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Negative - When collared by resident, say "no"

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  • Negative - Letter on N
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  • 3 - st. word G
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  • 5 - st. word T
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Negative - Type of charge Negative - Charge on an electron Negative - Like some campaign ads Negative - No, this must be in camera Negative - Being in camera, this might nonplus you Negative - In camera, yes? no Negative - It may be held in camera, no? Negative - That's enough to nonplus you, no? Negative - Nothing positive in camera Negative - Is it from this one gets in print, no? Negative - No, it's always held in camera Negative - Less than zero Negative - Sounds as if one might know this Negative - Less than positive Negative - 'pessimistic, gloomy (8)' Negative - Expressing or implying denial or refusal Negative - Reply of denial Negative - Film with images reversed Negative - Film showing black and white tones reversed Negative - Photographic image with tones reversed Negative - The photographic film expresses refusal Negative - It's not positive Negative - Piece of photographic film Negative - Less than zero, minus Negative - Avenge it for not being positive Negative - Taken in camera? no Negative - Not posit this before i've finished it Negative - No Negative - 1,000 in the phrase 'no, no a thousand times no!' is an example of a ___ number Negative - Less than nothing, for example, found in an oyster Negative - No all-round musical knowledge Negative - Not positive - denial Negative - Pessimistic Negative - No charge for this Negative - Less than zero quantity Negative - With 10-down, critical comments Negative - Indigenous Negative - Reversed-colours photo Negative - Backing musical? feedback suggests thumbs down Negative - Snap out of it? yes - and no Negative - No overeating or going out to get drunk Negative - This required for development? no! Negative - Not positive it's found, for example, in an oyster Negative - Quite unlike the philosophy of auguste comte Negative - Minus Negative - When collared by resident, say "no" Negative - Early form of photo as an illustration in original Negative - Expressing denial Negative - A shady image is certainly not positive! Negative - Not enthusiastic and optimistic, no Negative - Get a vine (anag.) Negative - Indigene has turned middle aged, no? Negative - Not a positive no Negative - Defeatist, for example, in local Negative - Deny that over four are not positive Negative - No image appearing in the photographic process Negative - Not a positive denial Negative - Reversed image Negative - Local outside for example is opposite Negative - Denying, for example, being caught in local Negative - Defeatist Negative - Pessimistic resident has limited say Negative - Pessimistic, gloomy Negative - Unfavorable, as reviews Negative - Opposite of affirmative Negative - Pessimistic; no Negative - See 1 Negative - Defeatist officer rejected return of stage show Negative - Still awaiting development, for example, in local Negative - Refusal, say, to be put in home Negative - Expressing refusal, denial or disagreement Negative - No local houses for one Negative - Local inhabitant, for instance, kept inside? no Negative - Retrospectively, lloyd webber's musical background is unfortunate Negative - Retrospectively, lloyd webber's musical background is unfortunate