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Effete - Over-refined, ineffectual

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Effete - Sissified Effete - Decadent Effete - Drained of vitality Effete - Lacking vigor Effete - Worn out Effete - Lacking in power Effete - Lacking vitality Effete - Weak Effete - No longer fertile Effete - Soft and weak Effete - A weak sort of an achievement, by the sound of it Effete - Sounds like quite an achievement to get so weak Effete - A weak sound of the feet Effete - Feeble, lacking vitality Effete - Feeble, having lost vitality Effete - Feeble, having lost vitatlity Effete - Decadent or worn out Effete - Spoiled Effete - Sounds as if such an achievement is a very weak one Effete - Sounds quite an achievement to be so weak Effete - Spent two notes at the fair Effete - Weakened party after election finds openings Effete - Affected ft, with second part changed Effete - Spent two notes at gala Effete - Decadent - worn out Effete - Degenerate Effete - Tired or decadent Effete - Overprotected and weak, those two follow dee it¿s said to festival Effete - Washed up Effete - Lacking in physical strength Effete - Ineffective, decadent Effete - Pretentious handful almost upset social event Effete - Over-refined, exhausted Effete - Spent enormous fortune initially at charity do Effete - Affected, over-refined Effete - Exhausted female in eastern bazaar Effete - Over-refined; weak Effete - Exhausted leaders of european family at the alfresco do Effete - Ineffectual, over-refined Effete - Over-refined, ineffectual Effete - Degenerate english fellows summer in provence Effete - Degenerate lower classes celebrate Effete - Spent two notes at the carnival Effete - Decadent oriental fellow to celebrate Effete - Mannered english female going to gala Effete - Put back iron, fair worn-out! Effete - Over-refined Effete - Degenerate fair after inaugural easter festival Effete - English g-gala may be flowery Effete - Spent two notes at the charity 'do' Effete - Weak celebration following poor exam grades Effete - Left without cover, and fair worn out Effete - Over-refined, pretentious Effete - Weak, decadent Effete - Over-refined and ineffectual Effete - Devitalized Effete - Decadent, as the snobs in a historic agnew speech Effete - Swear summer in cannes makes you exhausted Effete - Degenerate, like agnew's snobs Effete - Feeble outcome, caught out by sweetheart Effete - Over-refined, affected Effete - Spent; degenerate Effete - Decadent english fellows having summer in paris Effete - Decadent english/french social function Effete - Lacking vitality or power Effete - Weak, effeminate Effete - Enfeebled