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Offstage - Rotten coach out of sight of the audience

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Offstage - Behind the scenes Offstage - In the wings Offstage - Out of the audience's sight Offstage - Where claudius is during hamlet's 'to be, or not to be' soliloquy Offstage - Where prompt action is requested Offstage - Not playing - cancelled coach Offstage - Where player's not seen having bad leg Offstage - Non-playing coach attached to cricket side Offstage - No longer being coached in the wings? Offstage - Cricket side and coach not in action Offstage - Invisible to the audience Offstage - Audience can¿t see absent holy man with seniority Offstage - Director perhaps not working at this point Offstage - Bad leg concealed from the public Offstage - Area from which the house cannot be seen Offstage - Side of cricket field (leg) not visible from house Offstage - Unsatisfactory - gets a wound somewhere in theatre Offstage - Rotten coach out of sight of the audience Offstage - Propose mostly to keep deer out of sight of house Offstage - Having alighted from vehicle out of sight of house Offstage - It's not on to present behind the scenes Offstage - Away leg not visible to audience Offstage - Gaffes to become unavailable to audience Offstage - Behind the scenes this is what damages staff ego Offstage - Behind-the-scenes Offstage - Feat's tricky with fog - no performance can be seen there Offstage - Where cinderella goes at end of panto, away on coach Offstage - Disc, very loud, put on in the wings Offstage - Like player out of action, switch position and coach Offstage - Gaffes to make behind the scenes Offstage - Start coach out of spectators' sight Offstage - Kill hart and doe with clean shot away from the gaze of spectators Offstage - Where cinderella finally goes in panto, away on a coach Offstage - Not seen to take part in the action Offstage - Tender having lost tail, animal hides out of sight Offstage - What's not seen in main part of house? Offstage - Geoff sat out in the wings Offstage - Out of view of the audience Offstage - Away leg unavailable to the audience Offstage - Male participating in bid, not entirely out of public view Offstage - In the wings, say Offstage - Engineer not working behind the scenes Offstage - Old very loud male beginning to expostulate in the wings Offstage - Director's place perhaps is not fresh for those who are play-acting Offstage - From the wings of a theatre? Offstage - No longer acting, having left old coach Offstage - Like many lines fed to actors Offstage - Incorrect point not obvious to audience Offstage - Not seen by the theater audience