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Stun - Head's spinning in shock

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Stun - Floor Stun - Phaser setting Stun - Jar Stun - Flabbergast Stun - Zap Stun - Bowl over Stun - Leave speechless Stun - Take aback Stun - Sandbag Stun - Blow out of the water Stun - Phaser setting, on 'star trek' Stun - Surprise greatly Stun - Render speechless Stun - Dumbfound Stun - Benumb Stun - Knock for a loop Stun - Daze Stun - Shock Stun - Leave agape Stun - 'star trek' weapon setting Stun - Knock senseless Stun - Throw for a loop Stun - Kind of gun Stun - Knock one's socks off Stun - Wow Stun - Cold-cock Stun - Leave slack-jawed Stun - Nonlethal phaser setting Stun - "star trek" phaser setting Stun - Send reeling Stun - Use a taser Stun - Surprise Stun - Type of gun Stun - Cause to be immobile Stun - Leave open-mouthed Stun - Beat in an upset Stun - Amaze Stun - Kirk's favorite setting? Stun - Blow away Stun - Make jaws drop Stun - Bedazzle Stun - Knock silly Stun - Overwhelm Stun - ___ gun Stun - Shock with surprise Stun - Astonish Stun - Surprise big-time Stun - Greatly surprise Stun - Zap with a taser Stun - Dazzle Stun - Astound Stun - Leave dumbstruck Stun - Stupefy Stun - "star trek" setting Stun - Bewilder Stun - Use a taser on Stun - Leave flabbergasted Stun - Knock out Stun - Catch unawares Stun - Gobsmack Stun - Strike dumb Stun - Shoot non-lethally, perhaps Stun - Take by surprise Stun - Stagger Stun - Phaser setting, in "star trek" Stun - 'set phasers to ___' Stun - Catch off guard Stun - Shell-shock Stun - Knock them out down or crack them up Stun - Hope anyone you do this to will 27 down Stun - In the newspapers they're sure to make you feel the squeeze Stun - Knock the hard cases out up here Stun - Make one unconscious of coming up in may Stun - When it's come to blows, this may happen to turn, one gathers, during may Stun - Surprise greatly, knock someone"s socks off Stun - They're hard to turn and knock out Stun - You'll have to fight to get 20 downs up here Stun - This might turn mad enough to knock one out Stun - Hard on the outside up here to knock out Stun - Given a bad turn, that's the way to damage someone Stun - Knock one out to turn one mad Stun - Does this make one unconscious of turning 8 down? Stun - One might turn mad and knock it out Stun - Make one unconscious of turning mad Stun - If you were to knock out ted like this, he would never get to be a big boy Stun - Knock it out and it will turn mad Stun - This will make one unconscious of being mad up here Stun - To knockout like this you'd need to turn mad Stun - So to knock one out may make one turn mad Stun - Daze, stupefy Stun - Daze with nuts Stun - Daze, overwhelm Stun - Surprise greatly or daze Stun - Surprise or daze Stun - 'shock, daze (4)' Stun - Knock into a semi-conscious state Stun - Knock them out back in may Stun - Daze, concuss Stun - Daze, knock senseless Stun - Knock out temporarily Stun - Daze, render semi-conscious Stun - Daze, shock Stun - Shock, flabbergast Stun - Make senseless or dizzy with a blow Stun - Render semi-conscious with blow Stun - Render temporarily senseless Stun - "star trek" phaser option Stun - Daze or bewilder Stun - Make dazed or numb Stun - Shock or astonish Stun - Daze, paralyse Stun - Daze, stupify Stun - Daze, scatter senses Stun - Numb with nuts Stun - The way to make one unconscious of turning insane Stun - Knock one out to make one turn mad Stun - To knock one out gets one back to being dotty Stun - Knock it up what may be in may Stun - Knock one out in the turn round the bend Stun - To knock one out is enough back here to make one dotty Stun - Hard for them to turn and knock one out Stun - Knock them out and they're cracked up Stun - Knock out or turn mad Stun - This might knock one out and be mad to get up Stun - Shell on them back to knock them out Stun - Render open-mouthed Stun - Shock, daze Stun - Detailed stunt shock Stun - Shock finding half of it in our star Stun - Leave thunderstruck Stun - Heads turn in shock Stun - Shock! heads of state take up nationalisation Stun - Make unconscious rejection of madmen Stun - Model in tabloid, causing shock Stun - Crazy about rock Stun - Bats stood to hit for six Stun - Rock and roll fanatics Stun - Stupefy in most unusual circumstances Stun - Type of gun to be crazy about Stun - Astound - without a do Stun - Surprise admission to best university Stun - Knock for six - trick somerset's tail-ender unleashed! Stun - Turn crazy in shock Stun - Heads up - it's a knockout Stun - Make a hit unexpectedly by sending up crackers Stun - Raised those with shell shock Stun - Amaze head of school with union backing Stun - Heads raised in shock Stun - Overcome by today's leader in newspaper Stun - Shock! heads of state turning up naked! Stun - Shock caused by teachers' union's uprising Stun - Potty tipped over 1 Stun - 'mad men' is retro knock out! Stun - Knock out, turning crazy Stun - Overheads 14 (part 1) Stun - Shock into silence Stun - Render senseless Stun - Render unconscious Stun - Taser, say Stun - Planet loses 10% first of atmosphere and rainforest - wow! Stun - Mad to get up to knock unconscious Stun - Rock Stun - __ gun Stun - Bowl over, balls knocked back Stun - Floor, in a way Stun - Sci-fi setting Stun - Usual phaser setting Stun - More than impress Stun - Really surprise Stun - Deliver a shocking surprise Stun - Going the wrong way, having no sense? surprise Stun - Prompt jaws to drop, say Stun - Rock loco rolled over Stun - Immobilize Stun - Stagger with small barrel Stun - Knock unconscious Stun - Shock, when daring manoeuvre is cut short Stun - Senseless comeback causing shock Stun - Openers in surrey team usually nerveless, making hit for six Stun - Tabloid pens today's heading to amaze Stun - Heads turned in shock Stun - Shot that can daze? Stun - Shock seeing times leader in unlikely location? Stun - Dumbfound acrobat finally abandoning dangerous exploit Stun - Surprise trick left unfinished Stun - Shocking snooker shot? Stun - Stagger off one's trolley when going backwards Stun - Shocking shot at the table! Stun - Confound Stun - Temperature inside star is shock Stun - Shock, not completing risky exploit Stun - Astonish by time spent getting a tan? Stun - Shock when daring act isn't completed Stun - Mad uprising creates shock Stun - Shock we've got mad about Stun - Shock caused by dangerous feat? no end Stun - Crank's wheels are amazing Stun - Fiend's tipped bowl over Stun - Stagger, taking bananas back Stun - Render insensitive Stun - Barrel on second floor Stun - Shock start to the daily rounds Stun - Put out paper bags close to exit Stun - Heads turning in shock Stun - Stagger round the bend, turning Stun - Shock in first, unexpurgated edition Stun - Shock comes from having rear-end chopped off in daring display Stun - Head's spinning in shock Stun - Take time in fine weather to bowl over Stun - Turned vegetarian food in bowl over Stun - Make speechless Stun - "star trek" weapon setting Stun - Arrest briefly causing shock Stun - Crazy going back in shock Stun - Son on butt, hit for six Stun - Small tailless fish cause amazement Stun - Heads back to deliver a knock-out blow Stun - Astonish with interminable dangerous act Stun - Shock when daring exploit falls short Stun - Heads back to give you a surprise Stun - Amaze fans coming back Stun - Knock cold Stun - Taser's second barrel Stun - The upside-down bats amaze one Stun - Rock like mad, overturning Stun - Enthusiasts return to floor Stun - Stagger back unbalanced Stun - Tory leader in tabloid shock Stun - Shake the heads on return Stun - Shock - bananas are up! Stun - Things cracked up to stupefy Stun - Shock due to the head's backing Stun - Concuss Stun - Knock out in return - mad! Stun - Bringing back bananas? wow! Stun - Shock caused by teaching union's retraction Stun - Teachers' union's backing strike? Stun - Shock star receiving time Stun - Rock like mad, capsizing Stun - Turning mad with shock Stun - Goes nuts over the floor Stun - Shock at being almost bitten? Stun - Flipping crazy knock out Stun - Mad when stood up, knock unconscious Stun - Shock set turns out evens Stun - Shock at almost being bitten Stun - Cause astonishment by giving up bananas Stun - Daze during interminable dangerous act Stun - Astound and turn heads Stun - Lifted bats to cosh Stun - Confound enthusiasts turning up Stun - Setback for brazil meeting sweden in knock-out Stun - Heads back for a jar Stun - Shock upset of brazil's? Stun - Avoid putting in time for hospital floor Stun - Astonish trio in front of vw heading north Stun - Make a hit unexpectedly by sending back crackers Stun - Touched up, are amazing Stun - Be striking in best uniform Stun - Stagger round the bend on the way back Stun - Bowl over bananas (inverted) Stun - Bowl over bananas lifted Stun - Stagger forward -- going back would be mad Stun - Nuts (anag) Stun - Sci-fi weapon setting Stun - Nonlethal gun type Stun - Star admits theft finally -- shock! Stun - Hummed endless hit for six Stun - Floor performance that's showy falls short Stun - Type of nonlethal gun Stun - Bowl over and wheeze endlessly Stun - Give a jolt to Stun - Blow potty over Stun - Crazy about review of it's a knockout Stun - Characters in most unpleasant shock Stun - Sci-fi phaser setting Stun - Enthusiasts returned in shock Stun - Crazy about retrospective of it's a knockout Stun - Dangerous act -- endless shock Stun - Stop in amazement Stun - Hit like a ton of bricks Stun - Shock seeing potty upset Stun - Cracked up in shock Stun - 'star trek' phaser setting Stun - Render openmouthed Stun - What killer band will do Stun - What incredible band will do Stun - What killer performance will do Stun - Straight run around a maze? Stun - Hit with a "star trek" gun Stun - Turn crazy and stupefy Stun - Shock and amaze Stun - Take someone's breath away with extract from fascist university Stun - What a sci-fi weapon will do Stun - Shock scot and ulsterman on vacation Stun - Shock publicity event curtailed Stun - Phaser setting on "star trek" Stun - Make one slap one's forehead Stun - Dustman ignores mad type of shock Stun - Very keen on switching a maze? Stun - Bowl over potty going the wrong way Stun - Jar or shock Stun - Pull an upset on, say Stun - Shoot, but not lethally Stun - Astound without ado Stun - Floor enthusiasts given a lift Stun - Antonym of "bore" Stun - Shock when gimmicky performance falls short Stun - Crazy characters turned round in shock Stun - Leave dumbfounded Stun - Shock upset when golf is cancelled Stun - Shock of straight run on the banks Stun - Malicious tunes inwardly shock Stun - Pull a huge upset on Stun - Pull a huge upset on Stun - Swinging bats deliver knockout blow Stun - Shock but good