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Pedant - Old teacher's favourite little boy being hugged

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Pedant - Hairsplitter Pedant - One who shows off his education Pedant - Teacher that goes strictly by the book Pedant - Bookworm Pedant - Hairsplitting scholastic Pedant - Intellectual showoff Pedant - Intellectual show-off Pedant - One who goes strictly by the book Pedant - Dogmatic teacher Pedant - Show-off scholar Pedant - Intellectual nitpicker Pedant - Stickler Pedant - Dogmatic one Pedant - Scholar Pedant - Bookish one Pedant - Know-it-all, maybe Pedant - Show-offy know-it-all Pedant - Bookish sort Pedant - The girl is up to having a moving experience from this Pedant - Person who is strict on rules and details Pedant - Person who pays too much attention to formal rules Pedant - Person who pays undue attention to the rules Pedant - One is over-concerned with detail Pedant - A sticklet for formal rules and details Pedant - This person pays too much attention to formal rules Pedant - Know-all who insists on strict observance of rules Pedant - Person who insists on the rules Pedant - Panted like dogmatist Pedant - One who insists on minor details, may be a conceited know-all Pedant - Unimaginative person who insists on petty rules Pedant - Strict teacher Pedant - Panted over unimaginative scholar Pedant - Panted like stickler for accuracy Pedant - Nit-picking type Pedant - Point put about english and, fittingly, by academic Pedant - The know-all gets chap in a temper Pedant - One overly concerned with appendage for foot soldier? Pedant - Nit-picker gets ace fighter in a huff Pedant - Fussy academic's huff about a newspaper leader Pedant - Dog perhaps bites man, one picking nits? Pedant - Stickler for trivial detail Pedant - Academic stickler Pedant - Hair-splitter Pedant - Educated showoff Pedant - Nit-picker takes notes in exercise books Pedant - Nitpicker Pedant - Nitpicky know-it-all Pedant - One is overly-concerned with detail Pedant - Scholastic exhibitionist Pedant - Picky type Pedant - One pays undue attention to the petty details Pedant - Grammar stickler, e.g Pedant - Stickler for accuracy Pedant - Long to bypass editor, one of the old school? Pedant - Stickler for trifles Pedant - Stickler for the rules Pedant - Particular type preferred to accommodate desperate character Pedant - One concerned with excessive detail Pedant - One particular quadruped anteater can eat Pedant - Nit-picker Pedant - Desire to restrain editor who's such a nitpicker Pedant - One excessively concerned with minor detail Pedant - Stickler for detail Pedant - Stickler for minor details Pedant - One excessively concerned with detail Pedant - Old teacher gets martial arts practitioner in bad temper Pedant - Old teacher's favourite little boy being hugged Pedant - One fussy about minor details Pedant - Bookish egghead Pedant - Nit-picker gets judo expert in a huff Pedant - Academic forces master into tantrum Pedant - Pentad (anag.) Pedant - Gasp about limited education? he might well! Pedant - Gasp about the editor being a bit of a stickler! Pedant - Know-all makes notes in exercise book Pedant - Overfussy schoolmaster perhaps putting boy into huff Pedant - Panted (anag.) Pedant - Fussy sort, somewhat stooped antiquarian Pedant - Quibbler quietly meets poet, putting final point first Pedant - Educated show-off Pedant - Huff and puff about editor being a dogmatic person? Pedant - Holofernes for one gets nothing out of faulty notepad Pedant - Member of the grammar police, e.g Pedant - Intellectual stickler Pedant - Academically fussy person Pedant - Quiet editor, worker who pays attention to good grammar? Pedant - Purist