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Gated - Under curfew, turn to remove electronic device?

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Gated - Like heaven's entrance Gated - Like some communities Gated - Like some expensive communities Gated - Like a closed community Gated - Like an exclusive community Gated - Like some playgrounds Gated - Privacy-protected (as an estate) Gated - Like some private communities Gated - Community type Gated - Condition of many fences Gated - Type of community with guards Gated - Secure, as some communities Gated - Like some exclusive communities Gated - Enclosed, as an estate Gated - Designed to restrict entrance Gated - Designed to restrict entry Gated - Like some fences and communities Gated - At this age a t.d. will be kept inside Gated - Type of community Gated - Get the da kept in Gated - Some suburban communi-ties Gated - Having fences Gated - Not freely traversable Gated - Exclusive, as communities Gated - Privacy-protected, as an estate Gated - Barred to outsiders Gated - Enclosed, as a community Gated - Almost any hit by prince or queen Gated - Forbidden to leave college - attendance down at first? Gated - Some excelling at education kept in school Gated - Under curfew, turn to remove electronic device? Gated - Faced with gun, man deprived of liberty for a while Gated - Having gun, journalist gets temporarily confined Gated - Confined to college Gated - Like some upscale communities Gated - Confined to school Gated - Restricted attendance on the day Gated - Confined to college, attendance deplorable at first Gated - Kept in as punishment Gated - Confined to school, some cheating at edinburgh Gated - The game's up! edward's confined to school Gated - Having a barrier makes one irritated -- not right Gated - Protected, as an estate Gated - Like some estates Gated - Attendance down, at first, restricted to college Gated - Banned from university degree, receiving cheers when that's reversed Gated - Exclusive, in a way Gated - Coming up, remove restriction from offender kept in Gated - Like some upscale neighborhoods Gated - Like some ritzy communities Gated - Georgia and edward confined to school Gated - Like some wealthy neighborhoods Gated - Kept in school and given all the extra duties, initially Gated - Like many exclusive communities