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Impress - What reporter may say to gain respect

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Impress - Sway Impress - Awe Impress - Affect favorably Impress - Dazzle Impress - Ingrain Impress - Inspire awe Impress - Wow Impress - Leave one's mark Impress - Make one's mark Impress - One claims to be a reporter just to seem important Impress - Stamp and claim to be a reporter? Impress - Thus i have the stamp of being in journalism Impress - I represent the irish times. does that make you sit up? Impress - I represent the papers - that'll show you my importance Impress - Thus i have the stamp of the papers Impress - I say i represent the papers, just to show how important i am Impress - To show my importance, i represent the papers Impress - I represent the irish times - does that show you how important i am? Impress - I have the stamp of being a representative of the papers, it seems Impress - Make mark on, cause to admire Impress - Make a mark on, emphasise Impress - Affect favourably Impress - Make mark on or earn admiration Impress - Leave a mark or stamp Impress - Simpers so as to make mark Impress - Earn good opinion of, or stamp Impress - Simpers to affect favourably Impress - It'll make me important that i am a journalist Impress - It may seem important that mine is paperwork Impress - Being a journalist i make you feel the squeeze Impress - Does this show i am an important reporter? Impress - Simpers as one claims to represent the papers Impress - To seem important one claims to represent the papers Impress - I am, with 36-across influence Impress - Journalist's introduction calculated to create an effect Impress - Stamp around 1,000 spires Impress - Affect deeply Impress - Make one"s mark on Impress - Make one's mark on Impress - Influence - conscript - stamp Impress - Imprint Impress - Make one's mark (on) Impress - Make mark or pattern by applying pressure Impress - Inspire - engrave Impress - Create an effect in the mind of Impress - Make a lasting effect (on) Impress - Produce a strong, lasting impression on Impress - Blow away Impress - Characteristic quality of female sovereign, new leader Impress - How journalist introduces himself to gain effect Impress - Negligent young shepherd, not quite as portrayed by gainsborough Impress - How reporter might introduce himself to make a mark Impress - Wow! one million newspapers Impress - Inspire respect, stamp Impress - Use stamp; earn respect from (someone) Impress - Fix deeply in the mind Impress - My claim as a journalist to have influence Impress - How reporter might identify himself, to make good effect Impress - Make a mark on Impress - Slay one male leading crowd Impress - One thousand newspaper reporters strike Impress - Mark of a stamp/seal Impress - Make an impact Impress - Mark with a stamp or seal Impress - Mark made by a seal Impress - Inspire admiration in (someone) Impress - What reporter may say to gain respect Impress - Pair in chaotic state supporting current strike Impress - Shanghai, as the reporter might say Impress - Simpers (anag.) Impress - Cut a dash Impress - Have profound effect upon Impress - Leave a mark Impress - Stamp Impress - Influence Impress - Have strong effect on reporter's introduction? Impress - What the journalist said to have an impact Impress - Move, affect Impress - Grab young offender on ship Impress - Influence the demon queen? Impress - How journalist described himself, to look big? Impress - What reporter announces to create wow factor Impress - Thus reporter may get in print Impress - Emphasise i'm with the journalists Impress - One million papers cause admiration Impress - Simpers, out to influence Impress - Current female ruler's topless - wow! Impress - Reporter's claim to look good