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Owned - Had single day to absorb little women

Word by letter:
  • Owned - Letter on O
  • 1 - st. word O
  • 2 - st. word W
  • 3 - st. word N
  • 4 - st. word E
  • 5 - st. word D

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Owned - Had title to Owned - Held title to Owned - Had Owned - Possessed Owned - Didn't rent Owned - Held the deed to Owned - Kept Owned - Completely dominated, in slang Owned - Had stuff Owned - Held title Owned - Confessed, with 'up' Owned - Once possessed Owned - Used to have Owned - Had a title Owned - Admitted Owned - Defeated, to gamers Owned - Totally dominated, informally Owned - Held the title to Owned - Finished paying off Owned - Had belongings Owned - Not rented Owned - Accepted responsibility for Owned - Had the deed to Owned - One sounded pained over edward and had it Owned - How one confessed that edward was giving one pain Owned - What possessed you to sound so hurt, edward? Owned - How one confessed to edward that that hurt Owned - Had possession of Owned - Had lawful title to Owned - Possesed Owned - Dominated, in gamer-speak Owned - ___ up (confessed) Owned - Utterly dominated Owned - Had some sudden worry or upset Owned - Possessed what's uncrowned in the end Owned - Dominated Owned - Had the title to Owned - Partner of operated Owned - Confessed, with "up" Owned - Had one drawn with parts Owned - Didn't lease Owned - Ever lost to Owned - Admitted knight coming in was in debt Owned - Acknowledged one has to keep wife and daughter Owned - Admitted; possessed Owned - Had admitted making confession Owned - Had confessed Owned - Had top newspaperman to oneself? Owned - Possessed, like a racehorse Owned - Had made a confession Owned - Possessed the horse? Owned - ... had confessed Owned - Half of endowments in need of adjustment to be fully paid off? Owned - Had day off - like a duck? Owned - Had died at sea, but for doctor Owned - Had won over leading european democrats Owned - Had drunk quickly, losing head Owned - Had looked grim when snubbed by father Owned - Had single day to absorb little women Owned - Dominated, informally Owned - 32-down, in the past Owned - Had amongst one's things Owned - Possessed; admitted Owned - Had possessions Owned - Had nothing new brought in to get married Owned - Confessed Owned - Had broken down, found in possession of the note Owned - Had known editor, to an extent Owned - Had made king, but lacked credit Owned - Had conceded Owned - Had done wrong imprisoning wife Owned - Had nothing women need, excepting one tab Owned - Possessed entirely Owned - Part of town edward possessed Owned - Could legally sell Owned - Once had Owned - Defeated utterly Owned - Dominated, as a hitter over a pitcher Owned - Like the nerds who challenged 16-across to pong, eventually Owned - Had wicket nicked by 1d? Owned - Had stock in Owned - Endow (anag) Owned - Jerry cantrell tune off "degradation trip" Owned - Had ring, got married around noon Owned - Held the deed Owned - Dominated, in sports lingo Owned - Defeated consistently Owned - ... had got drunk, taking top off Owned - Admitted wearing dress, topless Owned - Dominated, in sports slang Owned - Totally defeated