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Turkey - Grassy earth almost essential for certain fowl

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Turkey - A bird; a country Turkey - A complete flop Turkey - A european land bird Turkey - A failed play or a seasonal bird Turkey - Ankara its capital Turkey - Ankara's country Turkey - Bird Turkey - Bird - country Turkey - Bird - country - flop Turkey - Bird is ready to use, without stuffing Turkey - Bird raised for food Turkey - Bird reared for food Turkey - Bird traditionally eaten on christmas day Turkey - Bird which is found in more than one continent Turkey - Bird; country Turkey - Bomb Turkey - Change of direction almost crucial for would-be ec member Turkey - Christmas bird Turkey - Christmas bird or theatrical flop Turkey - Christmas dinner? Turkey - Country Turkey - Country - bird Turkey - Country - bird - bad 8 Turkey - Country - fowl Turkey - Country - theatrical failure Turkey - Country and bird Turkey - Country and domesticated bird Turkey - Country bird that flopped Turkey - Country eventually bought for by 29 as 11 8 Turkey - Country fare for 22 Turkey - Country hill-dwelling mc in 3 9 Turkey - Country knight eluded old jailer Turkey - Country meal for a special occasion? Turkey - Country not celebrating christmas? Turkey - Country of heartless warder Turkey - Country outing -- nothing to be missed -- essential Turkey - Country spanning the bosphorus Turkey - Country that's a let-down? Turkey - Country's bad film? Turkey - Country; bird Turkey - Dance with comrade beyond a disaster? Turkey - Dud Turkey - Edible bird; a dud Turkey - Eurasian country Turkey - Eurasian republic Turkey - Failure of old jailer who shall be nameless Turkey - Fare at christmas from foreign land Turkey - Fare for holiday in foreign country Turkey - Fixed course back to island republic Turkey - Flop Turkey - Flop down on one for part of the traditional 27 Turkey - Flop down on one? Turkey - Fowl - flop Turkey - Fowl and country Turkey - Game bird Turkey - Game bird - flop Turkey - Georgia neighbor Turkey - Gobbling bird Turkey - Grassy earth almost essential for certain fowl Turkey - Heartless guard's sometimes cold Turkey - Heartless old jailer is expected for christmas Turkey - Holiday roast Turkey - It achieved independence from the ottoman empire in 1923 Turkey - Its capital is ankara Turkey - Land bird Turkey - Land fowl Turkey - Land in asia, mainly, as occasional flier Turkey - Land, as bird Turkey - Large bird Turkey - Large farmed bird Turkey - Lust aroused by indispensable bird Turkey - Mostly asian country Turkey - Nameless junior warder is a disaster Turkey - Nation with territory in both asia and europe Turkey - Near syria, troop leader finds old city secret Turkey - Old gaoler with no source of nutritious food Turkey - One of the bad films produced for christmas market Turkey - One often getting stuffed, a failure Turkey - One overseeing time with no new fiasco Turkey - Opposite of smash Turkey - Part of the christmas meal is a complete failure Turkey - Partly european country Turkey - Perhaps carpet worker's collective has the right answer Turkey - Period of frenzy over crucial land Turkey - Place for the bird that might be 20 down Turkey - Poultry bird Turkey - Prison guard letting number escape is a failure Turkey - Prison official allowing escape of any number from bird Turkey - Production that's unsuccessful contribution to christmas festivities? Turkey - Really bad film Turkey - Rising republican cuts wings off essential big bird Turkey - See 1 across Turkey - See 12 Turkey - Stinker Turkey - Succulent bird or play flop Turkey - Thanksgiving bird Turkey - Thanksgiving fare Turkey - Thanksgiving leftovers Turkey - Thanksgiving staple Turkey - The bird for cranberry sauce Turkey - There's dope in the republic Turkey - Three strikes in a row Turkey - Traditional christmas food Turkey - Turns into bad habit with foundation near greece Turkey - Where one may gobble it at xmas Turkey - Where one might begin to turn, then turn it in the lock and gobble it Turkey - Where one might get the bird and talk it frankly Turkey - Where one might talk business for christmas Turkey - Where there's some talk of the business of xmas Turkey - You'll gobble it at christmas but it won't gobble any more