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Opening - Space, gap; beginning

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Opening - With 14-across, what latecomers may miss Opening - Available job Opening - Job possibility Opening - Broadway event Opening - You might not get close to such an opportunity Opening - That's not close to providing an opportunity Opening - That's the whole sound of it Opening - Go back and get around to write in about that opportunity Opening - The opportunity to go up, about to write in Opening - Not close to an opportunity Opening - Opportunity is not close (7) Opening - Is this a vacancy to go up about a writer Opening - The opportunity to go up about the writer in here Opening - Not close to being an opportunity Opening - It's not close to opportunity Opening - Opportunity may not be close Opening - It's not close to being an opportunity Opening - Aperture or opportunity Opening - Vent or opportunity Opening - Aperture or first night Opening - Opportunity or aperture Opening - Opportunity is not close Opening - There's an opportunity for the whole of this, by the sound of it Opening - That's the sound of the whole opportunity Opening - Opportunity not close to here Opening - Opportunity to go up about the writer in the inside Opening - Opportunity is not so close Opening - Never close to opportunity Opening - Not close to opportunity Opening - First hole? Opening - Initiating a breach Opening - Chance for what george and gilbert do Opening - Number 1 or 2 of 11 Opening - First opportunity Opening - (official) start - gap Opening - Gateway - opportunity Opening - Aperture Opening - Space for fewer than ten in o'connell st building on reflection Opening - Vacancy Opening - Door of opportunity? Opening - Vacancy for a premiere Opening - Window of opportunity Opening - Hole a launch Opening - Beginning; gap Opening - Kicking off in the break Opening - Beginning, available job Opening - Trescothick is doing it at edgbaston Opening - Trescothick time Opening - Space, gap Opening - Yawning, seeing first night? Opening - Initial attempt to hold less than ten pence back Opening - Space; beginning Opening - Orifice Opening - Opportunity for small number in old office to reflect Opening - Old writing, without middle or beginning Opening - Gap in counsel's preliminary statement Opening - Space, gap; beginning Opening - Hole; beginning Opening - Opportunity to get round writer with gin cocktail Opening - Vent Opening - Opportunity that may make an actor apprehensive Opening - Opportunity seen in première Opening - Opportunity, start Opening - - - time (pub) Opening - Write in, having shot back, about the vacancy Opening - Start work at nine, about? good! Opening - There's a vacancy for a start Opening - Opportunity Opening - Gap Opening - Opportunity to see this performance on first night Opening - Opportunity to be batting first Opening - Start old writer by way of legend Opening - Moves at first opportunity Opening - Inauguration Opening - Opportunity; gap Opening - Nothing to write home? good opportunity Opening - Frank in middle age is getting the show off the ground Opening - Kind of band on big tour Opening - Initial moves in game creating opportunity Opening - Supposing one's knocked out by earth's opportunity? Opening - Orifice; opportunity