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Olive - Girl has to survive on nothing

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Olive - Martini garnish Olive - Popeye's sweetie Olive - Place for a pimento Olive - Ocher-green Olive - With 63-across, comics girlfriend Olive - Greenish Olive - Martini item Olive - Kind of branch offered in peace Olive - Holy oil source Olive - Martini staple Olive - Fruit on a toothpick Olive - Martini tidbit Olive - Place for a toothpick Olive - It could be stuffed Olive - Bluto's dream girl Olive - Complexion tone Olive - Mediterranean tree Olive - Antipasto ingredient Olive - Miss oyl Olive - Popeye's gal Olive - Oil source Olive - Drab color? Olive - Drink garnish Olive - Shade of green Olive - Greek salad morsel Olive - An oil source Olive - Mixologist's garnish Olive - Martini addition Olive - Antipasto item Olive - Antipasto bit Olive - Rare eye color Olive - See 32-down Olive - Branch of peace Olive - Uniform shade Olive - Antipasto morsel Olive - Pimiento surrounder Olive - Greek salad extra Olive - Tartar sauce ingredient Olive - Branch of the united nations? Olive - It may be stuck in a bar Olive - Popeye's love Olive - Martini dirtier Olive - Greenish shade Olive - Kind of oil or branch Olive - Drab color Olive - Pimento's resting spot Olive - Object of bluto's affection Olive - Oyl of fame Olive - Fruit tree Olive - "drab" color Olive - Popeye's girl Olive - Place for a pimiento Olive - John george's better half Olive - Drab shade Olive - Pizza topping Olive - Garnish on a toothpick Olive - Green shade Olive - Mixed drink garnish Olive - Girlfriend of 56-across Olive - Martini add-in Olive - She likes a little salt Olive - Popeye's "goyl" Olive - Swee'pea's caretaker Olive - Kalamata, e.g Olive - Kalamata morsel Olive - It may be on the end of a toothpick Olive - Greek-salad ingredient Olive - Antipasto ingredient, often Olive - Item in a greek salad Olive - Mixologist's staple Olive - Fruit used on pizza Olive - Place for pimiento Olive - Salade niã§oise ingredient Olive - Pimiento container, possibly Olive - Antipasto tidbit Olive - Martini fruit Olive - Item on a cocktail toothpick Olive - Cocktail garnish Olive - Pimiento holder Olive - Martini go-with Olive - Source of edible oil Olive - Camouflage color Olive - Item on a toothpick Olive - Fruit favored by horace Olive - Branch of the u.n.? Olive - Tapenade ingredient Olive - Item stuffed with pimento Olive - Animated oyl Olive - Martini morsel Olive - Black or green fruit Olive - Greek-salad morsel Olive - Salad morsel Olive - ___ oyl Olive - Martini extra Olive - Green hue Olive - Relish tray choice Olive - Uniform color Olive - Martini additive Olive - With 54-across, 'extra virgin' product Olive - Greek salad ingredient Olive - Green bar garnish Olive - '___, the other reindeer' Olive - Pimiento's place Olive - Fruit yielding oil Olive - Would she do nothing for a living? Olive - Can nothing exist on the oil that's part of it? Olive - Oil from it, oil starts it Olive - Sounds as if there might be a piece of a branch of it Olive - You may start to get a mixture of oil from such oil Olive - Can one get around to exist on the oil from there? Olive - Behold, it's back! i have a stone in it Olive - What i have at last has oil in it Olive - Could nothing 29 down on the oil that's in it? Olive - Behold it's up before i have got the oil out of it Olive - Could one get around to exist on a stone of this? Olive - Might one get around to exist with a stone in one? Olive - Could nothing that's mostly oil exist with a stone inside? Olive - Could nothing exist on such a mixture of oil to start with? Olive - The amount of them near jerusalem Olive - You get amount of such near jerusalem Olive - Get around to exist with a stone in one Olive - Behold, it's back i have to get oil for this Olive - Get around to have 28 across with a stone in Olive - Yellowy-green colour and fruit Olive - Mediterranean fruit or greenish colour Olive - Small green mediterranean tree-fruit (5) Olive - Might nothing exist on the oil from this? Olive - This branch is offered in peace gesture Olive - Small green tree-fruit, nice in martini Olive - Fruit and yellow-green colour Olive - Nothing may exist with a stone in it for oil Olive - Yellow-green colour of a fruit Olive - The branch is a symbol of peace Olive - Small green mediterranean tree-fruit Olive - Small green mediterranean tree fruit, nice in martini Olive - I love this fruit Olive - Yellowish green Olive - Small green mediterranean tree fruit Olive - Mediterranean tree-fruit - nice in martini Olive - Martini option Olive - Mediterranean tree-fruit, nice in cocktail Olive - This branch is offered as a peace gesture Olive - Yellow-green colour like mediterranean fruit Olive - Bar garnish Olive - This branch is offered in peace Olive - This branch is offered to show peace Olive - The branch offered in peace Olive - Oil from it and from the top of it Olive - Oil from it and oil in it to begin with Olive - 050 in my possession for oil Olive - Can nothing exist on the oil from this? Olive - O, exist with a heart of stone! Olive - Could nothing exist on the oil from here? Olive - Oil from it, oil part of it Olive - Oil starts it; oil is in it Olive - Could nothing exist with the oil at the top of this? Olive - 'evil? o, that's how bad it is up here for oil (5)' Olive - Might one get around to exist on oil from this? Olive - Nothing could be 31 aross with this sort of oil Olive - ___ branch (peace offering) Olive - Food item often cut into rings Olive - Martini must Olive - A round not recorded that goes with the martini Olive - Item on a toothpick, maybe Olive - Nothing, as it happens, on the green Olive - Oil producer under pressure has a heart of stone Olive - Ring active girl Olive - Duck breathing in tree Olive - "drab" army color Olive - Girl with bad back after a ball Olive - Twist a bit off the tree Olive - There's nothing bad about an oil producer Olive - Lady-love with bad upbringing Olive - Ring, quick, it's a girl! Olive - Fruit starters for office lunch in vegetarian eatery Olive - Girl with whom there's nothing 'switched on' Olive - Fruit that's all dead? Olive - This girl's in love, as it happens Olive - Oil-producing fruit Olive - Its branch is a peace emblem Olive - Evergreen mediterranean tree Olive - It's branch is a symbol of peace Olive - Fruit giving oil Olive - Cocktail fruit Olive - Fruit also used to make oil Olive - It may be stuffed in a jar Olive - Yellowish-green - fruit Olive - Oil producer has oxygen to breath Olive - Salad oil source Olive - Antipasto goody Olive - Forsythia cousin Olive - Greek salad tidbit Olive - Martini orb Olive - '___ the other reindeer' (common mishearing of a yuletide lyric) Olive - One stuck in a bar? Olive - Popeye's girlfriend Olive - Fruit in a greek salad Olive - Edible little sphere Olive - Tree yielding oil prim­arily, as it happens Olive - Mediterranean diet fruit Olive - Yellowish-green colour Olive - Popeye's skinny sweetie Olive - Popeye-bluto bone of contention Olive - Martini garnish, perhaps Olive - Peace branch Olive - Martini feature Olive - Salade niçoise tidbit Olive - There's nothing sinful about her Olive - Peridot color Olive - Shade like khaki Olive - Walk the earth after first ornithischian with green shade Olive - A med. fruit Olive - A med. fruit-tree Olive - The fruit of having nothing not pre-recorded Olive - Green shade; its branch for peace Olive - Dwell beside old tree Olive - The fruit of bad round - falling back? Olive - Love vital to this girl Olive - Fruit; popeye's girlfriend Olive - Girl in love and full of energy Olive - Green, round and growing? Olive - Fruit, source of oil Olive - Greyish-green Olive - Number of legs on the wonder stuff's groove machine Olive - Green circuit, brown wire Olive - Tree needing oxygen to survive Olive - Greyish-green; fruit Olive - One's stoned, all die? Olive - Green Olive - Oil producer's circle connected to source of power Olive - Oil-yielding fruit Olive - For source of oil, all were murdered? Olive - Hardy mostly seen in shades of green Olive - Love to be lawler's doll-fancier Olive - Oily fruit Olive - Nothing sinful about this fruit Olive - Oil-yielding tree Olive - Source of oil full of energy? Olive - Oil producer charged next to nothing Olive - Unfortunately, i love a sailor's sweetheart Olive - Tomato ultimately has to be a fruit Olive - Exist on nothing but fruit Olive - Hardy perhaps but not right colour Olive - Shade of green all filmed in advance, then? Olive - Girl has to survive on nothing Olive - Greyish-green colour Olive - Be supporting old girl Olive - - green Olive - Survive after encountering foremost ornithischian with jade Olive - One of the greens is hard-pressed perhaps in france Olive - Tree given poetic entreaty to survive Olive - Vice ring back in the shade Olive - Common greek fruit Olive - Type of green Olive - Bitter fruit Olive - Fruit pressed for oil; extra virgin's the tops Olive - Girl given ring electrified Olive - Tree has no vivid fruit Olive - Stoned fruit Olive - Love to be with her Olive - Mediterranean fruit Olive - There's nothing bad about this girl! Olive - Fruit eaten as a relish Olive - The sailor man's dainty dish? Olive - Small oval fruit with a hard stone Olive - Popeye's companion bluto's ultimate experience Olive - Source of oil and hope of peace? Olive - Source of oil, as it happens Olive - The girl who can exist on nothing? Olive - Girl's name; tree Olive - Old and crooked, climbing tree Olive - Dwell on origin of oak tree Olive - Girl in the flesh with nothing on Olive - Nothing charged for fruit Olive - Fruit only in view in regular fashion Olive - -- oyl, popeye's girlfriend Olive - Yellowish-green Olive - Nothing's charged for fruit Olive - With 84-down, lunchmeat with pimiento Olive - 'drab' color Olive - Greenish color Olive - Nothing to exist as shade of green Olive - Obe for tree! Olive - Salad bar morsel Olive - "wimmen is a myskery" character Olive - It's often eaten with relish Olive - Fruit found on the back of a dime Olive - Tree - shade of green Olive - Setback for wicked old woman Olive - Peaceful branch? Olive - Antipasto offering Olive - Oil source in turkey Olive - Veggie tray ingredient, often Olive - The object of bluto's love Olive - Love energetic girl Olive - See 36 across Olive - Bar staple Olive - Popular oil source Olive - Duck has to be green Olive - Yellow-green colour and fruit Olive - ___ loaf Olive - Girl's name - colour Olive - Girl charged nothing at first Olive - Garnish that soaks up the gin Olive - Cooking oil source Olive - Kind of branch Olive - "you're not alone" trip hoppers Olive - Snow patrol "an ___ grove facing the sea" Olive - Trip-hop group that sang "you're not alone" Olive - Branch needed for feuding bandmates Olive - Trip hop "extra virgin" group Olive - Relish tray morsel Olive - Martini insert Olive - Drab colour of old terminal Olive - Twist nonstop, squeezing oil from it? Olive - Love to be a girl Olive - Source of oil Olive - Kalamata or black Olive - Crayon color Olive - Fruit in a martini Olive - Second in poll, potentially shocking for green Olive - Duck organ synonymous with foie gras is mostly green Olive - One of the oyls of "thimble theatre" Olive - Party tray tidbit Olive - Drab green color Olive - Greenish hue Olive - Salad spheroid Olive - Fruit in some salads Olive - Important fruit in the mediterranean diet Olive - I love having turned green Olive - One "o" in evoo Olive - Castor oyl's sister Olive - Fruit old, as it happens Olive - Love appearing in person as part of the cocktail set? Olive - Garnish on a toothpick, perhaps Olive - Evoo part Olive - Fruit that's black when fully ripe