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Report - Spoken/written account

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Report - Show up for duty Report - Present oneself Report - Colt sound Report - Kind of card Report - School assignment Report - News write-up Report - "60 minutes" segment Report - Tell what you've seen Report - Short news account Report - Homework assignment Report - Show up for service Report - Write-up Report - Class assignment Report - Account of events Report - Shooting sound Report - Sign in Report - Prose homework Report - Bang or boom Report - Newscast segment Report - Bit of homework Report - Potential creditor's request Report - Newscaster's story Report - School paper Report - Newscast portion Report - 'the colbert --' Report - Describe with a bang Report - Sounds as if this account will go off Report - Its not about that sort of wine that you get this when the cork comes out Report - This might go off about the end of 8 down Report - What one gets about drink when one 28 across Report - Seems there's something about the wine that makes it go off, by the sound of it Report - There's something about drink that 17 down may cause Report - What is there about this sort of wine that makes it go pop? Report - What about a drink? bang on! Report - About one drink, by the sound of it Report - By the sound of it, will this go off about the drink Report - There's something about the wine that may go off Report - What you'll hear about drink if you're 19 down Report - An account or a bang Report - What one has to say about the wine can go off Report - In the matter of drink, go off with it Report - The sort of statement you'd expect to get from 1 across Report - There's something about the wine that makes it go off Report - That account is bang-on Report - This will go off with one's findings Report - Something to do with wine? that's bang on! Report - This tells you it's blown up, by the sound of it Report - Begun to go off with it? Report - What you get from 17 across you may get about drink Report - What you send out may go off Report - A bang or account Report - Short account of the news Report - Description, account Report - The matter of what's in 20 down may make it go bang Report - Account, story Report - Statement of fact Report - Account of a bang? Report - Narrative given by porter Report - A bang or an account Report - Inform about the sound of thegun Report - A loud bang, or an account Report - 'description, account (6)' Report - Written account Report - Gone out and gone off Report - The sound of the discharge goes about the harbour Report - What a bang you get when told about the drink Report - One goes off about a drink like this Report - Go off pop about the drink Report - There's something about drink has one fired with it Report - Statement about the left Report - Account for endless red wine Report - Journalist's piece about wine Report - News of the bang? Report - News item - sound of gun Report - News item Report - Statement - sound of a gun firing Report - Noise - news Report - Journalist's account - explosive noise Report - Noise - information Report - Statement of facts, news etc - noise Report - Account - explosive noise Report - Account of the news Report - Inform on - official statement Report - Present oneself to talk about drink Report - Make known Report - Sharp sound of a gun firing Report - News show staple Report - Give an account to model porter Report - Account, of news say Report - Loud noise, as from cannon fire Report - Bang Report - Gunshot noise Report - Sharp noise; rumour Report - Sudden noise; account of progress Report - Statement a soldier put about - heart's not in it Report - Sudden noise (gunfire) Report - A crack about fortified wine Report - Document result of firing? Report - Declaration covering wine Report - Account left by engineers Report - Make a complaint about (someone) Report - Bang to rights, criminal received record Report - Story about rio? Report - Teacher's assessment Report - Article in shop Report - Republican or democrat's last statement Report - Gunfire noise; rumour Report - Rumour about harbour Report - Pupil's assessment Report - Formal document about one side on board Report - Spoken/written account Report - Complain about; noise Report - Bulletin Report - A sound example of journalism Report - Sound statement Report - Rumour about drug romeo included Report - Announce; gunshot Report - Noise of explosion will echo Report - Rumour about wine coming from the douro valley Report - Porter (anag.) Report - Rumour about fortified wine Report - Engineers left statement after investigation Report - Account Report - Explosive rumour Report - Blow the whistle, making a noise Report - Account of news Report - Pop record Report - Make a formal complaint about most of red wine Report - A piece on the big bang? Report - Explosive noise over harbour Report - Pass on news of explosive sound Report - Explosive noise Report - Rumour Report - Sound record of a pupil's progress Report - Story about right to intercept drug Report - Return of queen left for pop Report - Account for explosive noise Report - Do the news Report - News story about dover, perhaps Report - Engineers serving wine or pop Report - Complain about; account Report - Boom's touching harbour Report - Loud noise Report - News bulletin Report - Engineers drink pop Report - Formal account of a matter Report - Losing oxygen, soldier returns to tell the tale Report - Formal assessment Report - Drudge ___ Report - Student's assignment Report - What a&r rep comes back to label with Report - Make a complaint about Report - Inform on Report - Agent gets nothing right in official document Report - Announce; rumour Report - School student's assessment Report - News item about what's left of aircraft Report - News offering