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Never - No way to write about cleric retiring!

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Never - Haughty refusal Never - 'when pigs fly!' Never - 'well, i ___!' Never - Defiant reply Never - 'when hell freezes over!' Never - Not just 'no!' Never - Emphatic refusal Never - "when pigs fly!" Never - Not in a month of sundays Never - "fat chance!" Never - At no time Never - Half a fictional land Never - Now alternative Never - "not on your life!" Never - Defiant cry Never - When pigs whistle Never - Not even once Never - Word before and after say Never - "no way!" Never - Emphatic no Never - When pigs fly Never - "don't hold your breath!" Never - On the 31st of february Never - 'when hell freezes over' Never - Under no conditions Never - Decisive refusal Never - "the twelfth of __" Never - 'in a pig's eye!' Never - Defiant response Never - 'not in this lifetime!' Never - 'no way, no how!' Never - "no chance!" Never - "as if!" Never - "not in this lifetime!" Never - 'not in a million years!' Never - Alternative for now Never - "not in a million years!" Never - "not gonna happen" Never - With 39-across and 49-across, rule broken by the three theme entries' first and last two letters Never - Word seen on both sides of "say" Never - Under no circumstances Never - Not in a million years Never - 'forget it!' Never - 'not gonna happen' Never - That's more what you'd expect to be 6 across by a raven Never - Not with sugar on top may it be seen Never - You'd expect a bit more after this from a raven Never - From a raven, one might expect this and more Never - Is that more what you'd expect from a raven? no time for that Never - At no time could this be what one would expect to hear from the raven and more Never - There's more to come from the raven, in a manner of speaking Never - Could there be more to it? not again Never - More what you'd expect from ravin' quotations Never - Quoted by the raven? there's more to it Never - Word heard before and after "say" Never - At no time whatever Never - Not time for this Never - To the north, would this veer with her inside? certainly not Never - Even a turnover r won't happen Never - Even looking up your last letter, it's always the exact opposite Never - When peter pan grew up Never - 'in your dreams!' Never - Nerve broken? not at all! Never - Return most of my income? certainly not! Never - At no time does revenue start rising Never - Absolute refusal comes near to defining womankind Never - Sf writer's last two characters given a lead role - surely not! Never - Half the hp in arthur's queen Never - Royal navy upset about female entry? not at all Never - Emphatic negative Never - Strong negative Never - Word repeated in both james bond and justin bieber film titles Never - "over my dead body!" Never - With 69-across, at absolutely no point Never - "when donkeys fly!" Never - "not a chance!" Never - 'over my dead body!' Never - On no occasion Never - "__ my love": 1967 hit Never - "not gonna happen, period!" Never - Under no circumstances look back, even to last summer Never - When donkeys fly Never - At no time, not at all Never - On no account name first lady queen Never - A completely negative offering from heart Never - Say die, lester piggott's first epsom derby winner Never - Under no circumstances featured in alexandrine verse Never - Not at all Never - Surely not fair to turn and run Never - I refuse runs yet will run around Never - We may use it twice when shopping? no way! Never - No way to write about cleric retiring! Never - No way you'd repeat it to get credit Never - Northern woman head of roedean? surely not! Never - Defiant refusal Never - Not at any time Never - ' - - say - - again': bond film Never - Do not give up! Never - At no point prevent returning inside Never - An expression of disbelief? not at all! Never - Even standing by her when he left? i don't believe it! Never - At no time in french city except sabbath Never - Royal navy upset about female entry? surely not! Never - Into obscene verse? certainly not! Never - 'it's now or - - ' (14 song) Never - Not ever Never - Certainly not! Never - In no case did one miss the start and very end Never - Under no circumstances return only part of your income Never - Not once Never - Emphatic refusal from guinevere Never - Certainly not a component of fine verse Never - See 3 down Never - Struggling after heavy meal? nice? no! turn to dietary wisdom from ... Never - Repeated, it's peter pan's land in one version Never - Emphatic denial Never - "forget it" Never - And 14 down: the world only dreamed of the judgment on the flying dutchman? Never - Not even a single time Never - 'no way, josé' (and, incidentally, when you should say that to someone named josé) Never - Ultimatum retort Never - Certainly not close to autumn, the night before last in summer Never - When pigs fly in one vertically Never - Definitive denial Never - "absolutely not!" Never - Succinct version of the combined final words of the starred answers Never - 'keep dreaming!' Never - 'out of the question!' Never - Rebel yell Never - Adamant refusal Never - "___ mind the bollocks, here's the sex pistols" Never - Not a single time Never - Strong denial Never - When hell freezes over Never - Part 2 of today's quote Never - Corey hart hit "___ surrender" Never - When to look a gift horse in the mouth Never - When the sun rises in the west Never - Once less than once Never - One version �- everyone has it twice, not once