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Patient - Job was open - one had to go in for it

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Patient - Long-suffering Patient - Waiting-room figure Patient - What someone in a doctor's office is, or may need to be Patient - Like good waiters Patient - Doctor's charge Patient - In no hurry Patient - The english______ , by m. ondaatje Patient - 'beware the fury of a ___ man': john dryden Patient - Like a good waiter Patient - Forbearing Patient - Clinic cus tomer- Patient - Guest role on 'house' Patient - If you're sick you must just grin and bear it Patient - One must not be hasty with the doctor Patient - The sufferer is long-suffering Patient - Treatment one gets if one is ready to wait Patient - One must be long-suffering with 14 down Patient - One receiving medical care Patient - One will just have to wait to be treated Patient - One is in the sole right of being treated Patient - Person requiring medical care Patient - Enduring trying circumstances with an even temper Patient - Person under medical care Patient - Calmly enduring like hospital inmate Patient - Doctor's client Patient - What you must be to see the doctor Patient - Patrick begins to get the treatment that's enduring Patient - Treat one with forbearance Patient - What the doctor ought to be with one such Patient - "the english ---" Patient - Bond in a singular garment is a sick man Patient - Sick person takes a sort of medicine containing iodine Patient - 1 in 25 receiving treatment Patient - Long-suffering - person in hospital Patient - Prepared to wait Patient - Long-suffering - one under treatment Patient - Uncomplaining - tolerant Patient - Don't lose your temper if the doctor says you're ill Patient - Stoic Patient - One receives medical care Patient - Job was clear - pasquale gets stuck in Patient - Job-like Patient - Calm a sick person Patient - One in hospital Patient - Unhurried Patient - One's dropped into open case Patient - Invalid puff about obligation Patient - One receiving treatment Patient - Invalid without one, it's obvious Patient - Willing to wait Patient - Sufferer prepared to wait Patient - You must be this in the doctor's waiting room! Patient - I got involved in obvious case Patient - Long to insert ligature, one of interest to medics? Patient - One's placed in sort of leather case Patient - Investigator primarily looking into copyright case Patient - Job was open - one had to go in for it Patient - One being treated Patient - Sufferer showing forbearance Patient - Enduring case Patient - Not easily provoked Patient - He comes in for ill-treatment Patient - Tolerant Patient - Uncomplaining Patient - It's obvious i also needed to be long-suffering Patient - Gasp about restriction, though compliant enough Patient - Uncomplaining; invalid Patient - A case that is evident with one Patient - Prepared to wait for doctor's charge Patient - One is welcome in obvious hospital case Patient - Tolerant setter in clear Patient - There's one in a sort of leather case in hospital Patient - Glaring, keeping one's cool Patient - Source of infection in obvious hospital case Patient - Doctor's 'customer' Patient - Knot in short knickers not liable to get them in a twist? Patient - Job description one included in manifest Patient - One in no hurry to leave the hospital? Patient - One in clear case Patient - Playing the waiting game Patient - Able to wait Patient - Inept at treating sick person Patient - Like job Patient - Like a good waiter? Patient - Invalid has tube, initially that is, inserted to breathe Patient - Clinic customer Patient - Waiting uncomplainingly Patient - Forgiving one found in clear Patient - Doctor's client, long-suffering Patient - With or without complaint? Patient - Job description has worker keeping allegiance, under pressure Patient - One with a complaint but is prepared to wait Patient - Physician's client