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Chi - Caught greeting some foreign character

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Chi - Fraternity letter Chi - T'ai ___ ch'uan Chi - Letter before psi Chi - With 58-down, a religious monogram Chi - Frat letter Chi - Life force, in eastern philosophy Chi - Midwest city, slangily Chi - Home of the bears and the bulls: abbr Chi - ___-square Chi - Midwest city, on scoreboards Chi - Bears' home, briefly Chi - Greek antepenultimate Chi - Psi's preceder Chi - Windy city, for short Chi - X, as in xenophon Chi - Life force, to an acupuncturist Chi - Mcbride of 'boston public' Chi - Greek x Chi - X Chi - Campus letter Chi - Phi follower Chi - Sorority letter Chi - X, in ancient greece Chi - Singer coltrane Chi - 'the sweetheart of sigma ___' Chi - Al or nl team Chi - ___-town (midwest hub) Chi - Ancient spot marker? Chi - Ho ___ minh city Chi - X, in athens Chi - Tai ___ Chi - A.l. and n.l. city: abbr Chi - A.l. and n.l. city Chi - N.l. or a.l. team Chi - "the sweetheart of sigma ___" Chi - Greek letter Chi - The windy city, briefly Chi - Vital life force, in acupuncture Chi - "sweetheart of sigma ___" Chi - When repeated, pretentious Chi - Acupuncturist's life force Chi - White sox city, on scoreboards Chi - "i, robot" actor mcbride Chi - Psi preceder Chi - ___-square test, in statistics Chi - Where they read the trib Chi - A.l. or n.l. central city Chi - Ho __ minh Chi - Sox home, on scoreboards Chi - ___-town Chi - X, to xanthippe Chi - T'ai __ Chi - Antepenultimate letter Chi - The sox, on the scoreboard Chi - Mcbride of "the nine" Chi - Sigma follower Chi - Actor mcbride of "the nine" Chi - "tai" follower Chi - Onassis's x Chi - It's part of xmas Chi - X, to frat men Chi - X, in old rome Chi - The bears, on scoreboards Chi - Existential life force Chi - Third-to-last greek letter Chi - N.l. and a.l. city Chi - Ill. city Chi - X, to hippocrates Chi - Tai __ Chi - Ill. metropolis Chi - Sox lead-in Chi - Life force, in feng shui Chi - See 29 down Chi - Ho-minh middle Chi - Vital force in traditional chinese medicine Chi - Tai follower Chi - Corinth consonant Chi - Eastern energy Chi - Tai ___ (meditative martial art) Chi - Vital force in chinese medicine Chi - Delta tau ___ ('animal house' house) Chi - Cub's home, for short Chi - Acupuncture force Chi - ___-square (odds calculation) Chi - Likely 2008 playoff team in both the american and national leagues, on the scoreboard Chi - Sox city, briefly Chi - A.l. or n.l. city, in brief Chi - Curious george, for one Chi - T'ai --- Chi - Hebrew letter Chi - Illinois city, for short Chi - X lookalike Chi - 46-down preceder Chi - Christogram part Chi - Twenty-second letter of the greek alphabet Chi - Cubs, on scoreboards Chi - Tai ___ (exercise method) Chi - Greek letter x Chi - Sox home, for short Chi - Letter between phi and psi Chi - Acupuncturist's energy Chi - ___-town (midwest hub nickname) Chi - Actor mcbride Chi - City with both a.l. and n.l. teams, informally Chi - Onassis' x Chi - Loop setting, briefly Chi - Actor mcbride of 'pushing daisies' Chi - Acupuncturist's vital life force Chi - The windy city, for short Chi - ___-town (cubbies' home) Chi - Tai __ (martial art) Chi - Scoreboard letters for "da bears" Chi - X, to greeks Chi - X, in old greece Chi - Where to find bulls and bears, briefly Chi - Greek's x Chi - X look-alike Chi - O'hare loc Chi - O'hare's loc Chi - Tai -- Chi - Greek consonant Chi - Windy city abbr Chi - The windy city briefly, Chi - See 16-down Chi - Hellenic x Chi - ___-town (the windy city) Chi - Certain greek letter Chi - 22nd greek letter Chi - Greek "x" Chi - The life force, according to traditional chinese medicine Chi - Life force Chi - Home of two m.l.b. teams Chi - Lake mich. city Chi - 2010-11 mvp rose's city Chi - Sox, on scoreboards Chi - Greek letter, precious if duplicated Chi - Letter it's customary to start with a greeting Chi - Figure on many a college shirt Chi - Japanese kana character Chi - X, on campuses Chi - Energy, in feng shui Chi - Trib's home Chi - X-like greek letter Chi - Loop locale, informally Chi - Half of a classic religious symbol Chi - Vital life force, to acupuncturists Chi - Sox, in line scores Chi - Letter after 31-down Chi - Feng shui 'energy' Chi - Frat-house x Chi - Team that lost to mia in the 2013 nba playoffs Chi - The cubs, on scoreboards Chi - Taoist life force Chi - Tai ___ (martial art) Chi - Half-pretentious? Chi - Cubs' home: abbr Chi - Acupuncturist's concern Chi - Phi-psi link Chi - Christogram letter Chi - Greek letter between phi and psi Chi - Sox city Chi - Al or nl city Chi - A.l. or n.l. city Chi - Taoist life energy Chi - Taoist's life force Chi - Ho ___ minh Chi - 22nd chapter of a fraternity Chi - Greek alphabet letter Chi - Character - doric speech ultimately has one Chi - X is the answer - 2x would be affected Chi - Life force seen in greek writing Chi - T'ai -, martial art Chi - Greek character from colchis Chi - Life force pert girl's finally lacking Chi - Injin, who held michael brodie to a world title fight draw in october Chi - The 22nd letter of greek alphabet Chi - Chinese life force; greek letter Chi - Classical character of schiller Chi - Keep making a move Chi - Greek letter; chinese life force Chi - Mental projection could put name to this letter Chi - Roughly greeting character from abroad Chi - Greek letter; force in chinese philosophy Chi - Short feature projecting character from euripides? Chi - Letter written by european visitor in lochinver? Chi - Entering british isles hard for greek character Chi - Church leader greeting character in thessaloniki Chi - Character not entirely smart Chi - Caught greeting some foreign character Chi - Foreign character from an eastern country, not north america Chi - 1970s soul group the ___-lites Chi - Frat-sweater x Chi - White sox home, for short Chi - Town preceder, in a city nickname Chi - Life force, in meditation Chi - Home of the bulls, informally Chi - Some chinese life-force Chi - See 12 Chi - Character giving honour to italian leader Chi - Greek character Chi - Almost elegant letter from greece Chi - Foreign character seen in hitchin Chi - The twenty-second letter of the greek alphabet Chi - Character appearing in chapter one Chi - Greek character's seen in clubhouse before one Chi - Classical symbol that starts a book? Chi - Site of the 1968 democratic convention, informally Chi - Ho __ minh city Chi - See 48-across Chi - Letter after phi Chi - City in ill Chi - Nl central team Chi - Windy city station, on amtrak skeds Chi - Windy city, in short Chi - Windy city, briefly Chi - ___-town (city repped by kanye and the cubs) Chi - Twenty-second greek letter Chi - Life force, in taoism Chi - T'ai ___ Chi - Greek character's eastern energy Chi - ___-town (sobriquet in many a kanye west song) Chi - Vital energy, to an acupuncturist Chi - City with two mlb teams Chi - Bears' home, on scoreboards Chi - Phi-psi linkup Chi - Athenian x Chi - Frat house x Chi - Life force in chinese philosophy Chi - See 6-down Chi - X, to xenophon Chi - See 111-down Chi - '70s "a lonely man" soul band ___-lites Chi - Angel haze "___ (need to know)" Chi - '70s "half a love" soul band ___-lites Chi - '70s "a letter to myself" soul band ___-lites Chi - 70s "toby" soul band ___-lites Chi - 70s soul band ___-lites Chi - '70s soul band ___-lites Chi - "a lonely man" ___-lites Chi - When repeated, it means pretentious Chi - Life force in eastern medicine Chi - Tai ___ (martial art type) Chi - X, on some campuses Chi - Midwest a.l. or n.l. city, on scoreboards Chi - It's represented by x Chi - Mcbride of 'draft day' Chi - Mcbride of "draft day" Chi - Plunk Chi - Universal life force Chi - Sigma ___ (fraternity of songdom) Chi - ___-town (midwest city's nickname) Chi - ___-town (cubs' domain) Chi - X on the rosetta stone Chi - It resembles x Chi - "___-raq" (spike lee movie) Chi - X on a frat house Chi - First part of book? letter to the thessalonians Chi - Nl or al team, on scoreboards Chi - "a lonely man" soul band ___-lites Chi - Life force in taoism Chi - Home of the cubs, for short Chi - ___-town (illinois city nickname) Chi - Half an "arty" synonym Chi - Greek character contributing to attic history