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Stagnate - Show little activity

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  • Stagnate - Letter on S
  • 1 - st. word S
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  • 5 - st. word N
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Stagnate - Remain in a rut Stagnate - Just sit Stagnate - Become foul, like bilge water Stagnate - Stop running, as water Stagnate - Stand still Stagnate - Get stuck in a rut Stagnate - Stop progressing Stagnate - Just lie there Stagnate - How one might get a degree with fifty such singles of shells Stagnate - Become dull through inactivity Stagnate - She sounds as if in rome she might be a little sheepish Stagnate - Though the buck was fedaround the north, it still would go bad Stagnate - It's still able to go to the bad Stagnate - Might one buck get fed around the north and still go to the bad Stagnate - Although fed around the north, the buck may be still in a bad way Stagnate - Go to the bad, but not like 8 across Stagnate - Go to the bad and for one buck fed around the north Stagnate - Stand still Stagnate - Cease to flow Stagnate - Become stale or inactive Stagnate - Tan gates could vegetate Stagnate - Become still and stale, pond or people (8) Stagnate - Become still and stale Stagnate - Grow stale like still water Stagnate - Of water, become still and stale Stagnate - Become still or stale through inactivity Stagnate - Cease to flow or move Stagnate - Still go to the bad for what the buck consumed around the north Stagnate - The short street on father's side may go from bad to worse Stagnate - Set about a biter and still go bad Stagnate - In this bad state the nag gets confused Stagnate - Beast with a 10 inclined to suffer from immobility Stagnate - Decline to speak about a no good uprising Stagnate - Hunted animal with a net, perhaps, then do nothing Stagnate - It's natural to keep in step and fail to be vibrant Stagnate - Stop development, say, to introduce grand new article Stagnate - Don't move party when etna erupts Stagnate - Become inactive (and malodorous) Stagnate - Become foul from inertia Stagnate - Become brackish or sluggish Stagnate - Become stale from lack of motion Stagnate - Stand still! party animal perhaps is with etna in a knot Stagnate - Cease to flow and become smelly Stagnate - Stand still! party animal is not initially close to start of 9 across Stagnate - Stand still and become dull Stagnate - In a particular phase belt up and become inactive Stagnate - Lapse into inactivity Stagnate - Cease motion Stagnate - Fester Stagnate - Do nothing new, breaking stone after stone Stagnate - Nag horribly, in mood to turn foul Stagnate - Must a gnat evolve features to resemble pond water? Stagnate - Do nothing when food is sent back containing insect Stagnate - (of water) become motionless Stagnate - Show little activity Stagnate - Half of country hampered by present decline Stagnate - Make no move to return food without taste Stagnate - Two stones, newton admitted, remain motionless Stagnate - Become inactive Stagnate - Be idle Stagnate - From out east fly in, but do nothing constructive Stagnate - Become foul (water) Stagnate - Say the nag running in it should give up running Stagnate - Bungling agents receiving little thanks get really foul Stagnate - Spend time in idleness at agent's extravaganza Stagnate - Good person, relation of dad's, to become idle Stagnate - ... agents at loggerheads do absolutely nothing Stagnate - Do nothing, say, about a generation without heart Stagnate - Brown back in period of decline Stagnate - Stand still getting beat up in arena Stagnate - Idle horse, first to last in national Stagnate - A good neighbour's first settled in country to become sluggish Stagnate - Do nothing for nation protecting a good name Stagnate - Do nothing, say, about a gun unloaded Stagnate - Eats up insect's inside merely to exist Stagnate - Be inert Stagnate - Do not move injured nag in the country Stagnate - Do nothing, say, to protect a good name Stagnate - Stand still! deer never attack the elderly, for starters Stagnate - Stand still to pull up shade in play area Stagnate - Become sluggish Stagnate - Buck a trend -- stupidly dumping r & d -- thus fail to progress Stagnate - Cease moving Stagnate - Stand still, seeing a gun unloaded in texas, perhaps