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Steward - Waiter brings meat course, then runs through bill

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Steward - Waitstaff overseer Steward - Shipboard functionary Steward - Word with wine or shop Steward - Airline worker Steward - In-flight attendant Steward - Airline employee Steward - Racing official Steward - Wine server Steward - Ship attendant Steward - Estate manager Steward - Custodian Steward - Administrator Steward - Cruise worker Steward - Union representative Steward - He waits for her, a french saint, somewhere in the hospital Steward - Word after cabin or shop Steward - Shop leader Steward - Crew member checks mounting fear in different ways Steward - One we get to return in different ways: an attendant Steward - One of the crew pulls up to take note on board Steward - Administrator - waiter Steward - Attendant on ship - race official Steward - Attendant on plane or ship Steward - Superintendent Steward - Administrator, manager, or waiter Steward - Wed star (anag) Steward - Supervisor Steward - Wine list presenter Steward - Ship or shop figure Steward - Union official Steward - One is often at sea, serving on board Steward - Shipboard attendant Steward - Crowd-control official Steward - Ship's waiter has a way with olla podrida, perhaps Steward - Waiter; estate manager Steward - Officer set off to part of hospital Steward - Aircraft attendant Steward - Official area with councillors in support of state? no thanks Steward - Cabin attendant offering dish of meat that's tough and not hot Steward - Ship/aircraft attendant Steward - Cook one way, a limited way, as caterer Steward - Attendant set out room with beds Steward - Event supervisor Steward - One who looks after passengers Steward - Airline cabin worker Steward - In two different ways, dread retired race course official Steward - In two ways, fear returning to see bailiff Steward - Attendant set out with care Steward - Ship/aircraft worker Steward - Waiter brings meat course, then runs through bill Steward - Caretaker takes note into small room with patients Steward - Wine-list presenter Steward - Crew member serving dish with meat - tough, not hot? Steward - Sporting event supervisor Steward - Flight attendant and cook with a rugged exterior Steward - People in a mess might well call for his services Steward - Waiter Steward - Airline host Steward - Official at function Steward - Ship's officer Steward - Waiter finds a way to serve salmi for starters Steward - Sprays up on a road marshal Steward - Flight attendant Steward - He's waiting from the outset to take charge Steward - Guardian backing the tory left! a discontented read Steward - Race official in agitated state on a road Steward - He serves on board ship Steward - Race official in nasty sweat by side of road Steward - College caterer Steward - Enquiry agent of course Steward - Waiter's 'eavy casserole starter Steward - Attendant in a mess (that is official of course) Steward - Keeper stared madly keeping wicket Steward - Attendant Steward - Saint's recompense getting tip off servant Steward - Sommelier Steward - Waiter set wrong charge Steward - Good person given prize, not the first employee of club? Steward - Port authority Steward - Guardian site has dropped one charge Steward - Official in street on eastern part of city? Steward - Attendant in a mess (that's official, of course) Steward - Official Steward - Race official's second raised blast arresting you and i