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Plague - City that changes hands in this fatal outbreak

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Plague - 1665 epidemic Plague - 8 down said to be about this in london, where capital is changing hands Plague - A deadly contagious disease Plague - A deadly epidemic Plague - Afflict Plague - Annoy continually Plague - Apostle loses heart with one complaint or another Plague - At last that fever might be the death of you Plague - Badger Plague - Badger epidemic Plague - Bedevil continuously Plague - Blight Plague - Bubonic __ Plague - Bubonic, e.g Plague - Camus subject Plague - Case of painful fever? Plague - City that changes hands in this fatal outbreak Plague - Contagious disease Plague - Contagious disease that spreads rapidly and kills many Plague - Contagious disease with a high death rate Plague - Contagious disease with a high mortality rate Plague - Contagious fever Plague - Curse city for changing sides Plague - Deadly contagious disease, or a swarm of locusts Plague - Deadly epidemic Plague - Deadly pestilence Plague - Destructive contagious disease Plague - Destructive, contagious disease Plague - Destructive, highly contagious disease Plague - Disease spread by case of pleural fever Plague - Epidemic Plague - Epidemic (the 'great' one being in 1665) Plague - Epidemic beginning to peak - long debate not right Plague - Epidemic disease Plague - Epidemic disease with a high death rate Plague - Epidemic disease with high mortality Plague - Epidemic diseases with high mortality Plague - Epidemic disease with a high death rate Plague - For the record, rising fever characterises the disease Plague - Harass Plague - Harass capital, having changed sides Plague - Harass incessantly Plague - Harry would make capital with the other side Plague - Harry's little medal good for queen Plague - Highly contagious disease Plague - Hound Plague - Infection spreading up a leg Plague - Infestation Plague - It's likely to be fatal to be so feverish as this at last (6) Plague - Large-scale illness Plague - Lethal epidemic Plague - Locusts, e.g Plague - Losing a friend with fever and disease Plague - Mountain's gone over by half of visitors, causing bother Plague - One of 10 in exodus Plague - One of a biblical ten Plague - Outbreak of a deadly disease, or infestation of pest like locusts Plague - Pester convict beginning to undertake exercise outside Plague - Pester with deadly disease Plague - Pester; disease Plague - Pestilence Plague - Pestilence transmitted by rat fleas Plague - Pestilence, scourge Plague - Pestilential epidemic Plague - Place sir andrew got the pestilence Plague - Prisoner's uniform found in gym, causing trouble Plague - Punishment of biblical proportions Plague - Soaring mountain road missing from visitant's haunt Plague - Swarm of insects Plague - The thought of catching it is enough to make one get the wind up - the gale up, in fact Plague - Torment Plague - Trouble greatly Plague - What may bring illness to place Plague - Widespread affliction Plague - Widespread disease Plague - Widespread, contagious and destructive disease Plague - With a gulp 'e gets sick to death of this