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Plato - One turning up among pivotal philosophers

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Plato - Academy founder Plato - Philosopher who wrote the 'republic' Plato - 'the republic' writer Plato - Academy head Plato - Aristotle's teacher Plato - "the republic" author Plato - Student of socrates Plato - Teacher of aristotle Plato - Greek academy founder Plato - 'symposium' author Plato - Dialogue writer Plato - Philosophy 101 subject Plato - "the republic" writer Plato - Ancient greek thinker Plato - Aristotle's instructor Plato - Pupil of socrates Plato - Greek thinker Plato - 'the republic' philosopher Plato - Socrates supporter Plato - Old republican? Plato - Athens philosopher Plato - "republic" writer Plato - Academy teacher Plato - Author of "the republic" Plato - Philosopher-king philosopher Plato - "dialogue" writer Plato - Philosopher who wrote the "the republic" Plato - Greek philosopher Plato - Wise athenian Plato - Ancient greek philosopher Plato - Socrates' student Plato - 'republic' writer Plato - Student of aristotle Plato - Friend of socrates Plato - To pal up with greek philosopher Plato - Ancient athenian philosopher, pupil of socrates Plato - Greek philosopher, disciple of aristotle Plato - 'apology' author Plato - Famous greek plot - a disaster Plato - Thinker about love will nearly front the gallery Plato - I used to think soldiers in a group fail to get on Plato - Children manipulate this, said an american philosopher Plato - I thought out a plot Plato - Teacher of aristotle, pupil of socrates Plato - Philosopher of ancient greece Plato - "phaedo" philosopher Plato - He wrote 'knowledge is the food of the soul' Plato - Aristotle was his student Plato - Giant of philosophy Plato - Figure in raphael's 'the school of athens' Plato - Place processed chinese philosophy for greek philosopher Plato - Socrates' star pupil Plato - 'the republic' man Plato - He wrote 'no human thing is of serious importance' Plato - Athenian philosopher, pupil of socrates Plato - First philosopher to mention atlantis Plato - Source of many dialogues Plato - Philosopher who said 'writing is the geometry of the soul' Plato - Philosopher who gets on with soldiers Plato - Founder of an ancient academy Plato - A plot (anag) (known to aristotle?) Plato - Socrates' pupil Plato - Drama not unknown to republican writer? Plato - Republic author Plato - What fontane wrote of a woman taken in Plato - Greek philosopher (the republic) Plato - Athenian philosopher Plato - Philosopher with place at centre of symposium Plato - Moon crater named after greek philosopher Plato - Dish not finished by old greek character Plato - Philosopher in military group getting leg pulled Plato - Philosopher's books mount up Plato - One turning up among pivotal philosophers Plato - Philosopher's note in instruction at bottom of page? Plato - 'apologia socratis' author Plato - Greek philosopher there's a lot about on the front page Plato - What's written at foot of page about the french philosopher Plato - Philosopher left a shirt in river Plato - Greek philosopher; crater on the moon Plato - Place at oxford makes one think about philosophy Plato - Nietzsche antagonist Plato - 'allegory of the cave' philosopher Plato - 'republic' philosopher Plato - "republic" philosopher Plato - Short coat given to old philosopher Plato - One-named philosopher Plato - Disciple of socrates Plato - Letters at bottom of page about the french philosopher