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Auditor - A breakaway bid leads to resistance, one hears

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Auditor - Book reviewer? Auditor - Reviewer of books Auditor - Irs employee Auditor - One who reads the books closely Auditor - Accountant, at times Auditor - One may work internally Auditor - One not getting any credit Auditor - Sounds like a cheque book Auditor - One would have to check on the book 19 across Auditor - One for book work Auditor - One gets cheque for check Auditor - Books are one's business Auditor - In this one with them i'd a rout for the books? Auditor - One inspects the accounts Auditor - One deals with the books by the study Auditor - Sounds if you might go to him to get a cheque for your books Auditor - He checks the account books annually Auditor - One who hears can check the books Auditor - 'czech books with him, by the sound of him (7)' Auditor - One has a checkered career? Auditor - Inspector morse's dot with gold casing Auditor - Checker of car rust retired Auditor - His is a searching examination, by all accounts Auditor - His examinations necessitate a lot of bookwork Auditor - Christian hoarding treasure primarily after gold, as money expert Auditor - Person checking business accounts Auditor - Accounts inspector Auditor - Checker of accounts Auditor - Accounts checker Auditor - One qualified to check accounts Auditor - One who checks accounts Auditor - A listener who reads books perhaps? Auditor - One who keeps work in balance? Auditor - Waste rejected by car inspector Auditor - Books reviewer Auditor - Checker of books Auditor - Money expert: 'gold? had it with gold!' Auditor - One certifying accounts Auditor - One who hears adroit broadcast about union leader Auditor - Person who listens Auditor - Listener; checker Auditor - Account inspector Auditor - Examiner of accounts Auditor - He'll check the accounts, one hears Auditor - Accounts examiner Auditor - Some fraud i torpedo? Auditor - Professional man's initially desperate appeal to be showered with gold Auditor - One hears a declaration of independence by politician being curtailed Auditor - A breakaway bid leads to resistance, one hears Auditor - Vehicle's covering papers to be returned before end of year, one hears Auditor - One who hears adroit broadcast about university Auditor - I would get accepted in list sent up for book reviewer Auditor - He may discover 60 per cent of fraud with it, alternatively Auditor - Business accountant Auditor - His examinations necessitate a lot of book-work Auditor - Accountant; hearer Auditor - Accountant Auditor - Accountant's car with corrosion showing up Auditor - One examining car by hill Auditor - A universal change -- do it right for accountant Auditor - Financial checker Auditor - Car approaching hill one goes over watchfully Auditor - Finance officer gets motor trip that's not for everyone Auditor - Examiner's car rubbish reversing Auditor - Accountant gets old penny, it being edged with gold? gold! Auditor - One checks the books out, raid ordered Auditor - Inspector feeding passport, say, back into car close to border Auditor - Accountant has german car on top of hill Auditor - Examiner of car on hill Auditor - Tax fraud investigator Auditor - He will be called to account Auditor - Accounts verifier Auditor - Book reviewer Auditor - Judge ejects disc jockey, accountant and book reviewer Auditor - Business inspector, one who listens Auditor - Might work on 9 down? that?s one for the books! Auditor - He hears arab right-winger putting off extremists Auditor - Accountant - listener