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Locum - See copper introducing male deputy

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Locum - ___ tenens (temporary substitute) Locum - -- tenens (temporary officeholder) Locum - In practice, a substitute Locum - One has to be patient with one who is only a stand-in Locum - Behold this with the substitute Locum - Behold, there's a stand-in with it for the doctor Locum - Doctor's temporary replacement Locum - Professional who stands in for another Locum - Professional who substitutes temporarily for another Locum - A substitute doctor Locum - Stand-in, for a doctor say Locum - A stand-in for a doctor Locum - A stand-in doctor Locum - A substitute or stand-in doctor Locum - Behold, come and be a stand-in Locum - Relief for senior officer stuck in chimney Locum - See with temp Locum - Alternative medicine man Locum - Column almost collapsing? i'll fill the gap Locum - What the victim of undermanning wants to see with? Locum - Way out insect with many a substitute Locum - Greek character with pass coming round when the doctor is off? Locum - Sub, in practice, rewriting most of column Locum - Temporary substitute Locum - Stand-in Locum - Stand-in doctor Locum - Deputy doctor Locum - Stand-in doctor, clergyman etc Locum - Stand-in medic Locum - Professional temp Locum - Physician's stand-in Locum - Substitute doctor Locum - Medical temp? Locum - ___ tenens (substitute) Locum - Substitute, inferior, to make an appearance, we hear Locum - Doctor's stand-in Locum - Stand in line initially with officer for pause in speech Locum - Look, with latin one may step into someone else's job Locum - Relief doctor Locum - Stand-in doctor, left on call, usually manages at first Locum - Stand-in senior officer rejected with hesitation ... Locum - See monsieur embracing copper, the deputy Locum - Deputising doctor Locum - Officer stuck in chimney - one won't be in position for ever! Locum - Not well served by this deputy? Locum - You may have to be patient with me for a while Locum - Temporary place gets converted at last Locum - Temporary deputy Locum - Doctor to lift depression thumps at heart Locum - See copper mark stand-in Locum - He fills in chimney - it's freezing inside Locum - Substitute place for roman Locum - Doctor's deputy Locum - Look crummy? oddly, it can be a relief for doctor Locum - Stand-in copper in london or manchester, originally Locum - Here's the doctor - that's a relief Locum - Substitute having look around with uncertain expression Locum - One stands in chimney to absorb rising carbon monoxide Locum - Greek character's pass upset relief worker Locum - Returning officer let me see deputy Locum - Stand-in physician Locum - Substitute found in belloc, umpteen times Locum - See copper introducing male deputy Locum - Stand-in officer backing universal medium Locum - Substitute smoker sucking poisonous gas up Locum - List of characters undermined melodramatic leads in casualty temporarily Locum - He acts as a substitute in practice Locum - Half lost, arrive noisily with medical assistance Locum - Many a top man with little hesitation gets a stand-in Locum - One making up for lack of practice Locum - Doctor's replacement Locum - Professional stand-in Locum - Stand-in professional Locum - See copper beginning to mismanage deputy Locum - Temporary doctor Locum - Rumours of depression arrive from such a doctor Locum - Stand-in copper accepted by herbert? Locum - Look about with hesitation as someone filling in for another Locum - Deputy officer in charge interrupting mass, though having no power Locum - Greek character, officer turning up as a substitute Locum - A substitute for healing, perhaps Locum - Relief comes as swelling reduced round middle section of hock Locum - One filling in for actor herbert, entertaining copper Locum - One standing in body of water to smell bad with two hours gone Locum - Heads to location of clinics, unusual medic Locum - Doctor upset greek character with pass Locum - See copper, male who may be standing in for colleague? Locum - Temporary deputy for doctor Locum - Stand-in leaves our community upset, moaning, for starters Locum - Not all of belloc? umbrian shows relief Locum - Stand-in senior officer backed with little hesitation Locum - Substitute manchester united called on laughably, heads turning Locum - Officer returning with hesitation as one to fill a gap? Locum - Temporary replacement doctor Locum - Look at copper -- married doctor Locum - Stand in line with officer expressing hesitation Locum - Stand-in gp Locum - Knock over pass, i'm not sure for the substitute Locum - Substitute Locum - Deputy officer in charge like scottish chimney sweep Locum - Deputy copper embraced by herbert Locum - A substitute, especially for a doctor