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Gremlin - One making mischief as government's undergone change of leadership

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Gremlin - Aerial imp Gremlin - Aviation spirit Gremlin - Aviation spirit? Gremlin - Bug found by russian government, it's reported Gremlin - Bug moscow hq with new leader in place Gremlin - Bug russian government losing head for good Gremlin - Cause of trouble Gremlin - Cause of trouble for girl messing around with men? Gremlin - Cause of trouble, good king abandoning citadel Gremlin - Cause of unexpected mechanical problem Gremlin - Computer fault key confusing merlin Gremlin - Demon girl -- men excited! Gremlin - Fairy girl men led astray Gremlin - Fault-causing sprite Gremlin - Fictional creature born of a post-midnight feeding Gremlin - Gee! one may get about a thousand and nothing back from such a nuisance Gremlin - Girl mixing with men is a mischievous sort Gremlin - Glitch-causing gnome Gremlin - Imaginary troublemaker Gremlin - Imagined mischievous spirit Gremlin - Imp Gremlin - Imp bedevilling plane Gremlin - Imp causing mechanical problems? Gremlin - Imp makes king leave citadel for good Gremlin - Impish troublemaker Gremlin - In the works, it upsets things Gremlin - Initial replacement for russian government's mischievous agent Gremlin - Invisible troublemaker Gremlin - King leaves russian citadel to be replaced by german troublemaker Gremlin - Malinger without a disorder as troublemaker Gremlin - Mechanical fault Gremlin - Mechanical mischief-maker Gremlin - Men cavorting with girl - there's trouble in the air Gremlin - Mingler (anag.) Gremlin - Mingler can turn out to be a mischievous type Gremlin - Mingler that causes damage to machinery Gremlin - Mischief-maker Gremlin - Mischievous creature responsible for machine faults Gremlin - Mischievous elf (in aircraft?) Gremlin - Mischievous gnome Gremlin - Mischievous machine saboteur Gremlin - Mischievous one Gremlin - Mischievous spirit Gremlin - Mischievous sprite Gremlin - Mischievous troublemaker Gremlin - Naughty fairy Gremlin - One making mischief as government's undergone change of leadership Gremlin - One sabotages good curb, allowing small amount of water in Gremlin - Pixie Gremlin - Problems with this aviation spirit? Gremlin - Scapegoat for many a failure Gremlin - Trouble-making imp Gremlin - Troublemaker (in the machinery?) Gremlin - Troublemaker changes head of russian government Gremlin - Troublemaker good to replace leader in citadel Gremlin - Troublemaker of folklore Gremlin - Troublemaking goblin Gremlin - Troublesome elf Gremlin - Unexplained technical problem or fault Gremlin - Unseen troublemaker Gremlin - Why the kite-flier got into difficulties?