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Notable - Unusual explanation for eating off the floor?

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Notable - Distinguished Notable - Eye-catching Notable - Far-famed Notable - Outstanding Notable - Illustrious Notable - Newsworthy Notable - Worth remembering Notable - Significant Notable - Celebrated Notable - Salient Notable - Famous Notable - Eminent Notable - Can't be prominent? Notable - Might be nothing but cant to a remarkable extent Notable - Can't make it famous Notable - That might be just cant from 12 across, for instance Notable - It's just cant Notable - What a remarkable lack of furniture! Notable - Nothing with a flat to to a pronounced extent? Notable - What a famous shortage of furniture! Notable - An exceptional lack of furniture? it seems it's just cant Notable - Very much of a shortage of furniture Notable - Nothing famous, and that's flat Notable - Perhaps cannot be without such a bit of furniture Notable - An exceptional lack of furniture Notable - Can't have this in the house, as you well know Notable - A memorable lack of furniture Notable - Not capable of having some of the furniture missing Notable - It's nothing but cant to a remarkable extent Notable - Famous or memorable Notable - Significant or distinguished Notable - Remarkable, worthy of comment Notable - Worthy of attention Notable - Worthy of attention, significant Notable - It's to be remembered that there's nothing to sit at here Notable - 'can't, perhaps, be known so well (7)' Notable - No famous end to 18 down Notable - Celebrated being unqualified Notable - Weighty communication cut by a lawyer Notable - Eminent aristocrat entertaining volunteers Notable - Distinguished person is apparently inefficient Notable - Vip turning up on schedule Notable - This prominent person is powerless Notable - Extraordinary refusal by the board Notable - Famous chair only? Notable - A celebrity, despite lack of talent Notable - Impotent potentate? Notable - Vip's back on the board Notable - Striking back on board Notable - Worthy of record Notable - Worthy of remark Notable - Famous person Notable - Widely known and esteemed Notable - A small number on the list could well appear outstanding Notable - Worthy of attention, as five down is? Notable - It's a poor explanation for eating off the floor Notable - Big noise, with which it's hard to play cards! Notable - Remarkable lack of furniture Notable - Important person that's never a dummy? Notable - Distinguished discovery by greene in the matter of coney catching Notable - Significant number on board Notable - Worthy - but incompetent? Notable - Celebrity, hardly clever Notable - Striking is clever? just the opposite Notable - Unusual explanation for eating off the floor? Notable - Significant reason for cancelling dinner party? Notable - Inadequate, as is well known Notable - Unskilled, yet quite outstanding Notable - Distinguished peer accepted thanks Notable - Lacking the potential to be famous Notable - Ton bale (anag.) Notable - Worthy of being remembered Notable - Impressive Notable - Exceptional need for basic furniture Notable - Distinguished, but lacking ability Notable - Remarkable Notable - No mountain in south africa is worthy of mention! Notable - Prominent Notable - Celebrity at a loss? Notable - Vip Notable - Remarkable communication about a lawyer Notable - Important or distinguished person Notable - Famous army retained by aristocrat Notable - Famous feature of busy restaurant? Notable - Well-known yet listless? Notable - Somebody generous accepting thanks Notable - Restaurant full, even for celebrity? Notable - Distinguished feature of a cafeteria in demand? Notable - Somebody's impotent perhaps Notable - Famous aristocrat retaining part-time soldiers Notable - ... someone's impotent, possibly Notable - Memorable Notable - Conspicuous reason for putting menu items on laptop? Notable - Inept luminary Notable - Striking number heading chart Notable - Eminent lord welcoming tax cut Notable - Famous toff receiving thanks Notable - Somebody incompetent Notable - Unusual reason to eat off the floor? Notable - High-profile Notable - Remarkable reason for eating on one’s lap? Notable - Remarquable Notable - Ill-equipped to find a clue for 'luminary' ...