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User - Exploiter (of others)

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User - Druggie User - End ___ User - Mouse manipulator User - Manipulator User - Customer User - One needing rehab User - Consumer User - One who's in it for himself User - Web visitor, e.g User - ___-friendly User - Computerphile User - Junkie User - Person with a pc User - Conniver User - Computer operator User - Net-surfer User - Opportunist, maybe User - Addict User - Manipulative sort User - Drug addict User - Selfish sort User - Cable subscriber User - Terminal man? User - Aol patron User - Manual reader, say User - One providing input User - Surfer, so to speak User - Tech support caller User - Pc operator User - Type of id User - Exploitative one User - One with a habit User - Internet accessor User - Exploiter User - Mouse manipulator? User - Friendly opening User - End --- (ultimate customer) User - Product buyer User - Exploitative type User - Self-serving opportunist, perhaps User - Exploitative sort User - Utility customer User - One who has logged in User - Manipulative one User - Target of certain fees User - String puller User - One logged in User - Computer owner User - Friendly opening? User - One who isn't 'clean' User - Abstainer's opposite User - Not an abstainer User - One to whom a warranty applies User - Person on a terminal User - ___ group (computer info source) User - Beta tester, e.g User - Friendly intro? User - Software license party User - Techie's client User - Selfish person User - Friendly beginning User - One who takes drugs, e.g User - Software customer User - Friendly beginning? User - Exploitive fellow User - Not-so-straight shooter? User - One with ulterior motives User - __-friendly User - Advertiser's target User - Candidate for rehab User - One with a password User - Icon clicker User - Software buyer User - Cybercafe patron User - One busted in a bust User - Computer person User - Pc person User - Pusher's target User - Software purchaser User - Cause of some computer errors User - Rehab candidate User - Employer User - Netizen, e,g, User - Tech-support caller User - Online gamer, e.g User - Word with fee or id User - Manual reader User - Pothead, e.g User - Patron User - Certain surfer User - Word with friendly User - Web surfer, e.g User - Microsoft customer User - Computer customer User - Manipulative person User - Mouse clicker User - ___-friendly (easy to operate) User - Pc owner User - Kind of friendly? User - Drug dealer's customer User - Techie's customer User - Spreadsheet worker User - Pc operator, e.g User - Computer operator, e.g User - End follower User - Dealer's customer User - One getting a manual User - Product endorser, hopefully User - One with a password, perhaps User - One pushing a mouse around? User - Mouse pusher User - End-___ (ultimate buyer) User - Kind of id User - Mac owner User - Manual consultant User - False friend User - Mouse mover User - Vista purchaser User - ___-friendly (simple to operate) User - Friendly leader? User - Laptop lugger User - Manual consulter User - Rehab resident User - Manual reader, perhaps User - Kind of friendly User - Person on-line User - Tech's customer User - Windows customer User - Cybercafð“â© patron User - Wi-fi hot-spot seeker User - Macintosh owner User - One needing tech support User - Computer buyer User - One with a mouse User - Tech caller User - Windows opener User - C _ _ t o m _ _ User - Part of gui User - Hotspot seeker User - Word before fee or group User - Rehab target User - Vista buyer User - Tech-support recipient User - Word with "friendly" or "id" User - Friendly opener? User - Friendly introduction? User - ___ fee User - One pointing and clicking User - Owner's manual reader User - End __ User - Mouse slider User - Computer nerd, e.g User - One at the computer User - Exploiting type User - Product consumer User - One who logs on User - Person at a computer User - Not a teetotaler User - Rehab admission User - Netizen, e.g User - One logging in User - Cyberspace traveler User - Web-service subscriber User - Tech's client User - One with a laptop User - Wireless hotspot seeker User - Selfish type User - Gas-company customer User - Word with interface or option User - Aol customer User - Software designer's consideration User - Hands-on type User - Chatroom visitor User - One logged on User - Utilities customer User - "friendly" attachment User - Computer addict? User - __ id User - Adman's target User - One who can't just say 'no' User - Tech support seeker User - Wi-fi hotspot seeker User - Technical-support caller User - Manipulative type User - One at a keyboard, often User - __-friendly software User - __ name: computer id User - Techie caller User - ___-friendly (easy to set up) User - End ___ (ultimate customer) User - Tech help caller User - Pc devotee User - ___ group User - Laptop operator User - Lead-in for friendly User - Bad friend User - ___ name (computer id) User - Methadone clinic visitor User - One calling technical support User - Frenemy, maybe User - Password enterer User - Mac person, say User - Manual's intended reader User - Ergonomic-design consideration User - Internet surfer User - Exploiting sort User - Manipulative sort User - -- -friendly User - Aol client User - Friendly person? User - Pc worker User - Operator User - One at a pc User - Aol client, e.g User - Person at a pc User - Aol patron, e.g User - Computerist User - Computer buff User - Net surfer User - Netizen User - One online User - Tech-help seeker User - What may be sure to be employing User - Is it for us to give employmentto 'er? User - One might give employment to us, about to turn up User - See 15 across and 5 down User - Sure, that's the one to provide employment User - Might we be an employer over 'er? User - One gives employment - after a double century it would be for the prosecution User - That sure would be doing the employing User - One might be sure of giving employment User - One might be sure to give employment User - It's for you and me to give 'er employment User - One that's sure to do the employing User - How one could be sure to be a crooked employer User - How you, i and 'er give employment User - How we get 'er into employment User - We may be giving employment to 'er User - It's ourselves that give employment to 'er User - Perhaps more of us to give employment User - You and me, about to give employment User - It takes more of you and me, perhaps, to provide employment (4) User - Ruse for employer User - Person who takes drugs User - We seem to be one of the employers over 'er User - Web surfer User - One who exploits, to be sure User - Ruse of employer User - Internet patron User - Cause of many computer errors User - That's you and me about up for employment with one User - One makes sure one gives employment User - One may be made sure of giving employment User - We get to be an employer of 'er User - Web browser User - He employs us at the emergency room User - Laptop owner User - You and me, back about the addict User - Person with an id User - App downloader User - Internet browser? User - Bad friend, e.g User - Password creator User - Drug addict presumes to climb out of it User - Wearer of trousers lacking sort of turn-up? User - The guardian and the queen are sort of friendly? User - Client wants us to meet the queen User - Gratuitous error made by some employer User - Republic with monarch may get friendly following User - Addict for whom escort lost heart User - Addict trousered purses User - Druggie could cause riot inside User - Employer provides course in the city User - Junkie appearing in 'jailhouse rock' User - University course right for employer User - Druggie's democratic or republican monarch? User - Wearer of trousers, sort about to be dropped? User - Addict trousering sandwiches User - One who works an appliance User - Person employing something User - Drug addict (informal) User - Possible candidate for rehab User - Person taking drugs User - -- -friendly User - Methadone clinic client User - One enjoying wi-fi User - ___-friendly software User - Exploitative person User - Tech support customer User - Rehab participant User - Tech's caller User - One needing a manual, being involved in house removal? User - Kind of fee User - Take card from crusader with manipulator User - Site visitor, say User - Friendly lead-in User - With 65-down charge to log on, User - Utiliser User - Junky delivering final bits of the walrus and the carpenter User - Not tacitly User - Surfer, perhaps User - Computer error source, often User - One seeing the sites? User - One with a password, say User - Amazon visitor User - App maker's concern User - Source of many computer errors User - See 34-down User - Drug taker User - Wi-fi seeker User - One opening a manual User - Word before friendly User - Android customer User - Buyer of snow User - One who googles, e.g User - One with a password, maybe User - Reader of product instructions User - Someone employing trick's first to finish User - One addicted to american tv series User - Tablet owner User - Mass-transit patron User - Employer rejected cv, giving me the sack User - App buyer User - Tech-support customer User - Drug addict, one reflects, off his head User - Junkie's conduct after giving up heroin User - Employer helping to form the house rules User - Employer's continued enjoyment of right User - Employer some of you serve User - Employer of doorkeeper letting husband out User - Heartless official's employer User - Attendant dismissing hard drug taker User - American head of state an addict? User - Employer's part in grievous error User - Employer starts to upset some employees' relations User - It's easy to understand being this friendly User - Operator (of something) User - Doorkeeper has no heroin for a drug addict User - Queen observed by american addict User - One getting benefit from university series User - One operating something User - Court official dismissing hard drug addict User - One exploiting others User - One taking drugs - soft and hard - from a supplier User - One who employs escort when husband is away User - Operator restricted by house rules User - Drug addict leaves torchbearer disheartened User - Operator; exploiter User - Whom pusher supplies, passing on pot, initially, and then heroin? User - Drug addict presumably stopped for a lift User - Druggie - one who thinks head will float off User - Drug addict sure to come a cropper User - Employer starting up again after 50% cut in recession User - Exploiter using mean trick, first to last User - Druggie from old city fleeing loan shark User - Exploiter (of others) User - One exploiting theatre worker heartlessly User - Junkie displaying heartless conduct User - One may have a password at the ready User - Instagram account creator User - Tablet operator User - Tech-support client User - One who employs solver and setter with little hesitation User - Type of id or fee User - Pc programmer User - Smartphone owner User - -friendly User - He employs american to precede the queen User - Drug addict (colloq.) User - It's sure to upset a drug addict User - Ruse (anag.) User - Conniving ruse of a drug-addict User - A person exercising requires some house-room User - One employs you and me hesitantly User - It's sure to confuse employer User - Ruse cunningly perpetrated on employer User - An addict sure to be reformed User - Employer is a drug addict User - Sure-fire employer User - He employs us with hesitation User - Drug addict put back into pressure suit User - America's first lady as an employer User - Drug addict from america to fear, oddly User - Employer provides a course in the city User - One exploiting a druggie User - Disheartened doorkeeper's employer User - Addict disheartening escort User - Drug addict finds employment beginning to rankle User - Drug addict in ploy, first to last User - One employing nameless nurse appallingly User - Drug-taker User - Drug addict having rifle mother took away User - Heartless doorman is addict User - Addict starts to unload smack, entering rehab User - Junkie's plan to completely drop resistance User - Addict starts to undergo self-elected rehabilitation User - Druggie, liverpudlian but not scot mostly User - One may have gone to pot User - One employs american with hesitation User - Person downloading apps User - Hacker or browser User - Computer devotee User - ___ experience User - Addict taken in because relapsed User - It's sure to upset an employer User - ___ name User - One employing some hindu servants User - Google groups regular User - Notebook owner User - Antivirus buyer User - Selfish person contrived ruse User - Target of an intervention User - One who takes advantage of you and me with little hesitation User - Windows worker User - Reveller half cut on drugs User - One with a handbook User - Software agreement reader, supposedly User - Manipulative fellow User - Fan of drugs or computers or both User - Reduced expenditure, suitably from the right client User - Manipulative type of boss? sure! User - Password possessor User - Library patron User - Person taking advantage of devious ruse User - Pc sort? User - End-___ license agreement User - App purchaser User - Patron of a sort User - Tweeter, say User - Rehab client User - Rehab enrollee User - One with an id User - Touchpad toucher User - Detox candidate User - Not a good friend User - ___ id User - ___ testing (part of the beta stage) User - Not a true friend User - Client of a sort User - Affaiblir User - Éroder User - Employer to practise on river User - One with an instruction manual User - Pusher's customer User - Speed merchant possibly back playing rivals in rugby User - Geek squad customer User - Marketing target User - Émousser User - Se servir de User - Many a typist, nowadays User - One working on keys User - Geek squad caller User - Electric company client User - Cyberspace visitor User - American exposed hero as addict User - Tablet buyer, usually User - Élimer User - Utility bill recipient User - Rues mistakes by employer User - ___ interface User - One who might need an id User - See 101-down User - Dell operator User - Druggie into jailhouse rock User - Beta tester, typically User - Manual reader, often User - App customer User - One admitted to rehab User - Tech customer User - Person on a pc User - Candidate for rehab, perhaps User - Détériorer User - __-friendly apps User - Word before id or fee User - Software license reader, supposedly User - See 10-down User - Person at the computer User - Pc or mac owner User - Addict getting friendly description of simple instructions User - Consommer User - Understandably, someone entering rehab initially User - Friendly type? User - Employer’s bum steers, every so often User - Software employer? User - Software employer? User - One served by 66-across User - One served by 66-across User - Geek squad client User - Geek squad client