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Inoff - Shot at billiards

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  • Inoff - Letter on I
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  • 2 - st. word N
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  • 5 - st. word F

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Inoff - Go ___ the deep end Inoff - Keep money ___-shore accounts (stash cash) Inoff - 'home and away' is a diversion going to pot Inoff - Awful f-fino, a losing hazard Inoff - Start of harmless shot at billiards Inoff - Snooker's foul chic, past its sell-by date? Inoff - Scoring shot in billiards or from batting cricket side Inoff - Shot that's good at billiards and foul at snooker Inoff - Pocketing of a snooker ball via a deflection Inoff - Snooker ball sunk having hit another Inoff - Pot in billiards that hits another ball first Inoff - Glancing billiards pot Inoff - Shot at snooker or billiards Inoff - Certain billiards scratch, to a brit Inoff - Batting cricket side to pocket the ball Inoff - Maybe foul niff can be dispersed with oxygen Inoff - One's never following the score at billiards? Inoff - Foul niff circulating round centre of block Inoff - One number, played very loudly, is foul Inoff - Foul (snooker), scoring stroke (billiards) Inoff - One way into the goal or pocket Inoff - Billiards stroke Inoff - Not a direct route into a net or pocket Inoff - Billiards/snooker shot Inoff - Friends spoiled billiards shot Inoff - Foul in snooker Inoff - Drunkard won't start on very strong pot Inoff - White pot? Inoff - Indirect billiards shot Inoff - Pot of white stuff: onion tips, peeled Inoff - Billiards/snooker stroke Inoff - Shot at billiards Inoff - Shot going wrong in home and away Inoff - A player's shot if including no loud music! Inoff - At home and away in billiards Inoff - Game shot by popular officer Inoff - Billiards hazard Inoff - Losing hazard at billiards Inoff - Snooker hazard Inoff - Sort of shot in billiards or by batting cricket side Inoff - White going down at the crucible -- somewhat naff on initiating spins Inoff - Snooker foul Inoff - Snooker shot Inoff - Error in game description of elected politician shunning formality Inoff - Losing hazard contributes to pain of fans Inoff - A foul at snooker Inoff - Foul shot in snooker Inoff - Foul stroke in snooker Inoff - Scoring stroke at billiards