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Assign - Allocate; designate

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  • Assign - Letter on A
  • 1 - st. word A
  • 2 - st. word S
  • 3 - st. word S
  • 4 - st. word I
  • 5 - st. word G
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Assign - Allocate Assign - Give out Assign - Hand out, as homework Assign - Designate Assign - Give, as duties Assign - Dole out, as duties Assign - Give, as homework Assign - Dole out, as tasks Assign - Give out, as homework Assign - Hand out Assign - Pass out Assign - Transfer, in law Assign - Give, as chores Assign - Fix Assign - Give as a task Assign - Name Assign - Convey Assign - Appoint Assign - Attribute Assign - Give the sound of an indication of this Assign - Allot some gin to 21 across Assign - How silly to have some gin and give it all away! Assign - How silly to mix the gin and give it out! Assign - It's silly to allot the gin like this Assign - How silly to give it all away with gin! Assign - How silly to make the gin over like this! Assign - Give away like an indication? Assign - Give some indication, by the sound of it Assign - Allocate or transfer Assign - Give a sound indication Assign - Allot the fool some gin Assign - Make over some gin to the beginning of 16 across Assign - Give this, in the way you put your name to it Assign - Give it over the way you give your autograph Assign - Allot this, the way you might give your autograph Assign - Give away one's signature, like Assign - Allot or ascribe Assign - Allot Assign - Allocate, a job say Assign - Like to give me your autograph? Assign - Give or entrust to Assign - Allot or appoint Assign - Appoint or designate to perform task Assign - Entrust or convey to Assign - Transfer or appoint to Assign - Transfer or appoint Assign - Appoint to a duty Assign - Appoint or ascribe Assign - Put your name on it like this and give it away Assign - Give something like an indication Assign - Give a place to a a fool with a gin Assign - Give away something like an indication? Assign - Give away that it's like the sound of the end of 11 across Assign - The fool may give away a mixed gin Assign - Allot, allocate Assign - Specify a second notice Assign - Make responsible for, as a case Assign - Distribute gin, perhaps, by a ship Assign - Post in the form of an omen Assign - Designate a ship to firing Assign - When to indicate or appoint Assign - A direction indicator gains award Assign - Select for task Assign - Select and appoint for task Assign - Give out, as roles Assign - Pass out homework Assign - Delegate like leo, for example Assign - Designate, as a seat Assign - Delegate Assign - Appoint to a task Assign - Give responsibility to Assign - Give a task to Assign - Give out to fool upsetting soldier at centre of panic Assign - Give, as a job Assign - Appoint, allot Assign - Allot, fix, appoint Assign - Appoint, for token Assign - Give fool one grand, ending in ruin Assign - Allocate (task) Assign - Like clue's detail Assign - Transfer (legal rights) Assign - Allocate (duties to someone) Assign - Nominate Assign - Allocate, appoint Assign - Detail of unlimited cash given to board Assign - Fix sags in shifts Assign - Allocate (to) Assign - Allocate (a duty) Assign - Detail Assign - Allocate; designate Assign - Give out an indication one has heard Assign - Allocate (a task) Assign - Make responsible for, as chores Assign - Grant a device is without point Assign - 'give,' you stutter, 'an indication' Assign - Transfer property Assign - ...was signora about to give out? Assign - Indication given to a head of state for delegate Assign - Specify a shop's board, we hear Assign - Some jackass, ignorant delegate Assign - Set aside one guinea to go towards donkey Assign - A second warning for delegate Assign - How wise men interpreted star attribute Assign - Appoint by way of token Assign - Put forward a function for audience Assign - Allocate a second feature of horoscope Assign - Delegate when cross Assign - Determine to get a board giving trader's name, reportedly Assign - A second banner for delegate Assign - Designate as an indicator Assign - Earmark Assign - Appoint a second operator, perhaps Assign - Give out, as tasks Assign - Give out, as a task Assign - Set aside for a specific purpose Assign - Fix a direction indicator Assign - Put task to person Assign - Hand out, as chores Assign - Ascribe Assign - Allocate, to a job say