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Situp - Keep-fit movement

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Situp - Stomach tightener Situp - Ab strengthener Situp - Exercise unit Situp - Take notice Situp - Tummy toughener Situp - Get out of a slump? Situp - Exercise for the abs Situp - Crunch Situp - Certain exercise Situp - Crunch cousin Situp - Abs exercise Situp - Partner of "take notice" Situp - Show sudden interest Situp - Torso-raising exercise Situp - ___ and take notice Situp - Not slouch Situp - Stomach strengthener Situp - Gym exercise Situp - Abs strengthener Situp - Evince interest Situp - Rise partly Situp - Abs-working exercise Situp - Abs tightener Situp - 65-down-strengthening exercise Situp - Show attentiveness Situp - Kin of a crunch Situp - Don't slouch Situp - Stop slouching Situp - Adopt erect sedentary posture Situp - 'tis without lying Situp - Gym iteration Situp - Pay attention - . . . . . and take notice Situp - 'tis this, notwithstanding Situp - On-the-floor exercise Situp - Common ab exercise Situp - Pay attention and beg, in the proper place, quietly Situp - Exercise designed to strengthen stomach muscles Situp - Become suddenly alert Situp - Exercise done on the floor Situp - ____ and take notice! Situp - Exercise for the 11-across Situp - Crunch's cousin Situp - Part of exercise is put back? Situp - Fitness-test iteration Situp - Abs worker Situp - Looking back, russian leader loses nerve initially with ukrainians on border - it's part of the exercise! Situp - Put back into exercise? Situp - Suddenly show interest in physical exercise Situp - Postpone bedtime, needing a bit of exercise Situp - Take notice of this exercise Situp - Abdominal exercise Situp - Drink containing italian vermouth which may aid fitness Situp - A comfortable exercise? Situp - Don't slouch, taking drink to swallow it Situp - Is put about, made to beg like a dog Situp - Upward throw of heavy ball is form of exercise Situp - One's back put out - by this exercise? Situp - Stay downstairs late, and suddenly become alert Situp - It takes physical effort not to crash Situp - Exercise move Situp - 'tis, we deduce, to keep going beyond 15? Situp - Means to deal with corporation, maybe, and postpone retirement Situp - Keep-fit movement Situp - Keep-fit exercise Situp - Looking back, russian leader loses nerve initially with extreme ukrainians - it's part of the exercise! Situp - Is put back, to become alert Situp - Take notice, but don't retire Situp - Become alert when something is dropped into drink Situp - Pay attention Situp - You may be urged to take notice after this exercise Situp - Ab-developing exercise Situp - Become alert for crunch Situp - Promote good posture Situp - Exercise bit Situp - Crunch kin Situp - Stomach exercise Situp - Become alert when it is dropped into drink Situp - Ground-based unit? Situp - Stop lying Situp - Exercise Situp - "pay attention!" Situp - Ab exercise Situp - Crunch's relative Situp - Looking back, russian leader loses nerve initially with extreme ukrainians - it's part of the exercise Situp - Exercise done from a supine position Situp - ____ and take notice Situp - Abs-building exercise Situp - Lifting positions inspiring one exercise