Roman - Upright type runs sultanate

Word by letter:
  • Roman - Letter on R
  • 1 - st. word R
  • 2 - st. word O
  • 3 - st. word M
  • 4 - st. word A
  • 5 - st. word N

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Roman - Alternative to italic Roman - Livy or pliny Roman - Kind of candle Roman - Type of numerals Roman - Cicero, e.g Roman - Like some noses and numerals Roman - Unitalicized Roman - Eternal city dweller Roman - Kind of numeral Roman - Nero or cato, e.g Roman - Like some numerals Roman - Like the colosseum Roman - Empire builder? Roman - July 4th candle Roman - Caesar, for one Roman - Goth's foe Roman - Punic wars soldier Roman - Appian way traveler Roman - Type of candle Roman - St. paul, for one Roman - Marc antony addressee Roman - Pontius pilate, e.g Roman - Common type style Roman - From italy's capital Roman - Antony addressee Roman - __ numeral Roman - Punic wars soldier, perhaps Roman - Eternal city denizen Roman - Antony, for one Roman - One from italy's capital Roman - "ben-hur" extra Roman - Not italic Roman - Brutus, e.g Roman - Director polanski Roman - Nero or caesar Roman - The common type? Roman - One in antony's audience Roman - Type type Roman - Word with "candle" or "numeral" Roman - Cicero, for one Roman - Like m, l or xl Roman - Eternal city resident Roman - Caesar or cicero Roman - Circus maximus goer Roman - Like jupiter, but not zeus Roman - Cato, for one Roman - Caesar or antony, e.g Roman - Caesar was one Roman - Tacitus or tiberius Roman - Claudius or caligula Roman - Type of type Roman - Type of numeral Roman - Like i, in some cases Roman - Forum regular Roman - __ candle Roman - Popular type Roman - Antony listener Roman - Like sundial numerals Roman - Caesar, e.g. (or each of the answers to the starred clues?) Roman - Caesar subject Roman - Forum figure Roman - Coliseum guide Roman - Androcles, e.g Roman - Like nero Roman - Numeral type Roman - Pompey or pliny Roman - Type of nose Roman - -- numeral Roman - Tacitus or trajan Roman - Typeface option Roman - Like caesar Roman - Use your oars, sir, and it will get you to italy, by the sound of it Roman - From italy one might get a tic with love Roman - Denizen of italian capital Roman - Of the italian capital Roman - Denizen of the eternal city Roman - Does this citizen live in a manor? Roman - Of an italian city Roman - Of the italian city Roman - Native to italian capital Roman - Just grand in this sort of a horse from italy Roman - Sounds like what one may be doin' in the gloamin' in italy Roman - Times ___ Roman - Subject of caesar Roman - Circus maximus patron Roman - Like cato Roman - Popular book font Roman - Eternal citizen? Roman - Type of capital? Roman - Citizen for queen and country Roman - Take our companion round our old home, 50% under the 19 Roman - Latin Roman - Locking device Roman - Citizen of italian capital Roman - Type of candle, nose etc Roman - Audrey hepburn film (time off in italy) Roman - Norma (anag) Roman - Dominant political power of first centuries ad Roman - Cicero or caesar Roman - Like each starred answer's first letter, when used as a numeral Roman - Colosseum spectator Roman - Kind of candle or numeral Roman - Resident of italy's capital Roman - Italian approaches end of september on arabian sea Roman - Citizen under caesar Roman - Like x, xx or xxx Roman - Julius caesar, for one Roman - Like x, in some cases Roman - Like some numerals and noses Roman - Circus maximus attendee Roman - Like brutus Roman - Typeface Roman - ___ empire Roman - "tosca" extra Roman - ___ numerals (what the initial letters of the answers to the five starred clues all are) Roman - Countryman of mark antony Roman - Any of the caesars Roman - Member of antony's audience Roman - Any "julius caesar" conspirator Roman - Any "julius caesar" role Roman - Upright type of character Roman - Non-italic (type) Roman - Classical novel Roman - Our alphabet; upright type Roman - European state headed by king Roman - Abramovich Roman - Abramovich or ranieri! Roman - Buddy holly's producer Roman - Claudio ranieri is one, for example Roman - - empire; - nose Roman - Chelsea are owned by one! Roman - Times being enjoyed at stamford bridge? Roman - One from lazio, perhaps Roman - Di canio is a notorious one Roman - As was, eg, caesar Roman - Plain upright print style Roman - Plain, upright type Roman - Not quite the traveller's type Roman - Upright form of type Roman - - catholic; - candle Roman - Catholic type Roman - Type committing a name to memory Roman - ...italian, or french? novel Roman - Like the english alphabet Roman - One like julius caesar Roman - European citizen runs arab country Roman - Old academic in service of ancient empire Roman - Ancient italian Roman - Traveller, not unknown type Roman - Plain upright type Roman - Like a type in love affair abandoning church finally Roman - Republican country produces caesar among others Roman - French novel from italy Roman - State backing republican type Roman - Upright type runs sultanate Roman - (of a nose) high-bridged Roman - A french (or italian?) work of fiction Roman - Italian person getting in from ancona Roman - Punic wars fighter Roman - An upright type like popilius lena? Roman - Old commander in love with unit or wayward battalion, ultimately Roman - Sultanate supporting right type Roman - Caesar or brutus Roman - Upright type Roman - A typeface Roman - Manor (anag.) Roman - Eg julius caesar Roman - Eg nero Roman - Eg caesar Roman - Capitalist from the manor Roman - Eg brutus Roman - Rushed an order through for an italian Roman - Foreign novel one formerly would have written in latin Roman - Type of european city Roman - Upright type in novel Roman - Upright (type) Roman - Caligula, say, madman initially taken by horse Roman - French story of foreign city Roman - Caesar, for instance Roman - Style of upright type Roman - Word before "numeral" or "candle" Roman - Like m, l or xl, but not s Roman - Italian horse covering miles Roman - Cato or nero Roman - Type style Roman - Like the numerals v and i Roman - Baths of diocletian bather Roman - Like brutus or caesar Roman - Like the numerals i, v, x and l Roman - Like i or ii, but not 1 or 2 Roman - Toga wearer Roman - One whom antony addressed Roman - Caesar and others Roman - '80s nobodys ___ holliday Roman - Elliott smith "___ candle" Roman - 80s "don't try to stop it" band ___ holliday Roman - Word before nose or candle Roman - Person under caesar's reign Roman - Person from italy's capital Roman - Like 38-down Roman - Word before numeral or nose Roman - Like 114-across Roman - Orangemen don't have gene originating in italy Roman - Like most 'quo vadis' characters Roman - England's ___ baths Roman - I for one! Roman - Word with candle or nose Roman - Holy ___ empire Roman - Like super bowl numerals Roman - Nero, for one Roman - Sort of face right, old chap Roman - See 19 Roman - Citizen of the eternal city Roman - And 25 across: characters that could make mimic livid when 'bigged up'? Roman - With 38-down, diana, e.g Roman - Resident of the eternal city
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Upright type runs sultanate (*****) 5 letter. - what is this?

***** - upright type runs sultanate. word on "R". 1 - st. letter R. 2 - st. letter O. 3 - st. letter M. 4 - st. letter A. 5 - st. letter N.

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