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Agitated - Sent back in time, french film-maker departs in troubled state

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Agitated - Worked-up Agitated - Stirred up Agitated - Worked up Agitated - In a snit Agitated - In a state Agitated - Shook Agitated - Thanks to edward, an american serviceman might be shaken Agitated - Is she in a disc or in a tin? Agitated - Worked up, flustered Agitated - Shaken to be in the american army, thatnks to edward Agitated - It at in old? Agitated - That has a fool and a boy shaken Agitated - Thanks to edward, an american soldier has lost his cool Agitated - Thanks to edward, the american soldier lost his cool Agitated - When one is this one may 1 across with one' s gait and one's date Agitated - Get it at in the old in a troubled way Agitated - One in the american forces gets shaken, thanks to edward Agitated - Shaken into the american army, thanks to edward Agitated - Physically upset Agitated - Tried to stir up public opinion Agitated - Physically disturbed Agitated - Upset or stirred up Agitated - Perturbed Agitated - 'troubled, disturbed (8)' Agitated - Excited or troubled Agitated - Thanks to edward, the american soldier got so worked up Agitated - Shaken and stirred up Agitated - Stirred up, excited Agitated - Disturbed, shaken Agitated - Disturbed, excited Agitated - Shaken to have it at in an aged setting Agitated - Thanks to edward an american serviceman is shaken Agitated - How an american soldier, thanks to edward, gets shaken Agitated - Shaken with it at in an old way Agitated - Shaken it at the middle of what's aged Agitated - 'the american soldier, an edward, is shaken (8)' Agitated - In the american forces, thanks to edward, and disturbed by it Agitated - An american soldier was disturbed, thanks to a boy Agitated - Shaken an american soldier, thanks to edward Agitated - Shaken it at in as of old Agitated - Excited a us soldier, thanks to edward Agitated - Excited by silver i'd seen outside a museum in london Agitated - Troubled, disturbed Agitated - Worked up and aged, i make lace inside Agitated - Shaken and upset Agitated - Inside stone front door it rattled Agitated - Aroused - disturbed Agitated - Disturbed - excited Agitated - Shaken - upset - stirred up trouble Agitated - Riled up Agitated - Flustered at it and aged Agitated - Troubled - disturbed Agitated - Senior gets around it at being flustered Agitated - Finding it hard to settle with a soldier thanks to edward Agitated - Elderly admit one with tasteless jewellery is perturbed Agitated - Upset (by a stirrer?) Agitated - Old ones embraced one with tasteless jewellery in a tizzy Agitated - A dig up round the tate that's in a state Agitated - Not tranquil Agitated - Troubled, perturbed Agitated - Unsettled trading estate to drop rents Agitated - Disturbed Agitated - Panicking serviceman died, going round the art gallery Agitated - Distracted from beat Agitated - Shaken old comedian held up Agitated - Troubled Agitated - Nervous wrecks get at aid Agitated - Troubled, nervous Agitated - A contemptible character, a youthful delinquent, is seven Agitated - Publicity about private gallery being beset by trouble Agitated - Distraught soldier meeting sugar producer in commercial Agitated - An unpleasant person, a little fellow, disturbed Agitated - Stone cold at the end, italian resident in a state Agitated - Old french actor retired inside, being worried Agitated - Perturbed, third of class punished over it Agitated - A soldier said to lose head, being troubled Agitated - Sent back in time, french film-maker departs in troubled state Agitated - Shaken up when dolt dined and died Agitated - A man stuck behind a fool becomes upset Agitated - Stirred up a fool and a turbulent adolescent Agitated - Stirred Agitated - Worried about aid? get at its distribution Agitated - Moved briskly having stirred up public interest Agitated - Inflamed, which got one worried Agitated - I get a tad bothered and worked up Agitated - The old have it at heart to be upset Agitated - Disturbed old people drinking palm tea, we hear Agitated - Where is it at? among elderly aroused Agitated - Jittery, hyped up Agitated - Het up Agitated - Disturbed area sealed off by barriers protecting it Agitated - Distressed trading estate to drop rents Agitated - Upset, disturbed Agitated - Disturbed, troubled Agitated - Unsettled Agitated - In a stew Agitated - Overwrought Agitated - Campaigned with a soldier from leaderless country for diamonds Agitated - On edge, anxious Agitated - Perturbed, third of class confined to school over it Agitated - Shaken