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Gallant - Bitterness shown by relation spurning upper-class lady-killer?

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  • Gallant - Letter on G
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Gallant - Chivalrous Gallant - Knightly Gallant - Stouthearted Gallant - Dashing Gallant - Brave in love or war Gallant - Intrepid Gallant - Like a good knight Gallant - Gee, that's nothing but insect for the brave! Gallant - Brave enough to annoy the hill-dweller Gallant - This must have made a brave showing on top of a sailing vessel Gallant - Brave and chivalrous like knight of old Gallant - Noble, chivalrous Gallant - Brave and chivalrous Gallant - 'what a swell, bold insect! (7)' Gallant - Dashing chap with exotic tan on cheek Gallant - Flirt and annoy worker Gallant - Honourable - chivalrous - suitor Gallant - Courageous - politely attentive to women Gallant - Brave and honourable Gallant - Daring Gallant - Brave Gallant - Dashing, debonair young man Gallant - Chivalrous - dashing Gallant - Charmingly attentive to ladies Gallant - Impudence shown by soldier, a ladies' man Gallant - Noble markedly attentive to women Gallant - Daring to exasperate a social worker Gallant - Dashing fellow in high-performance car Gallant - Brave social worker following humiliation Gallant - Brave, heroic Gallant - After five, soldier is brave Gallant - Face soldier that's brave Gallant - Heroic; chivalrous Gallant - Brave face social worker put on Gallant - Attentive to ladies as george sand's lords Gallant - Brave soldier displayed nerve going over the top Gallant - Like verlaine's parties Gallant - Dashing gentleman Gallant - Female with inclination to ignore overture, from him? Gallant - Bitterness shown by relation spurning upper-class lady-killer? Gallant - Man that's dashing to remove top from sail Gallant - Daring to inflame a group of conservationists Gallant - Irritate worker by getting amorous Gallant - Brave worker bears insolence Gallant - Student worker supports girl, being chivalrous Gallant - Brave worker faced with impudence Gallant - Good to everyone, little creature being brave Gallant - Brave to annoy social worker Gallant - Courageous Gallant - Brave worker puts bitterness to one side Gallant - Brave man in luxury tourer Gallant - Presumption shown by six-footer, dashing figure Gallant - Bold filly reclined without sweetheart Gallant - Showing courtesy to lady and ill-will to worker? Gallant - Flirt and irritate worker Gallant - Bold impudence supported by soldier, possibly Gallant - Valiant; courteous Gallant - Chivalrous worker bears insolence Gallant - Brave man to vex six-footer Gallant - Brave; courteous Gallant - Braveheart not heartless following impudence? that's noble Gallant - Courtly Gallant - Chivalrous liberal worker supporting young woman