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Pandemic - Widespread health problem has us politician in state of alarm

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Pandemic - Widespread epidemic Pandemic - Universal Pandemic - Prevalent all over Pandemic - Widespread disease Pandemic - Covering a wide area Pandemic - Damn epic about world-wide disease Pandemic - Decamp in middle of world outbreak of disease Pandemic - Occurring throughout the world, perhaps disease Pandemic - Large-scale outbreak Pandemic - Vessel with dead mice mutating widespread disease Pandemic - (of disease) very widespread Pandemic - Global disease Pandemic - Hysteria surrounding 50% cut of demand from extensive sickness Pandemic - Be afraid to take in democrat with widespread disease Pandemic - Existing everywhere Pandemic - Very widespread disease Pandemic - Alarm about start of disease, emergency measures widely affecting population Pandemic - Cause of very widespread ill-feeling Pandemic - Scare about half of medics being withdrawn in serious outbreak Pandemic - Medium taken up in fright from extensive disease Pandemic - Disease starts to develop everywhere, maybe - be alarmed about that Pandemic - Widespread health problem has us politician in state of alarm Pandemic - God half-caught in major disaster Pandemic - 'the last ship' event Pandemic - Plague, e.g Pandemic - Nightmare for the c.d.c Pandemic - Epidemic over a wide area Pandemic - Alarm about medical setback in treating it? Pandemic - Rampant hysteria gripping democrat Pandemic - Great terror about medical upset -- widespread disease Pandemic - Disease fear -- medicine (in short supply) about to be brought in Pandemic - Widespread disease has holiday region up in terror Pandemic - Widespread alarm about oddly viewed dreams Pandemic - Contagious fear across mediterranean over swine flu, for example Pandemic - Widely spread disease Pandemic - Considerable outbreak Pandemic - Widespread alarm grips most of protesters Pandemic - Vessel 500 mice infected with widespread illness Pandemic - Limits to plague, with vermin mostly spreading everywhere Pandemic - Widespread alarm about endless protest Pandemic - Camped in building with disease everywhere Pandemic - Cdc fear Pandemic - Pervasive, as a disease Pandemic - Initially, parasites and mice spread a deadly disease Pandemic - Seen everywhere