one to sit Assist - Can one help but be silly and sit askew? Assist - Sat around to help relatively little (6) Assist - Aid, abet Assist - Help, aid Assist - Give aid Assist - Aid, help Assist - Aid, help out Assist - Help, lend a hand Assist - Help the fool not to sit straight Assist - Silly to sit like that. can one help it? Assist - Give a hand to get the fool to sit Assist - Silly to start to help one to sit crooked Assist - Can the fool help but sit askew? Assist - How silly to give one a hand to sit so crooked Assist - Can one help but do this? Assist - Can it help sounding like a sack? Assist - Can such a donkey help its confusion? Assist - Help the fool to sit like this Assist - Give the sound of the sack a hand Assist - 'silly to start to lend a hand, so it is (6)' Assist - 'silly to sit askew, but can one help that? (6)' Assist - Will the fool sit and ask you to help with 14 down? Assist - Pass to a scorer Assist - Act the aide Assist - Lend a helping hand Assist - A beast of burden is the first to help Assist - Balaam's mount in need of first aid Assist - When sister elizabeth goes to find help Assist - Fool finds one way to help Assist - Help given by ruth once in the field Assist - Provide backing for top guitar player Assist - Help to ensure a ship is on time Assist - Attend to animal first Assist - Work with ñ help Assist - Shortstop's stat Assist - Chip in Assist - Scrub in, say Assist - Pass that leads to points Assist - Start of 23 down is first to help Assist - Fool first to help Assist - Fool it's silly to help Assist - It's worth one point in hockey statistics Assist - Infielder's statistic Assist - Help with part of chassis twisted Assist - Be helpful to Assist - Be useful to Assist - Help a new york girl in street Assist - Stupid person one's time to help Assist - Be of help to Assist - Pass to scorer when one's blocking the way Assist - Musician heading off to lend a hand Assist - Understand by instinct Assist - Help! it's about to chase jenny Assist - Expedite Assist - With help called for, a liner is on time Assist - Pitch in when leader abandons string player Assist - Help to make a bag-like structure, say? Assist - Support member of rock band pulling off intro Assist - One not very clever at first aid Assist - Help offered by classicist taking out nearly all roman numbers Assist - A wise man's transport given first aid Assist - Make it easier for dolt to get a first Assist - Support sibling in a way Assist - A ship is initially tempted to call for aid Assist - Musician did not start aid Assist - Support posterior and sit awkwardly Assist - Provide a helping hand when the way across is .... Assist - Help a ship. it's in trouble Assist - Player without book gets help Assist - Aid musician starting late Assist - Give a hand when son is on time Assist - Musician not initially getting support Assist - Pass is taken, involving support for goal Assist - Foolish type first to help Assist - Alley-oop pass, maybe Assist - Abet Assist - Foolish person first to give support Assist - Boost, say Assist - Fool is last to accept help Assist - Second behind first Assist - Help animal first Assist - Help musician starting late Assist - Hockey statistic Assist - Take under one's wing Assist - One of 1,963 for wayne gretzky Assist - Take under one's wing, say Assist - Foolish figure first to help Assist - Passing a ball to a scorer, e.g Assist - What backup singers do Assist - What engineer will do to producer Assist - Hockey or basketball statistic Assist - Back up at the office Assist - Provide aid, help out Assist - Hockey or baseball statistic Assist - Helping hand Assist - Give aid to town of st francis mostly beginning to tumble Assist - Characters stuck in class -- is teacher giving help? Assist - What 2nd axeman will do to singing guitarist Assist - What crew will do for band Assist - What crew will do for band Assist - String player needing no book for help