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Tour - Go round singular french city

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Tour - Kind of bus Tour - Hit the road Tour - ___ de force Tour - It may be grand Tour - Take the show on the road Tour - Sightseeing trip Tour - Vacation plan, maybe Tour - Big music news Tour - Type of guide Tour - Barnstorm Tour - Period of duty Tour - Travel agent's offering Tour - ___ de france Tour - It may be taken around the world Tour - Vacation option Tour - Big concert news Tour - Rock group's agenda Tour - Studio visit Tour - Go on the road Tour - Take the act on the road Tour - Gig after gig Tour - Promote an album, possibly Tour - Travel from place to place Tour - Performer's circuit Tour - It leads de force? Tour - It may be packaged Tour - Museum docent's doing Tour - Globetrot Tour - What a band may have planned Tour - See the sights Tour - Perform on the road Tour - "magical mystery ___" Tour - Get the show on the road Tour - Museum offering Tour - Promote a book, maybe Tour - Docent's offering Tour - Troupe's itinerary Tour - Go sightseeing Tour - Military stint Tour - Concertize Tour - Get the show on the road? Tour - "magical mystery ___" (beatles) Tour - Guided excursion Tour - Work on the road Tour - Series of gigs Tour - See 45 down Tour - Go from place to place Tour - Check out the factory Tour - "guided" vacation Tour - Set of gigs Tour - Play the circuit Tour - Military hitch Tour - "magical mystery ___" (beatles album) Tour - Excursion Tour - Play some dates Tour - Guided vacation Tour - It might be guided Tour - Soldier's period of deployment Tour - Travel with a band Tour - __ de force Tour - Play on the road Tour - Enlistment Tour - Sightsee Tour - Trip Tour - Guide’s offering Tour - Duty for a docent Tour - Road show Tour - Series of engagements Tour - Many a rock star is on it Tour - Pro golfers' circuit Tour - Band's plan Tour - Soldier's period of service Tour - Promotional trip Tour - Go from gig to gig Tour - Rock group's trip Tour - Band's schedule Tour - Travel by bus, say Tour - Take one's show on the road Tour - Take in the sights Tour - One way to promote a book Tour - Big announcement from a music group Tour - Concertize on the road Tour - Entertainer's itinerary Tour - Guide's offering Tour - Something to get at the white house Tour - Organized string of gigs Tour - Organized studio visit Tour - Promote a cd, maybe Tour - Sightseeing jaunt Tour - Go sight-seeing Tour - Guide's agenda Tour - 'magical mystery --' Tour - Guided outing Tour - -- of duty Tour - Come here and fetch her a clip with it Tour - Trip in the direction of the old city Tour - Trip to the old city Tour - Get around to the old city Tour - 'pleasure journey, visiting various places (4)' Tour - A sightseeing journey Tour - Round trip Tour - Pleasure trip Tour - Rout on excursion Tour - Go on holiday or inspection journey Tour - ... de france is a multi-stage cycle race Tour - Pleasure trip going from place to place Tour - Term of duty Tour - A sightseeing trip or journey Tour - Take to the road, as a rock band Tour - Gigs on the road Tour - Trip to ancient site Tour - Trip to the city Tour - Outright disaster as shower around with 13 down Tour - Round trip to ancient city Tour - Journey to visit places of interest Tour - Journey (for sightseeing) Tour - Trip from place to place Tour - Extensive journey Tour - Travel round Tour - Trip with gigs Tour - Travel with the band Tour - Concert itinerary Tour - What a realtor may give Tour - Performing trip Tour - Sequence of gigs Tour - Pga event Tour - Walk through Tour - Group of gigs Tour - Take a show on the road Tour - White house offering Tour - Go places Tour - Hit the road to ancient city Tour - Vacationer's package Tour - Travel, perhaps with a guide Tour - A band may be on one Tour - Visit with a guide Tour - Guided trip Tour - Rush around the country, say? Tour - A musical might be on one Tour - Museum docent's offering Tour - What some bands and just-published authors do Tour - Sightseeing journey Tour - Journey round Tour - Period of duty in french town curtailed Tour - Extended journey Tour - Drive through french city down south Tour - Award similar to jazz pianist peterson? Tour - Excuse for a party? Tour - (sightseeing) journey Tour - Made on two wheels, perhaps Tour - Travel around Tour - Go round most of balzac's birthplace Tour - Excursion heading for old city Tour - Short trip; spell of duty Tour - Spell of military duty Tour - Journey through several places Tour - Go round singular french city Tour - Pastoral people of east africa Tour - Visit a number of places Tour - Pleasure journey Tour - Band's itinerary Tour - What big bands do Tour - Play gigs city-to-city Tour - Race for leaders to takeover old underground railway Tour - Hitch Tour - See the country Tour - Band news Tour - Singer's travel plan Tour - Trip out is spoiled by rain Tour - Trip with ancient city as destination Tour - Excursion from french city cut short Tour - Period of service Tour - Jaunt in the direction of old city Tour - Journey Tour - A trip round Tour - Trip to see eiffel's structure in paris? Tour - Trip to an ancient city Tour - Trip, visit Tour - Bad crushing defeat for the visitors Tour - Possibly "grand" vacation Tour - Overseas vacation, perhaps Tour - Perform in many cities Tour - Band commitment Tour - Many a vacation package Tour - Journey some take into urals Tour - Play a number of venues Tour - See a city's sights Tour - Excursion to game taken up Tour - One might be packaged Tour - Promote an album, in a way Tour - Band plan Tour - College campus offering Tour - With 23-down, leader of a sightseers' group Tour - Go from city to city Tour - Pièce du jeu d'échecs Tour - Promenade Tour - Gratte-ciel Tour - Construction en hauteur Tour - Open house offering Tour - Minaret ou donjon Tour - Journey around Tour - Leave home to work Tour - Do gigs on the road Tour - Visit two-thirds of 26 across Tour - Vacation plan Tour - Play gigs on the road Tour - Period of service in sunless french city Tour - Roadies work on it Tour - Pirouette Tour - Travel agent offering Tour - Bands hit the road and go on this Tour - Curator has no car for the sightseeing