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Knit - Unite; work wool

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  • Knit - Letter on K
  • 1 - st. word K
  • 2 - st. word N
  • 3 - st. word I
  • 4 - st. word T

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Knit - Make an afghan Knit - Sweater Knit - Jersey, e.g Knit - Join Knit - Make bootees, say Knit - Heal, in a way Knit - Heal, as bones Knit - Word with close or hand Knit - Furrow Knit - Like many sweaters Knit - Come together Knit - Make bootees Knit - Interlace Knit - Fashion with needles Knit - Make stockings, say Knit - Heal, like a radius Knit - Furrow, as the brow Knit - Sweater, maybe Knit - Put in stitches Knit - Stocking cap, for example Knit - Tricot, for one Knit - Wrinkled, as a brow Knit - Grow together Knit - Use needles, in a way Knit - Weave together Knit - Make 33-across, say Knit - Like most sweaters Knit - Use needles Knit - Purl Knit - Wrinkle one's brow Knit - Make a sweater Knit - Contract into folds Knit - Heal, as a broken bone Knit - Make winter wear, maybe Knit - Heal, as bone Knit - Mend, as bones Knit - Heal, as a radius Knit - Like a polo shirt Knit - Kind of sweater Knit - Make a balaclava Knit - Work with needles Knit - Work up a sweater Knit - Pullover, maybe Knit - Wrinkle, as one's brow Knit - Mend Knit - Work with yarn Knit - Make bootees, e.g Knit - What broken bones do when healing Knit - Make leg warmers Knit - What bones do as they heal Knit - Make a sweater, perhaps Knit - Word after cable or jersey Knit - Purl partner Knit - Heal Knit - Create with wool Knit - Create with needles Knit - Joined together closely Knit - Mend together Knit - Work with a skein Knit - Create with yarn Knit - Entwine Knit - Tie type Knit - Work on a sweater Knit - Make a sweater, maybe Knit - Heal, like broken bones Knit - Purl counterpart Knit - Heal, like a broken arm Knit - Heal, as broken bones Knit - Purl's partner Knit - Pullover, e.g Knit - Work on a muffler, say Knit - Assemble a scarf Knit - Make a muffler Knit - Make a muffler, maybe Knit - Sweater choice Knit - Make mittens Knit - Make a sweater, say Knit - Work on a scarf Knit - Weave yarn Knit - Unite after a break, in a way Knit - Do needle work Knit - Do cable stitching Knit - Make, as a sweater Knit - Sort of shirt Knit - Make booties Knit - Emulate madame defarge Knit - Make socks Knit - Polo shirt, usually Knit - Make sweaters Knit - Wield needles Knit - Contract into wrinkles Knit - Heal, as a fracture Knit - Make a cardigan Knit - Crochet, e.g Knit - Purl's counterpart Knit - Might a little tea write back with it in a little lousy-sounding way? Knit - A little cayenne with it would have you in stitches Knit - Work with wool Knit - Make with wool and needles Knit - Make something with wool and needles Knit - Be a needle user? Knit - Work up a sweater? Knit - Work with wool and needles Knit - To have cayenne with it will have you in stitches Knit - Need needles for an idiotic sound Knit - Join together, in a way Knit - Make baby booties Knit - Closely combine it, after the potassium and nitrogen Knit - Make a string of purls? Knit - Certain sweater Knit - Make a wool cap, say Knit - Make with yarn Knit - See 4 across Knit - Dummy is said to wrinkle Knit - Work with stitches to heal Knit - Work to furrow the brow Knit - Knucklehead and blockhead join together Knit - Draw together Knit - Join - with needles? Knit - Unite together Knit - Join together Knit - Make woollen objects Knit - Join with needles Knit - Form by looping and entwining wool etc Knit - Join together (with needles) Knit - Make (something) out of wool Knit - Use needles and wool Knit - Golf shirt, e.g Knit - Make cardigans Knit - Make some loops Knit - To come together, we hear pepper has to be next to it Knit - Interlock Knit - Make a scarf, maybe Knit - Type of sweater Knit - Make ribbing with needles Knit - Do some needlework Knit - Loop together Knit - King¿s knight gets it all to come together Knit - Use a ball winder Knit - Use needles to make clothes Knit - Make bootees, maybe Knit - Make a muffler, perhaps Knit - Sweater, e.g Knit - Make socks, e.g Knit - Make a scarf, say Knit - Like many a beanie Knit - Intertwine Knit - Draw (brows) together Knit - (bone) heal; contract (brows) Knit - Put together contract Knit - Thus make set of clothes for knight to wear? Knit - Join fool in conversation Knit - Work (wool) on needles Knit - Must be close for good teamwork Knit - King and fool become closer Knit - End of chain caught in gear link Knit - (of broken bone) unite Knit - Unite, use needles Knit - Wrinkle reflecting fright in koala bears Knit - Tighten (eyebrows) in a frown; unite Knit - Tighten (eyebrows) in a frown Knit - Unite Knit - Make jersey, perhaps, by way of the needles Knit - Ignoring husband, consider backing contract Knit - Unite; interlock Knit - Become joined Knit - Lacking husband, consider retiring to do needlework? Knit - Unite; work wool Knit - Arrears Knit - Use needles in equipment to pin down north Knit - Unite; use needles Knit - Type of shirt Knit - Create a sweater Knit - Make clothing with name incorporated Knit - Contract means that kelvin can retire Knit - How the woolly-minded make use of 13 Knit - Equipment, new, included in contract Knit - How needlewomen bring the brows together Knit - New equipment outside? join Knit - Make outfit around top of needles? Knit - 'use needles', fool said Knit - Join keen beginner and fool Knit - Contract Knit - Interweave Knit - Create pullover? by end of week, one could get attached to it Knit - Can 1000 revised upwards make 15? Knit - Bind together Knit - ... join together to play back, missing queen Knit - Outfit securing new contract Knit - Contract; intertwine Knit - Unite closely Knit - Fool discussed contract Knit - Fuse Knit - Any number in club gear come together Knit - United's new outfit passed around Knit - Baby bootee, often Knit - Join together with local idiot on the radio Knit - Gardener leaves kindergarten for a job on jersey Knit - Do needlework Knit - Contract the brows Knit - Intertwined Knit - Casual shirt Knit - Clot, we're told, getting to work with needles Knit - What aran workers may do to fuse? Knit - Fool told to join up Knit - Do cable work Knit - Purl's kin Knit - Mend, as broken bones Knit - Stretchy fabric Knit - Make mittens, maybe Knit - Make some kitten mittens, say Knit - Do some cable work, maybe Knit - Craft, as a cardigan Knit - Cause to unite Knit - King and fool join together Knit - Make mittens, say Knit - One way to make a sweater Knit - Drawn together Knit - Many a golf shirt Knit - What to do after weezer's "undone"? Knit - Mewithoutyou "sweater poorly ___" Knit - Mewithoutyou "in a sweater poorly ___" Knit - Wardrobe job Knit - Have successful reunion after getting plastered Knit - Like some stockings Knit - Pull over to report clown Knit - Make a cardigan, say Knit - Join kathleen up in the capital Knit - Make mittens, perhaps Knit - Heal, as a bone Knit - Wrinkle, as a brow Knit - Join, to wardrobe Knit - Sets up time for writers to band together Knit - Sweater, usually Knit - Make using yarn Knit - Make textiles with needles and wool Knit - Make stitches? Knit - Furrow, as brows Knit - Create with 39-across Knit - Make a stocking cap Knit - Make a muffler, say Knit - Combine equipment, including pole Knit - Make a comforter, perhaps Knit - Assemble, as a sweater Knit - Make with needles and wool Knit - Make with needles and wool Knit - Join outfit guarding an indefinite number Knit - Join outfit guarding an indefinite number Knit - Make a woolly