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Castle - Man on board thrown on to lake heartlessly

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Castle - Dungeons & dragons locale Castle - Windsor, for one Castle - Royal home Castle - Make a chess move Castle - Keep house? Castle - Keep place Castle - Fairy tale dwelling Castle - Rook Castle - It may be made of sand Castle - Chess piece Castle - O-o, in chess Castle - Structure with towers and parapets Castle - Fortress Castle - See 90-across Castle - Windsor, notably Castle - Fortified stronghold Castle - King's place Castle - Setting for many a fairy tale Castle - Balmoral, e.g Castle - Chess move you can only make once Castle - Royal residence Castle - Fairy tale abode Castle - Common miniature golf course feature Castle - Fairy-tale home Castle - Home for a king Castle - Edinburgh attraction Castle - Way to relocate a king Castle - Chess move Castle - Keep setting Castle - Man's home? Castle - A man's home? Castle - Rook Castle - 'harold & kumar go to white ___' Castle - Keep a rook on board Castle - "an englishman's home is his . . ." Castle - Keep this on board for a rook Castle - If there's a rook on board, keep it Castle - There's a rook on board Castle - Keep fifty in class Castle - Keep a rock on board Castle - Keep this piece on board Castle - Throw away - or keep - the french Castle - Let's keep confused under the accountant Castle - Keep a rook to the fore on board Castle - Keep a piece - of 1 across, perhaps, on board Castle - The rook on board, keep it there Castle - Let sac be a chess piece Castle - Chess piece and grand house Castle - Large fortified building Castle - Keep what might be a 17 down Castle - Keep a rook that moves aside on board Castle - Another word for chess rook Castle - Large, fortified building Castle - An englishman's home is his ...... Castle - 'an englishman's home is his ......' Castle - Imposing residence, perhaps fortified Castle - An englishman's home is his Castle - Fortified place on the chess board Castle - Rook on board Castle - Throw away the french, yet keep it Castle - Keep a rook on board, but not in the crow's nest (6) Castle - Keep a little left back, just in case Castle - No longer keep on the shore when the tide comes in Castle - For safety it moves sideways on board Castle - Throw the french yet keep it Castle - Balmoral attraction Castle - Group of actors at the french home for royalty Castle - Elsinore or balmoral, e.g Castle - Stronghold of old Castle - Man initially occupying a corner in magnificent house Castle - Keep the piece Castle - Move king to a stronghold Castle - 14 feature maybe in spain whether i'm in it or not Castle - Keep a pupil in class Castle - Throw the french into an englishman's home Castle - Order lambert to be detained in fortress Castle - Man in englishman's home Castle - Chessman in a defensive situation Castle - Man stealing ford from 13 Castle - Drop line to elizabeth windsor? Castle - See 21 Castle - Stronghold Castle - Chess piece - stronghold Castle - Move king to safety - stronghold Castle - Stronghold - rook Castle - Stronghold - chessman Castle - Fortified building Castle - Fortified residence Castle - Stately home in yorkshire Castle - Move the king when the players find a bit of a lead Castle - Chess piece and fortified building Castle - Corner piece Castle - Royal palace Castle - Players with the french on board Castle - Common aquarium feature Castle - Man getting roosevelt sacked, partially recovered Castle - What the king can do on board to keep house? Castle - Brief ring-fences time for novice at start of 22 across Castle - Queen's quarters Castle - Brief ring-fences time for novice in stronghold Castle - Class keeping in line in secure place Castle - Make a move to sideline king for his own protection Castle - Their ordinary world featured naimee coleman Castle - Replace two men on the board, at once Castle - Move two pieces in splendid house Castle - E.g. harlech, beaumaris, windsor Castle - Move rook and king in the same turn Castle - Class system probed by left's social services secretary Castle - Rook; stronghold Castle - Keep a piece Castle - Keep a piece in the corner Castle - Shed left on english fortification Castle - A rook on board Castle - Make chess move involving king and rook Castle - Stronghold, rook Castle - Man, learner in class Castle - Rook i released from eleanor's place in spain Castle - Man i ejected from isabella's place Castle - Decent in two ways Castle - Rook (chess) Castle - Rook, on chess board Castle - House of windsor? Castle - What a bit of czech's tale's about? Castle - Big building left half-abandoned with shed taking priority Castle - Chess piece; building Castle - Man on board thrown on to lake heartlessly Castle - New ____ , new brunswick Castle - Fairy-tale locale Castle - Second part of 17 Castle - Keep hanging around latin class Castle - Eg edinburgh or windsor Castle - Fortified mansion Castle - Keep in one piece Castle - Move to protect the king shy of the french Castle - 8 - - Castle - Lincoln, ludlow or leeds Castle - Lawsuit about empty theatrical building Castle - Keep left in order Castle - Move from a very desirable residence Castle - Tennis-player andrew showing how to move on baseline Castle - See 16 Castle - Move king to safety in stronghold Castle - Barbara or roy move on board Castle - Fortification left surrounded by group of indians Castle - Citadel Castle - Exclusive class owns large country pile Castle - Keep left in station Castle - Man left in social group Castle - Group of people holding line in centre of defence Castle - Keep players from mid-wales and spain Castle - Man left in class Castle - Chess piece thrown by the french Castle - Players found in gainful employment following 1 Castle - Blarney, for one Castle - Chess piece or yukon mountain Castle - Man thrown, lake emptied Castle - Home for an old king Castle - Fifty visiting class mansion, imposing Castle - Fairy tale setting Castle - Rook in ancient building? Castle - Residence fit for a king Castle - Keep half of cake star left Castle - Fort Castle - Rook's representation Castle - Keep short soldier back in case Castle - Large building; rook Castle - Jimi hendrix might make one out of "sand" Castle - Rich stars might have a moat around one Castle - Dave matthews "i'm the king of the ___, you're the dirty rascal" Castle - Palace relative Castle - Man initially cornered in big building Castle - Rook's fortress Castle - Move two pieces at once, in chess Castle - Monarch's home Castle - Move to protect the king, say Castle - Once-per-player chess move Castle - One of 600+ welsh attractions Castle - Knight 'hood?