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Tonsure - Fashion certain ... to suit monks!

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Tonsure - Ritual shaving of the head Tonsure - Monk's haircut Tonsure - Monk-y do? Tonsure - Monk's shaved head Tonsure - Monk's trademark Tonsure - Clerical clipping Tonsure - It's not wrong for this to be cut in no uncertain way Tonsure - That's a certain weight to have on the head Tonsure - A certain weight of hair to be removed Tonsure - A bit off the top is heavy for certain Tonsure - Certain to get a cut of anything so heavy Tonsure - Such a cut might be sure to be a weight on his mind Tonsure - Shaved crown of a monk's head Tonsure - In the church, he will certainly lose such a weight of hair Tonsure - Shaven part of monk's head Tonsure - Shaven area on monk's head Tonsure - Haircut for a monk Tonsure - Shaven spot on monk's head Tonsure - Haircut with the weight of the start of 29 across Tonsure - 'weight of the holy haircut, no doubt (7)' Tonsure - Saint seeking neurosurgery on cadfael's patch Tonsure - Shaving the head is in fashion, certainly Tonsure - Bald spot in style? absolutely! Tonsure - Monastic hairstyle Tonsure - Shaving of the head by monks ( Tonsure - Monk's hairdo Tonsure - Monk's hairstyle Tonsure - Part of a monk's head left bare by shaving Tonsure - Removal of locks certainly not given backing at first Tonsure - One's cut out for the religious life Tonsure - Partial shaving of head is without doubt following the fashion Tonsure - Shaven state one's in order to maintain Tonsure - Monk's shaven head Tonsure - Haircut in fashion, certainly Tonsure - Deceive exponent of two cultures Tonsure - Close-shaved hairstyle the fashion? definitely Tonsure - Bald bit - uncertain if part is to be put back Tonsure - Monk's hair style Tonsure - Shearing's travelled endlessly over the poles Tonsure - Shaving is certainly following fashion Tonsure - Clip round the head for a brother? Tonsure - Fashion certain ... to suit monks! Tonsure - Part of a buddhist monk's ordination Tonsure - Hair-style in order? Tonsure - A hairstyle in fashion? absolutely! Tonsure - Haircut to make a heavy-weight confident Tonsure - Religious head is certain to be under a hundred Tonsure - Crop circle Tonsure - Cut back, not convinced Tonsure - Shaved head Tonsure - Shaving of head Tonsure - The head in a religious order Tonsure - One in order may have it for nurse to change Tonsure - The game's up -- rolling stone covering bald patch! Tonsure - Crop circle? Tonsure - Crown worn by brother? Tonsure - Uncovered area on top in fashionable style? certainly Tonsure - Heavy weight certain to make severe cut on head Tonsure - The sign of a 'distressed' monk Tonsure - Monk's bald spot Tonsure - Hair not sticking up of course Tonsure - Ritual shave's baffling to nurse Tonsure - Certain to follow fashion that's very different from dreadlocks! Tonsure - Cut in order to guarantee tip off Tonsure - Substantial cutting Tonsure - Fashion with certain style for monks