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Strait - Stretch of water has singular characteristic

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Strait - Painting's up over it, but not broadly speaking Strait - Is is a characteristic of the south to be so narrow? Strait - The saint practises 17 down with it, but not in any broad sense Strait - By the sound of this, there's many a one like this for the irish mail to get over Strait - No honest broads there, by the sound of it Strait - Not, by the sound of it, round the bend in the narrow sense Strait - Sounds as if one of 15 down is not for land Strait - Not broadly speaking it sounds as if there's not a corner here Strait - It's characteristic of the south for the water not to be wide there (6) Strait - Not abroad by sea Strait - It is 4 down, but 9 across sounds as if it's not Strait - By the sound of it, jack it tight Strait - Narrow channel joining two larger bodies of water Strait - Narrow sort of traits Strait - Being narrow with traits Strait - Narrow kind of traits Strait - 'bering or gibraltar, say (6)' Strait - Narrow channel of water Strait - Narrow strip of water between two larger ones Strait - At last it has the characteristic of being narrow (6) Strait - Not abroad by sea? Strait - Narrow or difficult Strait - By the sound of it, not a crooked one of the 6 down Strait - Not the ocean wide - nor crooked, by the sound of it Strait - Not abroad by water? Strait - Narrow sort of traits (6) Strait - Narrow stretch of water as at gibraltar Strait - Narrow channel of the sea joining two larger bodies of water Strait - Narrow stretch of water for artist Strait - Narrow channel of the sea Strait - Difficult state for artist Strait - Narrow sorts of traits Strait - Narrow watery stretch Strait - Traits of narrow sort Strait - Narrowly cornerless, by the sound of it Strait - A trait's what's making one so narrow Strait - Not wide, and not crooked either, by the sound of it Strait - Not the wide ocean for the star it following Strait - Sit around the painting back there in no broad sense Strait - Is this a characteristic of the south, in the narrow sense? (6) Strait - It follows the star in a narrow sense Strait - Not broadly direct, by the sound of it Strait - I start to have this sort of a jacket if i'm not all so sane Strait - How i start to get so narrow Strait - To be so narrow is characteristic of the south Strait - 'one in tarts not abroad, perhaps (6)' Strait - The narrow sound of 33 across Strait - That sounds directly narrow in water Strait - 'not abroad at sea, by the sound of it (6)' Strait - The southern tendency is to be so narrow Strait - Its art is not broadly by sea Strait - Narrow southern characteristic Strait - Undiluted sound in passage Strait - Sound sort of artist Strait - ... and kind of jacket with back to front characteristics Strait - Artist's work, laced as 3 is minded Strait - Artist's fanciful representation of a watercourse Strait - Channel is without water, we hear Strait - Narrows definition of second feature Strait - Special feature of sound Strait - Kind of jacket, characteristic to a point Strait - 9 features back to front Strait - Difficulty - strict Strait - Connecting passage of water Strait - Artist (anag) Strait - Hardship - narrow passage of water Strait - Outspoken spoken passage Strait - __ of gibraltar Strait - Music centre with characteristic sound Strait - Narrow waterway for ships Strait - C&w singer george Strait - Sound like you're not on a bender we hear Strait - Country singer george Strait - Blunt, it may be said, is sound Strait - Isthmus Strait - ___ of gibraltar Strait - Sibelius's first characteristic passage Strait - Difficult position of gibraltar, for example Strait - Birds crossing a river heading north for sea channel Strait - Narrow sea-channel Strait - Narrow passage and sounds as if it's direct Strait - Rigorous shake-up of 12 Strait - Catch in a trap Strait - Narrow water passage Strait - A channel without water, reportedly Strait - Sound honest to the listener Strait - Channel sound directly Strait - Songbird's first characteristic sound Strait - Sound honest on the radio Strait - Channel succeeded, having quality Strait - Sound and honourable in speech Strait - Narrow passage of water Strait - Sermon's beginning with characteristic passage Strait - Narrow sea channel Strait - Stretch of water has singular characteristic Strait - Narrow marine passageway Strait - Narrow passage is direct, we hear Strait - Artist (anag.) Strait - Pose for the painting in return for the sea passage Strait - Getting passage immediately, you say Strait - Channel's second distinguished characteristic Strait - For passage, that sounds fair Strait - A watercourse, and the way it can absorb an artist Strait - A waterway without water, we're told Strait - Channel's trustworthy for the audience Strait - Channel surfer's original characteristic Strait - Sound honest when speaking Strait - Tell frank it's narrow Strait - Sound sounds pure Strait - There's a passage about art nouveau. it's unintelligible Strait - & 29 med waterway with which fantasist is more concerned? Strait - Items of food served up -- one's dropped in passage Strait - Arts programme on italian channel Strait - -- -laced (prudish) Strait - Narrow stretch of sea Strait - Strictly speaking as the crow flies Strait - Narrow computer studies may support rising skills Strait - Inlet Strait - At first lost without key in narrow passage Strait - Narrow - artist (anag) Strait - Cook or bering Strait - Honest report in narrow passage Strait - Magellan or bering Strait - Narrow passage that's honest, we hear Strait - Channel of the sea Strait - Channel relative Strait - Passage translated from '27' Strait - Sound level in the auditorium Strait - Narrow sea lane Strait - Stretch of water sounds undeviating Strait - Gibraltar or magellan Strait - Country icon george Strait - Sea passage Strait - Narrow sea passage Strait - Narrow nautical passage Strait - Narrow passage in sea Strait - Passage off gibraltar, e.g Strait - Narrow passage joining two large areas of water Strait - Channel without water mentioned Strait - New york's east river, technically Strait - Straight report by one of the channels Strait - Channel seven's principal characteristic Strait - Water beside gibraltar Strait - Channel Strait - Sound level heard Strait - Artist designed channel Strait - Kind of restrictive jacket