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Lurcher - Cross-bred dog

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Lurcher - A cross between sheepdog and retriever Lurcher - A dog on the prowl? Lurcher - A greyhound cross Lurcher - Attraction outside church -- rex the dog Lurcher - Being cross, bred to be ungainly Lurcher - Check in one enticing dog Lurcher - Cross from church separating temptation and resistance Lurcher - Cross-bred dog Lurcher - Cross-bred hunting dog Lurcher - Cross? could be a pet Lurcher - Crossbred dog similar to a greyhound Lurcher - Crossbred hunter moving suddenly and unsteadily? Lurcher - Crossbred hunting dog Lurcher - Dog Lurcher - Dog inclined to leave people in difficulties? Lurcher - Dog like greyhound Lurcher - Dog related to greyhound Lurcher - Dog runs after bait, nipping child Lurcher - Dog taken from pitch, about to be brought over Lurcher - Dog that might stagger? Lurcher - Dog with feathered decoy runs round church Lurcher - Dog, one unsteady on his feet Lurcher - Greyhound-collie cross Lurcher - Hard, cruel exercise before run, making greyhound cross Lurcher - Hound and endlessly entice songstress Lurcher - Hunter, horse put through awfully cruel runs Lurcher - Hunter, one making staggering movements Lurcher - Left abandoned here, royal dog Lurcher - Not a sure-footed dog? Lurcher - One staggering on all fours Lurcher - One staggering on all fours? Lurcher - Pitcher in the form of a dog Lurcher - Put horse through awfully cruel run - a hunting animal Lurcher - Reveller leaving the pub with his dog? Lurcher - Siren outside church making canine cross? Lurcher - Staggering dog? Lurcher - The dog to stagger Lurcher - Upcoming regulation almost caught woman's dog