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Ascend - A broadcast describing celsius scale

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Ascend - Succeed (to) Ascend - Do well Ascend - Work one's way up Ascend - Lift off Ascend - Scale Ascend - Go to a higher level Ascend - Climb Ascend - Move up the ladder Ascend - Succeed Ascend - Go up Ascend - Rise Ascend - Skyrocket Ascend - Get higher Ascend - Gain altitude Ascend - Move up Ascend - Rise in rank Ascend - Get high, like jesus Ascend - Climb up Ascend - Climb upward Ascend - How silk at last will rise Ascend - This can get des to go up Ascend - One counsel does not get down to it at last Ascend - Might have got wages of undera pound, likewise Ascend - Take out one mile back in eight, by the sound of it Ascend - Get up to see 26 down Ascend - Up with the death of counsel! Ascend - It's up to counsel to finish this Ascend - Up to a finish of counsel Ascend - The legal way to die and go to heaven? Ascend - So a legal death will not get one down Ascend - Legally, one might finish up to do this Ascend - Up with counsel at last Ascend - It's up to this for a legal burial, it seems Ascend - Up with counsel at last! Ascend - As the century comes to a close, don't let it get you down Ascend - Get up to being a silk at last Ascend - It's up to counsel at last to go that way Ascend - That's how to get it all up Ascend - Up with the death of silk! Ascend - It's up to counsel at last at last Ascend - Up with a legal death! Ascend - Is that what you're up to - a legal death? Ascend - Climb, go up Ascend - Travel upwards Ascend - Climb, go up (6) Ascend - Go up, climb Ascend - Move upwards Ascend - Move upward Ascend - Approach the summit Ascend - 20 down might get up at last at last Ascend - Up with death of counsel! Ascend - That's the last of the silk up there Ascend - How counsel may die and go to heaven Ascend - The death of counsel may make one uppish Ascend - Up with the last of the lawyer Ascend - That's the way to get counsel up at last Ascend - A death for counsel if you're up to it Ascend - 7 down for counsel? Ascend - Up with the death of counsel Ascend - Last of counsel to be on the up and up Ascend - A legal death may take one to heaven Ascend - Counsel may finish up Ascend - Get up for wild dances Ascend - Rise obtained, dances round! Ascend - Dances arranged to scale Ascend - Go higher Ascend - Be upwardly mobile, since conservative, on purpose Ascend - Get high Ascend - Begin a mountaineering trek Ascend - It's what 18 across do to shoot up Ascend - Shoot up with a lawyer to finish Ascend - One way to go to heaven at break dances! Ascend - Scale of rocket? Ascend - A singular point about centigrade scale Ascend - Mount Ascend - Climb, rise Ascend - Make the top, with a little science to finish Ascend - Like conservative, aim to rise in status Ascend - Climb announced in a despatch Ascend - Soar Ascend - Like chapter finale to shift to a higher plane Ascend - Get up, given a whirl in dances Ascend - A broadcast describing celsius scale Ascend - Dances (anag.) Ascend - Rise as about to close Ascend - When cold, finish climb Ascend - Get up to listen to a broadcast Ascend - Take to the air in frenzied dances Ascend - Using a little science, finish constructing scale Ascend - Rise on hearing a broadcast Ascend - Dances organised in tower Ascend - A dispatch reported in climb Ascend - A view, mainly, on day's climb Ascend - Go up for a broadcast full of cold Ascend - Take off when clubs close Ascend - A thrill taking charlie to get higher Ascend - Negotiate a rise? Ascend - Bags screened to remove odd ones and take off Ascend - Rise when clubs close Ascend - Mount cook's first seen in a dispatch Ascend - Come up with arrangement for dances Ascend - Climb a mountain Ascend - New dances take off Ascend - Get promoted Ascend - A post in which one may see conservative rise Ascend - When cold finish move up Ascend - Move up the charts Ascend - Climb a post in audition? Ascend - Move up the ranks Ascend - Climb in alsace regularly before death Ascend - Start a mountaineering trek Ascend - Charlie filling a post to gain promotion