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Informal - Fill in, almost completely relaxed

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Informal - With 61a, what these answers show Informal - Colloquial Informal - Casual Informal - Just tell al that it's quite a casual affair Informal - The casual way to have it in for a parent over fifty Informal - Have it in for mother but without ceremony Informal - Casual, free and easy Informal - Casual or unofficial Informal - If normal, be casual and without ceremony Informal - Unofficial or casual Informal - Casual, unceremonious Informal - Casual, not official Informal - Replacing malachy without ceremony Informal - Let gore know it's not a black tie do Informal - Troubled firm needing loan for free Informal - Casual female making appearance in one routine Informal - During class a learner is not stiff Informal - Casual home for some animals Informal - Without ceremony Informal - Unceremonious Informal - Casual and unceremonious Informal - Come-as-you-are Informal - Tell gangster to be relaxed Informal - In class, a learner is relaxed Informal - Relaxed, unofficial Informal - Where pupils may be nearly all casual Informal - In shape and almost completely relaxed Informal - Relaxed; unofficial Informal - Attending class, a student relaxed Informal - Relaxed Informal - Fill in, almost completely relaxed Informal - In class a pupil relaxed Informal - Being casual, a learner gets behind in class Informal - A student's on grass? that's not official! Informal - Casual dress for milan Informal - Tell almost all, though it�s not official Informal - Teach a pupil without discipline Informal - Doing well, a learner relaxed Informal - A learner next to where he should be is relaxed Informal - Free and easy Informal - Having success currently, a learner being chummy Informal - Relaxed and casual rather than ceremonious and stiff Informal - Tell a student to be relaxed Informal - In class a learner can be relaxed Informal - Like words with friends Informal - A student on grass? the other way round, but that's unofficial! Informal - Where pupils get together a learner's relaxed Informal - Casual, as dress Informal - Brief a student -- it's not official