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  • Man - Letter on M
  • 1 - st. word M
  • 2 - st. word A
  • 3 - st. word N

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Man - "... the only animal that blushes. or needs to.": twain Man - "a ___ for all seasons" Man - "dude" Man - "fat ___ and little boy" Man - "gee!" Man - "geez, louise!" Man - "holy cow!" Man - "holy smokes!" Man - "holy smokes!" Man - "hoochie coochie ___" Man - "iron ___" black sabbath Man - "marathon ___" (1976) Man - "oh, brother!" Man - "oh, wow!" Man - "phew!" Man - "sheesh!" Man - "soul ___" (1967 hit for sam & 58-down) Man - "that's really something!" Man - "the cruelest animal," per nietzsche Man - "the only animal that blushes" Man - "the only animal that blushes. or needs to" Man - "the running ___" (1987) Man - "what a piece of work is a __!": hamlet Man - "whew!" Man - "wow!" Man - "you da __!" Man - "___ alive!" Man - "___ overboard!" Man - "___ vs. wild" Man - 'did you see that?!' Man - 'gee whiz!' Man - 'geez!' Man - 'geez, louise!' Man - 'god created the integers; all the rest is the work of ___': kronecker Man - 'golly gee!' Man - 'golly!' Man - 'heaven and earth in miniature,' per a chinese proverb Man - 'holy cow!' Man - 'holy mackerel!' Man - 'holy moly!' Man - 'holy smokes!' Man - 'holy toledo!' Man - 'hoo-ey!' Man - 'i can't believe it!' Man - 'jeez louise!' Man - 'nowhere ___' (1966 hit) Man - 'oh, brother!' Man - 'oh, wow!' Man - 'phew!' Man - 'sheesh!' Man - 'that was sure something!' Man - 'that's incredible!' Man - 'that's really something!' Man - 'the only animal that blushes,' per twain Man - 'the six million dollar ___' Man - 'the thin ___' Man - 'this has been amazing!' - ! Man - 'vitruvian __' (iconic da vinci drawing) Man - 'whew!' Man - 'whoo-ee!' Man - 'wow!' Man - 'wowie!' Man - 'wowser!' Man - 'you da ___!' Man - *"holy smokes!" Man - *'___ vs. wild' (bear grylls show) Man - - friday Man - A number under 1,000,000? wow! Man - A set piece for the board? Man - Adult human male Man - Adult male Man - Among them and us? Man - An isle Man - Answer to the riddle of the sphinx Man - Answer to the sphinx's riddle Man - Anthropologist's subject Man - Any chess piece Man - Any chess piece (even the queen!) Man - Aristotle's "political animal" Man - Attendant, one dismissed by chief Man - Beatnik buddy Man - Beatnik exclamation Man - Beatnik interjection Man - Beatnik's exclamation Man - Beatnik's interjection Man - Big boy? Man - Bishop or rook Man - Bishop, perhaps, taking the lead in matins and nones Man - Bloke Man - Blue ___ group Man - Bmoc part Man - Board game piece Man - Board token; husband Man - Boy of the past Man - Boy, as an adult Man - Boy, in time Man - Britain's isle of __ Man - British isle Man - Burning ___ Man - Certain grownup Man - Chap Man - Chap has short hair Man - Chap making a noise at summits Man - Chauvinist, usually Man - Checker on a board, say Man - Checker piece Man - Checkers piece Man - Chess piece Man - Chess piece, casually Man - Chess queen, ironically Man - Chesspiece Man - Chief dismisses one bloke Man - Creation at the creation Man - Creation creation Man - Creation on the sixth day Man - Crew Man - Crew needing long hair cut short Man - Crocus prov Man - Dadaist ray Man - Date or age beginning Man - Dog's best friend? Man - Dude Man - End of the beginnings of 17, 20, 51, 55-a and 19, 25-d Man - Ending with wolf, bat or super Man - Enthusiastic exclamation Man - Evelyn waugh, but not george eliot Man - Even if aged, he was able to cope Man - Everyone ever, phallocentrically Man - Exclamation of frustration Man - Exclamation of incredulity Man - Exclamation of surprise Man - Fellow Man - Fellow a lot cut short Man - Fellow referred to in almanac Man - Fortify Man - Game piece Man - Game piece, generically Man - Geezer Man - Generic chesspiece Man - Gentle one? Man - Grown-up boy Man - Guy Man - Hamlet's 'piece of work' that's piece or work on board Man - He "loves a woman" (with "a")? Man - He could have got aged and still have coped Man - Hippie's adversary (with "the" Man - Hipster's exclamation Man - Hipster's interjection Man - Hombre Man - Hominid Man - Homo sapiens Man - Hootie and the blowfish "old ___ and me" Man - Human being Man - Human male Man - Husband a bishop, perhaps Man - I'll get the sound of him between here and england Man - Individual Man - Intro to "is it hot!" Man - Irish sea isle Man - Island or not? Man - Island, despite what donne said Man - Isle in the irish sea Man - Isle of -- Man - Isle of -; chess piece Man - Isle of . . ., . . . o' war Man - Isle of ..., ... o'war Man - Isle of __ Man - Isle of ___ Man - It can follow the first parts of 20-, 38- and 54-across to form names of comics heroes Man - It forms a superhero when added to the start of the answer to each starred clue Man - It sounds as if he might chew in china Man - It's not herself that's at the bottom of 16 down Man - Just the metal for the rolling stones' wheels Man - Legion sending off its last soldier Man - Lots of people? not entirely - just one Man - Male Man - Male adult Man - Male human Man - Male person Man - Many a calendar beefcake Man - Maybe castle's staff Man - Million ___ march Man - Mother ending in ruin (gin?) - 'one way to catch a bloke' Man - Mother nature - the first person in the workforce Man - Mother takes first noble male Man - Mouse alternative? Man - Musical intro before a new piece Man - Neil diamond is a "solitary" one Man - One may be overboard Man - One overboard? Man - Only creature that blushes Man - Part 5 of a labour day quotation Man - Part of bmoc Man - Part of many superhero names Man - Pawn or bishop Man - Peking, e.g Man - Person or exclamation Man - Pixies "here comes your ___" Man - Playing piece Man - Primate with an opposable thumb Man - Provide a workforce Man - Provide staff Man - Provide staff for Man - Provide with a crew Man - Provide with a staff Man - Provide with crew from island Man - Queen in chess, ironically Man - Recent bar mitzvah, e.g Man - Repeated word in "head on (hold on to your heart)" band name Man - Repeatedly appearing in command performance, old boy Man - Riddle of the sphinx answer Man - Second part of 17 down Man - See 1 Man - See 13 Man - See 131-across Man - See 17 across Man - See 21-across Man - See 22 Man - See 24 Man - See 27-down Man - See 46-across Man - See 59-down Man - See 91-across Man - See17 Man - Seneca's "reasoning animal" Man - Serve at Man - Shebeen never like that Man - Simian cousin of a 56-down Man - Sixth day creation Man - Sixth-day creation Man - Slangy term of address Man - Snow person Man - Soldier Man - Sorry! piece Man - Sounds as if i'll be his in the irish sea Man - Sounds as if i'll come between here and england Man - Sphinx riddle answer Man - Staff Man - Staff get taken away from the magnet Man - Staff reduction affecting lots of people Man - Staff the island Man - Stag party attendee Man - Stag party guest Man - Super ___ ( baby boy's hallowe'en get-up ) Man - Superfluous word in cheech and chong routines Man - Superhero name ender Man - Superhero name ender, often Man - Superhero suffix Man - Supply a crew Man - Supply a staff for Man - Supply personnel Man - Supply with a crew Man - Supply with a staff Man - Supply with crew Man - Supply with staff Man - Symbol of power, with 'the' Man - The most destructive and polluting animal Man - The queen is one, in chess Man - The sort of age one might cope with by mail, by the sound of it (3) Man - The temptations' disorderly sphere Man - Third, perhaps Man - This guy is always mentioned in almanac Man - To crew Man - Tom, dick or harry, e.g Man - Typical west point cadet, before 1976 Man - Unnatural as an oversexed female with electronic bottom Man - Valet Man - Vassal; chess piece Man - Village people "macho ___" Man - Welsh band headed by deke leonard Man - What fell in the fall Man - When doubled, it may sandwich "oh" Man - With 12-down, not natural Man - With 22-down, immortal 20th-century racer Man - With 37-across, trendy and unfortunate bro hairdo that you can see silhouetted four times in this puzzle Man - Woman's counterpart Man - Word after straight or iron Man - Word after straight or straw Man - Word before and after "oh" Man - Word before and after 'oh' Man - Word first seen in the bible at genesis 1:26 Man - Word in many superheroes' names Man - Word on both sides of "to" Man - Word on both sides of "to" and "oh" Man - Word on both sides of 'to' and 'for' Man - Word that can follow the start of 18-, 24-, 38-, 53- or 61-across Man - Word that follows each starred answer to complete a film title Man - Word that sandwiches "oh" Man - Word with "marked" or "masked" Man - Word with "overboard" Man - Word with best or common Man - Word with hour or eater Man - Word with marked or masked Man - Work, as a battle station Man - Would he moo from far away with 3 down? Man - __ of steel (kent alter ego) Man - ___ of his word Man - ____kind Man - ______kota, saskatchewan Man - “whew!” Man - “wow!”
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