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Dove - Peace lover; bird

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Dove - Gospel music award Dove - Peace symbol Dove - Peacenik Dove - Cooer Dove - Pacifist's symbol Dove - Olive branch carrier Dove - Didn't just tiptoe into the water Dove - Magician's live prop Dove - Symbol of peace Dove - Went under Dove - It can stand for peace Dove - Peace emblem Dove - Hawk's opposite Dove - Columba Dove - Plunged downward Dove - 41-across symbol Dove - Went off the deep end? Dove - Bird of peace Dove - Went to the bottom Dove - Pacifist, sometimes Dove - Plunged Dove - Attacked, as a project, with "into" Dove - Cote dweller Dove - Took the plunge Dove - Jackknifed, e.g Dove - Did a jackknife Dove - Symbol of peace and forgiveness Dove - Bird with an olive branch Dove - Jumped right in Dove - Went headlong Dove - Messenger of noah Dove - Antiwar advocate Dove - Pigeon cousin Dove - Cooing bird Dove - Went off the board Dove - Chocolate brand Dove - Genesis bird Dove - Went off the deep end Dove - Woodstock logo component Dove - Messenger for noah Dove - Pigeon's cousin Dove - Peacenik's animal Dove - How to make a relation of them Dove - The bird of peace Dove - Winged peace symbol Dove - Magician's bird of choice Dove - You get five in a deer or a bird Dove - *chocolate brand Dove - *peacenik Dove - Peacemaker took the plunge across the water Dove - Pigeon Dove - Peaceful bird Dove - Peace bird Dove - (peaceful) bird Dove - Pigeon plunged in texas Dove - A peaceful bird? Dove - Went off the high board Dove - One seeking justice for the peace? Dove - One likely to vote against a strike? Dove - Dived in in america to function against egyptian leader Dove - Jackknifed, say Dove - Metaphor for peace Dove - *a pigeon Dove - Hawk's foe Dove - Mourning, collared, bird Dove - Bird plunged in the grand canyon Dove - Bird representing peace Dove - Small pigeon almost makes port Dove - Bird; advocate of peace Dove - Pigeon-like bird Dove - Birds will be seen in kent location shortly Dove - Bird of pigeon family Dove - Conciliator removing ferry port's resistance Dove - Blessed, ultimately, almost more than peacemaker Dove - Peace lover; bird Dove - Pacifist compelled to avoid republican Dove - Got in the pool, maybe Dove - Bird (of peace?) Dove - American plunged into harbour with no end of vigour Dove - River port has not been finished Dove - River that forms a border between staffordshire and derbyshire Dove - Some large vodkas knocked back -- it may help do the trick Dove - Party have contracted conciliatory politician Dove - Bird in the pigeon family Dove - Bird's very female exterior Dove - Bird seen in ferry port, mostly Dove - River port unfinished Dove - Bird fell rapidly from sky in america? doesn't sound like it Dove - Kent town's right to drop anti-war politician Dove - Noah's seeker Dove - Advocate of peace Dove - Peaceful type Dove - Bird in genesis Dove - White magic staple Dove - Hawk's counterpart Dove - Participant in a magician's show Dove - Bird often used for dramatic effect in magic Dove - Holographic image on a visa card Dove - Cote cooer Dove - Chocolate or soap brand Dove - Bird on woodstock posters Dove - Plunged headfirst Dove - Antiwar type Dove - Did a half gainer, say Dove - Mourning ____ Dove - Huey lewis "change a hawk to a little white ___" Dove - Huey lewis will "change a hawk to a little white" one Dove - Bird in a magician's hat Dove - Bird in magic acts Dove - Bird of love and peace Dove - Ice cream bar brand Dove - Entered a pool, perhaps Dove - Peaceful creature Dove - Peacemaker Dove - White bird Dove - Went into the deep end, perhaps Dove - Bird bearing an olive branch