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Intention - Failure to concentrate, dropping out at end

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Intention - After being under canvass, got charged on purpose Intention - Aim Intention - Aim to have red wine (pinot) regularly in pub Intention - Aim, objective Intention - Aim, plan Intention - Aim, purpose Intention - Design of one tin repeatedly changed Intention - Does it make you mean to have this? Intention - Failure to concentrate, dropping out at end Intention - How mean it is to be camping with one on the end! Intention - How mean so to get charged for being under canvas Intention - How mean to be camped with one on the end Intention - How mean to have one! Intention - How one is meant to go camping with one on the end Intention - Idea to find temporary home in the back of one's head Intention - It's mean to start under canvas Intention - It's meant to be under canvas with one on it Intention - Meaning to be camping with one on the end Intention - Meaning, being under strain, to speak Intention - Meant to be in for a stretch, by the sound of it Intention - Nervous feeling, say, after home goal Intention - Objective Intention - One is meant to start camping Intention - One new strain, we hear, is the objective Intention - Plan Intention - Plan, purpose Intention - Purpose Intention - Purpose in announcing strained relationship Intention - Purpose of being taut as reported Intention - Purpose, aim Intention - To have this is to do 4 down Intention - Trendy joint incorporates, oddly, this design Intention - Under canvas next to one, on purpose Intention - Under canvas one is meant to get charged Intention - Volonté Intention - What a mean thing to have! Intention - What a mean thought to have!