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Ovation - Pub lacking in new feature - one may be standing

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Ovation - People stand for this Ovation - Enthusiastic show of approval Ovation - Group action at carnegie hall Ovation - Some stand for it Ovation - It may be standing Ovation - Hero's welcome Ovation - Big name in acoustic guitars Ovation - Applause Ovation - Big hand Ovation - It may be standing at the end of a concert Ovation - Performer's reward Ovation - Enthusiastic applause Ovation - Round of applause, e.g Ovation - Such enthusiasm for egg producing, perhaps Ovation - Below the inn, such applause is quite a new sort of thing Ovation - Below the inn, such applause is something new Ovation - Applause for the layer? Ovation - Applause for the layer's labour? Ovation - It would be something new for the inn to give one such applause Ovation - After the inn, such laying, perhaps, would be something new Ovation - Round of applause, may be standing Ovation - Round of applause Ovation - Enthusiastic applause, may be given standing Ovation - Loud applause Ovation - Enthusiastic applause, perhaps standing Ovation - Enthusiastic applause, may be be given standing Ovation - Enthusiastic applause, sometimes standing Ovation - Applause from an audience Ovation - Enthuiastic applause, often standing Ovation - Enthusiastic applause, often standing Ovation - Cheers for zero tax that's charged Ovation - It's music to a musician's ears Ovation - Eggs changed into what could be standing Ovation - Eggs turn into cheers Ovation - Praise tank i love working around Ovation - (standing?) round of applause Ovation - Enthusiastic applause and cheers Ovation - Outburst of applause Ovation - Enthusiastic reception Ovation - Too vain (anag) Ovation - Old papal state and papal law wanting cancan to get round of applause Ovation - Ivan too harassed by handclapping Ovation - Show of hands? Ovation - Sustained applause (may be standing) Ovation - Model too vain with tribute Ovation - Overwhelming reception Ovation - Stormy applause Ovation - Wild applause Ovation - Plaudits Ovation - Prolonged applause Ovation - Might it make one too vain? Ovation - Sustained applause Ovation - Long bout of applause Ovation - Pub abandoning new idea getting enthusiastic reception Ovation - Hand of some standing? Ovation - Acclaim Ovation - Plaudits for zero tax on something charged Ovation - Novelty lacking in north? some will stand for it Ovation - Period of sustained applause Ovation - Sustained period of applause Ovation - Novelty abandoned by pub, to applause Ovation - Show of applause Ovation - Pub lacking in new feature - one may be standing Ovation - One's often standing over barrel, leg behind one Ovation - Show of appreciation Ovation - Review too vain? it's what 32 down is looking for! Ovation - Warm response from a crowd Ovation - Enthusiastic reception or applause Ovation - Applause that eggs on tenor a little bit Ovation - Clapping Ovation - Cheering something new inn brought out Ovation - Too vain to travel to enthusiastic reception Ovation - Old tank, one on hand Ovation - Old vessel one gets on, cheering Ovation - Applause for speech when ranting initially gives way to verse Ovation - Eccentric too vain for applause Ovation - Bar abandoning new idea gets enthusiastic response Ovation - Long period of applause Ovation - Hand over tax: a tiny bit charged Ovation - Hand over a title once reduced by 50 per cent Ovation - It's suggested untaxed individual working -- would you stand for it? Ovation - Série d'acclamations Ovation - Enthusiastic applause as zero tax is charged Ovation - Enthusiastic applause (sometimes standing)