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Trenchant - Cutting taken from middle of in-tray with delight

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Trenchant - Keen, as wit Trenchant - The song of the confused tern, perhaps, is quite a sharp one Trenchant - Incisive for song that's been rent in pieces Trenchant - Biting six-footer follows a sap! Trenchant - Cutting shows philip hugging charlie dicks Trenchant - Keen soldier on the front line? Trenchant - Transport leaders fascin­ate when driving Trenchant - Ditch worker for biting Trenchant - Incisive Trenchant - Vigorous and effective Trenchant - Very forthright to ditch worker Trenchant - Clear-cut and hard-hitting Trenchant - Number i love to sing about opening of railway cutting Trenchant - Vigorous number to sing about king Trenchant - Distinctly defined openings to the right entrance Trenchant - Ditch worker being forthright Trenchant - Ditch insect is biting Trenchant - Cutting right into fish, six-footer Trenchant - Cutting a deep furrow, an industrious worker Trenchant - Hard cutting into vessel in river, though effective Trenchant - Distinct charm displayed by leaders of the right Trenchant - Cutting channel more than half way through river Trenchant - Fierce pest of world war one? Trenchant - 'excavation' - a set of books vigorous in style Trenchant - Incisive talker's tips are fascinating Trenchant - Cutting fish without right article takes time Trenchant - Incisive in style Trenchant - Keen worker at bottom of ditch Trenchant - Vigorous tenor carelessly ignoring penultimate song Trenchant - Vigorous, incisive Trenchant - Ditch social worker for being so caustic? Trenchant - Keen treasurer's charm Trenchant - Keen to have singer's ultimate piercing number to sing Trenchant - Showing keenness, heads for theatre royal entrance Trenchant - Incisive companion in new area bordered by river Trenchant - Heartless teacher: spell "acerbic" Trenchant - Keen worker overcome by depression Trenchant - Expressively incisive Trenchant - Cutting taken from middle of in-tray with delight Trenchant - Cutting ditch with worker Trenchant - Pit worker can be so scathing (9) {6,1} Trenchant - Keen to get rent fixed, give voice Trenchant - Forthright ditch worker Trenchant - Distinct delight after time with queen Trenchant - Forthright worker found below ditch Trenchant - Acerbic teacher vacated transport Trenchant - Cutting tart Trenchant - Not holding back when time's right to employ charm Trenchant - Ditch worker for cutting Trenchant - Forthright, or try endless charm? Trenchant - Forthright, vigorous Trenchant - Penetrating Trenchant - Ditch worker, maybe, being incisive Trenchant - Biting fish catching river insect Trenchant - Acerbic channel has third play on good book Trenchant - Penetrating defensive position with soldier, perhaps Trenchant - Cutting ditch needs worker perhaps Trenchant - Keen wind almost getting to sing Trenchant - Keen soldier in ww1 battlefield? Trenchant - Forthright cardinal collects king singers' religious oeuvre Trenchant - Penetrating cry following split, bottom to top Trenchant - Hard-hitting Trenchant - Cutting, forthright Trenchant - Cutting fish, worker holds end of kipper Trenchant - Effective somme soldier?