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Clue - This is what should go in here

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Clue - Professor plum's game Clue - Shoe impression, maybe Clue - Colonel mustard's game Clue - Tip-off Clue - Help for nancy drew Clue - Lead Clue - Fingerprint or dropped handkerchief, say Clue - This, for example Clue - Print, maybe Clue - It may be found with a magnifying glass Clue - Fingerprint, perhaps Clue - Sleuth's find Clue - Airhead's lack? Clue - Footprint, maybe Clue - Inkling Clue - You're looking at one Clue - Crossword hint Clue - Bit of evidence Clue - Sleuth's need Clue - Crossword feature Clue - This is one Clue - Game featuring col. mustard Clue - What you're looking at Clue - You're looking at it Clue - Red herring is a wrong one Clue - Help for a detective Clue - Solver's aid Clue - Game with mustard and plum Clue - Crossword staple Clue - Whodunit board game Clue - Mustard and plum game Clue - Footprint or thumbprint, perhaps Clue - Hint Clue - Detective's discovery Clue - Whodunit plot element Clue - Puzzle factor Clue - Answer's opposite Clue - Crossword puzzle? Clue - Popular board game Clue - Fingerprint, say Clue - Game with a library and billiard room Clue - Game with the revolver and the rope Clue - 1985 movie with three different endings Clue - Tip Clue - Mustard is in this game Clue - Game with rooms and weapons Clue - Game with the rope Clue - Game featuring six suspects and six weapons Clue - Game with suspect cards Clue - Mrs. peacock's game Clue - Word in many a nancy drew title Clue - Detective's lead Clue - One of 39-across Clue - Whodunit game Clue - Pointer Clue - Crossword item Clue - This line or the next, e.g Clue - Game with miss scarlet and professor plum Clue - Holmes quest Clue - Criminal game? Clue - Bit of help Clue - Footprint or loose thread, perhaps Clue - Miss scarlet's game Clue - Detective's quest Clue - Colonel mustard game Clue - Board game that became a movie Clue - Investigation aid Clue - Detective game Clue - Game with colonel mustard and mrs. peacock Clue - Game associated with the starts of 17-, 23-, 32-, 40-, 47- and 54-across Clue - Whodunit tidbit Clue - What a private eye may eye Clue - Helpful info Clue - Crime scene find Clue - What a loose thread might be Clue - What this sentence is Clue - Game that uses a rope Clue - Airhead's lack Clue - Fingerprint, maybe Clue - Object under a magnifying glass, maybe Clue - Mystery novel element Clue - Board game with suspects Clue - Game with weapons Clue - Inform, with "in" Clue - Game with six colorful characters Clue - Piece of evidence Clue - Detective's need Clue - Mystery-novel plot element Clue - Whodunit lead Clue - Whodunit helper Clue - Problem-solving aid Clue - Sleuth's aid Clue - Mr. green's game Clue - Movie based on a board game Clue - Intimation Clue - Fingerprint, often Clue - Aid for sherlock Clue - Puzzle part Clue - Sleuthing aid Clue - Sleuth's lead Clue - Fingerprints, e.g Clue - Mystery board game Clue - Sounds as if the bay in mayo is like this here Clue - The sound of the bay in this puzzle Clue - Each bit of the puzzle will get you to bay in mayo, by the sound of it Clue - Indication, hint Clue - It's part of the puzzle to sound like a bay in 29 across Clue - It's here top be solved Clue - This line or the next Clue - Evidence that helps to solve a problem Clue - May o have a bay that sounds like a bit of this puzzle Clue - What you're reading now Clue - A ditz hasn't one Clue - Whodunit element Clue - This is one cue that a learner interrupted Clue - Footprint, e.g Clue - Lead for poirot Clue - This is one-fifty in snooker gear Clue - Solving aid Clue - It helps towards the solution Clue - Footprint or fingerprint, say Clue - 1985 film with three different endings Clue - Whodunit hint Clue - Board game with accusations Clue - Col. mustard's game Clue - This may lead us to the light Clue - This is it! Clue - Hint to learner: get in prompt Clue - This is left in potter's equipment Clue - Odd bits of culture that you see here Clue - What's this? oddly coloured? Clue - What you have here is no party game Clue - Colluded, oddly, in something like this Clue - Crossword aid Clue - Aid to solving Clue - Hint towards solution Clue - Aid to puzzlers Clue - Hint (for you?) Clue - (some) indication Clue - Lipstick print, maybe Clue - Unlocking aid Clue - 'professor plum in the library with the candlestick' game Clue - Part of a crossword Clue - Game played with a rope Clue - Game with colonel mustard Clue - Game that involves weapons Clue - Detective's find Clue - 1985 film with the line 'two corpses; everything's fine' Clue - Detectives' board game Clue - With 52 down, totally uninformed Clue - University turns up in clare - this is it Clue - Classic whodunit board game Clue - Game with suspicions and accusations Clue - Sounds like natural ocean bay out west gets signal Clue - Sherlock's find Clue - Part of any good crossword puzzle Clue - This is one, ironically Clue - Helpful sign Clue - Logic-based board game Clue - You're reading one Clue - Help in solving Clue - The dog that didn't bark, perhaps Clue - It has nine rooms Clue - Crossworder's need Clue - Detective's delight Clue - Helpful hint Clue - Set with no level of intelligence, like this? Clue - Hint for sherlock Clue - Puzzle feature Clue - Intimation (like this?) Clue - What you're reading is signal to bear left Clue - Muddy footprint, sometimes Clue - For example, this board game's no party Clue - Is this a help to see the light? Clue - This line's held by rod Clue - Crossword help Clue - It helps solve a crime Clue - What's this left in to act as a reminder? Clue - (crossword) hint Clue - Reminder left inside - one of 28 here Clue - Colluded regularly, making contribution to crossword Clue - Signal to player crossing line - this one completes the third score Clue - What do you think you're looking at? Clue - For example, this is signal to keep left Clue - This line among what one actor gives another Clue - Lead ball ultimately something used to pot swallows Clue - Hint; piece of evidence Clue - This is what should go in here Clue - One of twenty-four in this puzzle Clue - Colonel mustard's milieu Clue - Whodunit item Clue - Hint to help the solver Clue - Help for holmes Clue - Hint for a detective Clue - Cold louise reportedly had hint Clue - Luce (anag.) Clue - Guiding light? Clue - Piece of evidence rod left hidden Clue - This is one indication left inside Clue - 11 across, for example, is the answer! Clue - Scatterbrained lucie loses single piece of evidence Clue - No right in having misplaced cruel piece of evidence Clue - Odd bits of culture, such as this Clue - This is oddly coloured Clue - Prompt to include large tip Clue - Indication Clue - This may lead us to the light! Clue - This is one uncle's deciphered -- no name attached Clue - Prompt pocketing coin for tip Clue - I haven't got one -- have you? Clue - Tip that's given before you start work Clue - What you're reading Clue - Game? not again -- this is the last Clue - Board game name Clue - Part of the crossword Clue - You'll have to work out that there is no senor in enclosure Clue - Gumshoe's find Clue - Solver's help Clue - Board game with professor plum Clue - Hint in a whodunit Clue - You'll have to work it out - why senor stays out of creole sun? Clue - Hint for nancy drew Clue - Oddly coloured lead Clue - Space cadet's need? Clue - Game with a rope Clue - One of 77 in this puzzle Clue - Crossword hint? Clue - This is one line and signal boxes Clue - Game in which mr. boddy has been bumped off Clue - You'll have to work it out why senor stays out of creole sun? Clue - Fingerprint, to a detective Clue - Game played with a knife and a rope Clue - Hint to get what this is? Clue - Murder-mystery board game Clue - The answer to this one must be written down Clue - This is the last such signal to player crossing line Clue - What this is Clue - Frente song that gives a hint? Clue - Not a "rock and roll crossword" answer Clue - You're getting a musical one now Clue - Dramarama "haven't got a ___" Clue - Game played with a knife Clue - Tip which could make pair terribly peculiar Clue - The only hint i'll give you is you're looking at it Clue - Footprint, to a detective Clue - See 22 Clue - 'get a ___!' Clue - Sleuth's tidbit Clue - Hint: this could be left in potter's equipment Clue - Game in which mr. boddy is a victim Clue - You're looking at it - i'll give you that Clue - Hunt hint Clue - One of 78 in front of you Clue - This is one of 78 here Clue - Game with suspects, rooms and weapons Clue - Ran away from nuclear evidence Clue - All-inclusive without villain's tip-off Clue - Son's not part of counsel's evidence Clue - Answer guide? Clue - Counsel misses son and that's what you're up against Clue - You're reading one now Clue - This is a reminder to invest pounds Clue - Game played with weapons Clue - Game with suspects Clue - Tire track, perhaps Clue - Game with professor plum Clue - Game with professor plum