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Odysseus - Classical traveller takes action against extremely silly party rolling over

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Odysseus - Hero of the trojan war Odysseus - Trojan war hero Odysseus - Penelope's husband Odysseus - Captive of the sea nymph calypso Odysseus - King of ithaca Odysseus - Greek hero Odysseus - He devised the trojan horse Odysseus - Trojan war figure Odysseus - Post-trojan war wanderer Odysseus - Greek name for ulysses Odysseus - Person traveling from 2 down Odysseus - Greek hero, anybody's other half's curious uses Odysseus - Hero of an epic poem attributed to homer Odysseus - Greek hero of an epic journey home from troy Odysseus - King of ithaca, who returned after the siege of troy Odysseus - Homer's mythical greek hero Odysseus - Homeric wanderer Odysseus - Organised trojan stuff joyce wrote about when not in rome Odysseus - Doctor seuss - do you initially name homer's hero? Odysseus - Gr. hero, aka ulysses Odysseus - Homeric hero Odysseus - It's all greek for joyce protagonist Odysseus - Ulysses Odysseus - Voyager's headless corpse son takes legal action over Odysseus - Epic hero takes action against small party upset about end of tyranny Odysseus - Classical traveller takes action against extremely silly party rolling over Odysseus - He had a deal of trouble during repatriation after demob Odysseus - A follower left body for sue on board ship - just like a hero! Odysseus - Greek hero at the siege of troy Odysseus - He also called ulysses a hero Odysseus - Homer's wandering hero Odysseus - In greek mythology, the king of ithaca renowned for his cunning and resourcefulness Odysseus - Doctor seuss following headless corpse to see hero Odysseus - Organised trojan work for joyce writing in greece? Odysseus - Homer's mythical hero Odysseus - Victor used soy liberally on seconds Odysseus - Greek hero in old journey's ending with ship consumed by god Odysseus - Mythological king you almost sussed out Odysseus - Wanderer, looking up, begs extremely shyly, just the same Odysseus - Greek hero who had an epic journey to get home Odysseus - Penelope's peripatetic husband Odysseus - His greek island tour became quite an epic Odysseus - Old roman god seizes unknown ship for mythical hero Odysseus - Traveller foolishly soused around the centre of gray's inn