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Unit - Military team is one short

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Unit - Part of a whole Unit - Military group Unit - Condo Unit - Part of cpu Unit - Army outfit Unit - Module Unit - Inch, e.g Unit - Sergeant's command Unit - Condo division Unit - School course part Unit - Condo, e.g Unit - Company part Unit - Condominium, e.g Unit - Measuring standard Unit - Kind of pricing Unit - College course division Unit - Subdivision Unit - Motel room Unit - The 'u' of cpu Unit - Troop group Unit - Hand or foot Unit - Part of i.c.u Unit - Course, in education lingo Unit - Platoon or squadron, e.g Unit - Complex division Unit - The 'u' in i.c.u Unit - Soldier's assignment Unit - Mile, e.g Unit - Squad Unit - Curriculum section Unit - Kind of trust Unit - Combat outfit Unit - Military subdivision Unit - Course division Unit - The 'u' of b.t.u Unit - Cohesive entity Unit - Hospital division Unit - Single item Unit - "one adam twelve," e.g Unit - Military assignment Unit - Single thing Unit - Rental space Unit - Knot or watt Unit - Ton, for one Unit - Collegian's credit Unit - Constituent of a whole Unit - Segment covered by a test, perhaps Unit - One piece of a sectional sofa Unit - Squad car Unit - Realtor's sale Unit - Fermi or faraday Unit - Squadron Unit - Military squad Unit - Hospital ward Unit - Textbook chapter Unit - Single entity Unit - Super's apartment Unit - Army group Unit - Apartment, e.g Unit - Whole thing Unit - Part of btu Unit - College credit Unit - Entity Unit - The "u" of btu Unit - One adam twelve, e.g Unit - The "u" in icu Unit - Military detachment Unit - Single undivided entity Unit - College credit measurement Unit - The "u" of cpu Unit - Subsidiary Unit - The “u” in i.c.u Unit - Complex dwelling Unit - Apartment Unit - Building block Unit - See 39-across Unit - One of a kind? Unit - School credit Unit - Realtor offering Unit - Pascal or newton Unit - Workbook segment Unit - Apparatus Unit - Mile or mil Unit - Housing ___ Unit - Inch or teaspoon Unit - Soldier's group Unit - Newton, for one Unit - Type of cost Unit - Condo rental Unit - Newton, e.g Unit - Kind of price Unit - Kind of pricing or cost Unit - Education division Unit - Group member Unit - Measured amount, in hospitals Unit - The big ___ (randy johnson sobriquet) Unit - Type of pricing Unit - Fathom, for one Unit - Ounce or pound, e.g Unit - Complex part? Unit - The u in btu Unit - Condo, for one Unit - It may come with intensive care Unit - Military division Unit - League or degree Unit - Mil or mile Unit - Military band Unit - A mile or a minute Unit - Meter or liter Unit - ___ of measure Unit - Part of 6-down Unit - Word with military or heating Unit - Apartment in a complex Unit - Item Unit - Curriculum portion Unit - Word with intensive care Unit - Army subdivision Unit - Course section Unit - It's often named for a scientist Unit - Measured amount Unit - Newton or tesla Unit - Detachment of soldiers Unit - College credit, e.g Unit - __ cost Unit - Condo or apartment Unit - Landlord's offering Unit - League or yard Unit - Ounce or hour Unit - Squad car, e.g Unit - One of a kind Unit - Part of icu Unit - Body of troops Unit - Yard, e.g Unit - Platoon Unit - Soldier group Unit - Housing complex purchase Unit - Pint, inch or second Unit - Cpu part? Unit - Measurement standard Unit - Component piece Unit - Sailor's knot, for one Unit - Discrete part Unit - Cohesive group Unit - Standard of measurement Unit - Foot, e.g Unit - G-___ (hip-hop outfit) Unit - Word with "monetary" or "wall" Unit - Condo apartment Unit - The u of "law & order: svu" Unit - The 'u' in b.t.u Unit - Army detachment Unit - Dram or gram Unit - Apartment, to a manager Unit - Blood-bank measure Unit - Air conditioner, e.g Unit - Dennis haysbert series (with "the") Unit - Blood measure Unit - Inch, foot or yard Unit - Squad, e.g Unit - Foot, say Unit - The 'u' in 21-down Unit - Btu part Unit - One Unit - A mile or a minute, perhaps Unit - Body of soldiers Unit - Apartment, to an apartment manager Unit - Cadre, e.g Unit - College-course division Unit - Company division Unit - A mile or a minute, e.g Unit - Gi group Unit - Second, e.g Unit - Blood measurement Unit - Mile or meter Unit - Platoon, e.g Unit - Condo dwelling Unit - Battalion or brigade Unit - Newton or ohm Unit - Regiment or patrol Unit - Light-year or parsec, e.g Unit - An apartment, to a landlord Unit - Icu part Unit - Condo or apartment, e.g Unit - Marine's division Unit - Centimeter or candela, e.g Unit - Thing to be sold Unit - Army division Unit - "law & order: special victims ___" Unit - Part of a course Unit - Syllabus section Unit - Group of troops Unit - Textbook section Unit - Curriculum part Unit - See 61-across Unit - Detachment Unit - Inventory item Unit - Fighting force Unit - Dennis haysbert show, with "the" Unit - The big __: pitcher randy johnson's nickname Unit - Newton or curie Unit - See 23-across Unit - The u of btu Unit - Super's apartment, e.g Unit - Peck, e.g Unit - Complete thing Unit - Transfusion amount Unit - Sku part Unit - Knot, say Unit - Word with "intensive care" Unit - Platoon, for one Unit - Svu part Unit - Military formation Unit - Foot or fathom Unit - The "u" in btu Unit - Pound or pint Unit - Hand or hectare Unit - Foot or furlong Unit - Group Unit - Foot or hand Unit - Monad Unit - Condo, for instance Unit - Singleton Unit - Indivisible part Unit - It may be monetary or military Unit - -- pricing Unit - Individual Unit - Platoon, for example Unit - Textbook division Unit - Army squad Unit - Ton or quart Unit - Textbook segment Unit - Dennis haysbert show, with 'the' Unit - Liter or meter Unit - Student's daily workload Unit - Workbook chapter Unit - That's you, for one - just lousy Unit - You lousy little one! Unit - You, for one, have the wool, by the sound of it Unit - You for one get to be a little lousy Unit - You, for one, are just a 4 down Unit - Sounds as if you for one are a little lousy Unit - You for one get a little lousy Unit - You for one sound a little lousy Unit - You for one sound just a little lousy Unit - You, for one, are just a little lousy Unit - Does this make you, for one, sound a little lousy? Unit - You for one are just a little lousy Unit - You for one are lousy Unit - You, for one, gets a little lousy Unit - That's you, just a little lousy, for one Unit - You, for one, sound such a fool Unit - There's little of you for one that's a little lousy Unit - Seems you get just a little lousy for one Unit - In short, you, for one, lousy Unit - Individual thing as part of a whole Unit - Single part of a whole Unit - Single whole Unit - Individual part Unit - You, for one, sound just a little lousy Unit - You might get to be a lousy little one Unit - A single item Unit - A single undivided whole Unit - Quantity chosen as standard, or individual thing Unit - Entity making up part of a whole Unit - Individual thing, single and complete Unit - A single, complete item Unit - Individual thing or group Unit - Individual thing or group regarded as complete Unit - A single thing Unit - Single undivided whole Unit - A single self-contained item Unit - Individual thing regarded as complete Unit - One part of a whole Unit - Group of troops, collectively Unit - An individual thing or standard of quantity Unit - A single or individual thing Unit - Sounds as if you, you fool, need needles to do it Unit - You for one are a lousy little idiot with needles (4) Unit - Lousy little one, you with your needles sound Unit - In short, you for one are a lousy dope Unit - You, for one, sound as if you're needling Unit - You, for one, are a fool Unit - Condo section Unit - Peck, pint or pound Unit - Foot, fathom or farad Unit - Family ___ Unit - The 'u' of cpu or btu Unit - Self-storage rental Unit - Apartment, to a realtor Unit - One displaying detachment Unit - The whole thing can turn around Unit - See 12 Unit - One of many reported, you idiot! Unit - Single piece of ammunition Unit - One being out of condition is disheartened Unit - University can come up to an accepted standard Unit - One upper-class twit Unit - Finally you can return to group Unit - Some soldiers can return to university Unit - One could be ill lacking heart Unit - An integral component of munitions Unit - The one often seen with 16 Unit - One prominent in the community Unit - Upper-class twit - one of many? Unit - Only one item, you fool Unit - See 17 Unit - The individual is part of the community Unit - Can university upset one? Unit - One in poor health, not strong Unit - It's the whole thing, you fool! Unit - Single person - group of people Unit - Whole - group Unit - One - kitchen cabinet Unit - Single piece - kitchen cabinet Unit - Kitchen fitment Unit - Single element Unit - Fitment Unit - Single part Unit - Single item, maybe part of a set Unit - Undivided entity Unit - 1 entity Unit - Kitchen element? Unit - Item combining separate parts Unit - Subdivision of a whole Unit - Building block - small military force Unit - Apartment, to a super Unit - You nit! it's company Unit - Storage rental Unit - Intensive care ___ Unit - One has a lot of fun with it Unit - Metric ___ Unit - Group of soldiers Unit - Condo part Unit - You fool! it¿s only company Unit - Subgroup of soldiers Unit - Single whole as part of a larger whole Unit - Course module Unit - 'radio friendly ___ shifter' (nirvana) Unit - The 'u' in c.p.u Unit - Squad, say Unit - Syllabus segment Unit - Nanojoule, for one Unit - Squadron, e.g Unit - The 'u' of 'law & order: svu' Unit - Component Unit - "wall" or "mobile" follower Unit - Whole thing, or its part Unit - Battalion, e.g Unit - One of a number of similar things Unit - You fool ¿ it's for company! Unit - Outfit Unit - Ton, e.g Unit - Inventory count item Unit - Single part of the whole Unit - Quart, e.g Unit - Feet or tons, e.g Unit - __ of measure (quart or mile) Unit - Inch or quart Unit - Military team Unit - Brigade, e.g Unit - Single quantity Unit - Single stock quantity Unit - Combat group Unit - Stone, e.g Unit - Storage __ Unit - Rental apartment Unit - "1-adam 12," e.g Unit - Ampere or angstrom Unit - Last part of btu Unit - Brigade Unit - You fool, it's for company Unit - Ruler's inch, e.g Unit - Entity, system; component group Unit - Uranium metal brought over in quantity Unit - Foolish person holding up high-class domestic fixture Unit - Element of munitions squad Unit - The french term it as one Unit - Non-italian army group Unit - Operational team Unit - United team as one from the start Unit - Single manufactured item; military grouping Unit - Watch the football scout? Unit - One, military group Unit - Mexican maize pancake Unit - One's in the dark, left out Unit - Individual thing Unit - Uranium and another metallic element rolled into one? Unit - Military group; one Unit - One showing detachment maybe Unit - Part of navy, army or air force one? Unit - Standard for measuring a french vermouth Unit - Individual item Unit - Some fighting men needing some ammunition Unit - Constituent Unit - One can get upset after start of uprising Unit - One going to marry shortly Unit - Continuously holding up hospital department Unit - One can start to unfasten wheels Unit - One; military group Unit - Can university regress an individual? Unit - Military team is one short Unit - Not appropriate to drop female in one Unit - One getting employment finally after higher education Unit - Foot, hour or pound Unit - The 'u' of c.p.u Unit - Indivisible entity Unit - Tranfusion quantity Unit - One needing exercise wants female Unit - __ of measure (pound or mile) Unit - College course part Unit - Army bunch Unit - Kitchen fitting Unit - Almost join a small fighting force Unit - Detachment, one found in column to the right? Unit - One fool went to university Unit - The one making a u-turn can Unit - One metal, uranium, is withdrawn Unit - Uruguay can put up a number of soldiers Unit - - - trust Unit - One finds it uncapped! Unit - One will endlessly combine Unit - One round and rod is out, having had it Unit - Almost marry one Unit - One's written an article in french on electronic communication Unit - One box, turn upside-down Unit - One form of trust Unit - Some ammunition for a group of naval gunners Unit - One article in french and italian Unit - One whole kitchen cabinet Unit - One union leader can turn up Unit - The one dancing the minuet with me Unit - One wearing a college shirt Unit - One the soldier returns to after leave Unit - One lying in sun, itching Unit - One international organisation needing to get with it Unit - Small military detachment Unit - One can turn up Unit - Part of a kit Unit - One in france, it is one Unit - One fool undermining university Unit - Body of soldiers almost close ranks Unit - Element Unit - Individual or a group Unit - One, out of condition, losing heart Unit - Fool following university module Unit - One you, say, can turn Unit - Single university attended by fool Unit - Section top class imbecile Unit - One metal cup coming up! Unit - Element or part Unit - Individual component Unit - One continuing to hold it back Unit - One can start to use wheels Unit - Single instruction given to crocheters, we hear? Unit - A french-italian is one Unit - Subdivision of a military group Unit - University element will go around as one Unit - Educational place beginning to transform army division Unit - One out of shape, losing heart Unit - A french and italian fighting force Unit - Specialised group Unit - Army division kept back by government in unrest Unit - Upper-class fool in army group Unit - Small fighting force's upper-class clown Unit - Fathom or furlong Unit - Foot or hand, e.g Unit - Military body Unit - Apartment, to a landlord Unit - One short term for cambridge, possibly student's last Unit - Curriculum component Unit - League, e.g Unit - One short term for cambridge, say, given time Unit - Element in universal container rejected Unit - Army outfit, e.g Unit - Word with "military" or "heating" Unit - Icu word Unit - Fermi, for one Unit - Single complete domestic fixture Unit - Inch or mile, e.g Unit - Where to study time in detail Unit - One-adam-12, for one Unit - Standard measure Unit - Measured dose Unit - Company, e.g Unit - Group of soldiers out of ammunition Unit - League, for one Unit - 'svu' part Unit - The 'u' of i.c.u Unit - Pound, e.g Unit - Army group, e.g Unit - Storage area rental Unit - Pint or pixel Unit - Workbook section Unit - Foot or yard Unit - Henry or hertz Unit - Work crew Unit - Any police vehicle Unit - Self-contained part Unit - Foot, fathom or furlong Unit - Family __ Unit - The u of 'law & order: svu' Unit - Corporate division Unit - Curricular segment Unit - Turn fifty, oddly lacking detachment Unit - Self-storage compartment Unit - Division of instruction Unit - Knot or link Unit - One short term for oxford perhaps needing extra time Unit - Degree, for example Unit - Curriculum segment Unit - Mile or minute Unit - Tesla or watt Unit - Single piece Unit - Kind of individual pricing Unit - Gram or dram Unit - Small group Unit - Storage ___ Unit - Condo, say Unit - The "u" of icu Unit - Rapproche Unit - Mile or milligram Unit - Joint Unit - Band w/camaraderie Unit - Band, for one Unit - 50 cent's label g-___ Unit - Fiddy's group g-___ Unit - 50 cent's label g-___ records Unit - Choir, for example Unit - '97 regurgitator album Unit - Close band Unit - 50-cent's first band g-___ Unit - 50 cent group g-___ Unit - Band of longtime friends Unit - Tesla or newton Unit - Inch or foot Unit - Battalion or regiment Unit - Any apartment, to the super Unit - Watt or knot Unit - Infantry division Unit - Minute, e.g Unit - Watt or fermi Unit - Henry or watt Unit - Watt or ampere Unit - Police car Unit - Platoon or squadron Unit - Organisation that is part of a larger group Unit - Teaching segment Unit - Roughly a pint, at a blood drive Unit - Hand or foot, e.g Unit - Micron, meter or mile Unit - Inch or mile Unit - See 46-across Unit - Foot or inch, e.g Unit - Single element; one Unit - Any single apartment, to a super Unit - Collection of textbook chapters Unit - Course part Unit - Military outfit Unit - Block of lessons Unit - Standard division Unit - Newton or watt Unit - Part of shotgun i tested for detachment Unit - Furlong or fathom Unit - Single squad car Unit - University can upset this group Unit - Assemble Unit - Landlord's moneymaker Unit - __ of measure (mile or quart) Unit - Tight-knit band Unit - Watt, ampere or tesla Unit - Any individual police car Unit - Second or fifth Unit - Self-contained section Unit - Dram or gram, e.g Unit - Quart, say Unit - Infantry division, e.g Unit - Subsidiary company Unit - Peck or pound Unit - Constituent's texting: 'you idiot!' Unit - Single component Unit - Group of soldiers in verdun, i think Unit - Troop body Unit - __ pricing Unit - Knot, e.g Unit - Knot, e.g Unit - Word in btu Unit - Word in btu Unit - Brigade, for instance Unit - Fusionne Unit - Fathom, e.g Unit - Fathom, e.g